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Pushys 15% off All Cleaning Products


15% off all bike cleaning products -just ordered myself some new Muc-Off stuff.

All rear bike lights special as well - 12% off with code REAR12

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  • Buying a water-based degreaser concentrate is still a lot cheaper.

  • Any suggestions on the best lights to buy?

    • Got a cygolite dash 600, a bit expensive but it's really bright, has good battery life, and lots of useful modes.

    • lezyne, catyeye, knog are reliable brands but bit more expensive. Their claimed lumens are more accurate than chinese knockoffs - although some are decent as well.

      2 questions to ask as well:
      1) To see or be seen?
      2) front or rear light, or both?

      • Not riding at night. Just getting home from work in winter.

        Front and rear and USB rechargeable I think would be really handy.

        • REAR
          I use a knog blinder mob all year round and it's been great although some people have had issues (i think you will always get mixed reviews). I got mine second hand with a total usage of 4 years and no issues. I also pair it with an aldi bike light which is more secondary that clips to my bag.

          I use a basic one from Reid which claims 1000lumen but doesn't feel like it (chinese one rebranded like azur). But it is definitely bright as I ride a long the river that has no lighting at all. I also pair it with an aldi as a flashing light. I haven't had a need to replace either but I would go for any of the above brands and cygolite as the other 2 posters have mentioned for my next buy over reid/aldi/azur.

          One of friend used a cateye 600lm one and definitely brighter than mine!

          I also have a helmet light which i ocassionally use. It's great if it's dark and you dropped something. Also useful since it's higher up so essentially I'm illuminated back of the seat post, backpack and head.

          Definitely don't a cheap one if you're on a busy or poorly lit road, you'll end up buying another one to replace it because it's not bright enough or poorly made…

    • Any suggestions on the best lights to buy?

      This is my setup:

      I have a Lezyne Strip Drive rear light attached to the seat stay on the right, so traffic can see it. I also have a Fabric Lumasense rear light on the seatpost that acts like a brake light (it has a sensor in it that brightens the light if I slow down or stop), and a Knog Blinder Mini rear light on the back of my helmet.

      I have an Aldi front light that is surprisingly bright that I use to see if I am riding on dark streets (which therefore is not used very often), and I also have a Lezyne Femto front light that acts as a "to be seen" light.

      I also just bought a Blackburn 2'Fer light that has both a white front light and a red rear light that I am intending to keep as a backup in case one of my front or rear lights runs out of battery.

      I have no complaints about any of my lights, so you really can't go wrong with any of those brands. They are all USB-rechargeable and splashproof, and have various light modes (solid, flashing, etc) to suit most needs.

      I note that I bought most of my lights during sales at Wiggle over several years, but have provided links to Pushys due to this Ozbargain deal. (For example, the Blackburn light is much cheaper at Wiggle for AU$25.91, but currently low stock or may be sold out by the time you read this…).

  • Can anyone recommend a rear light when I already have a small bag hanging off the seat rails/attached to the seat post? I guess there's a little bit of room underneath the bag where the post meets the main frame. Is there a category of rear light that goes on the frame where it starts to spread out to accommodate the hub?

    • Yes, I think you are talking about the seat stay? Any lights that come with a silicone band can be attached to any posts.