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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128GB $599 / Huawei P30 $0 Upfront on Telstra $65/Mth 60GB 12 Mth Plan (EXP) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In Req)


Greetings everyone, JB Hi-Fi are running a promotion where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb for $599 Upfront when you take out a $65 Per Month 60gb Telstra Plan.

Consider that the plan has a $390 ETC, you could technically get this phone for $989 total outright if you broke contract, that's cheaper than the samsung EPP price :)

Huawei P30 is also $0 upfront with the same plan and ETC, thanks to aspirepranesh.

From what I understand, the Samsung galaxy deal is essentially a $750 gift card used to offset from the phone cost. So I think you might be able to get a different higher specced Samsung using this gift card for a higher price if you talk to the representative in store.

Alternatively, still seems like pretty good value either way!

As always, enjoy :)

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    • Yup. They ask you whether you’re employed and place of employment.

  • Absolutely love my P30. Battery life incredible. Great screen to bezel ratio and perfect size for a phablet (any bigger than this gets a bit unwieldy for me). Software is pretty good too - having come from stock Pixel, no complaints.

    • Does google play still work? Genuine question

      • +3

        I have P30 pro and can confirm that google services are active and working. Google cant touch these models as they were already included before the ban kicked in. mate 30 and P40 series are definitely affected

      • Me and wife use a P30 and can confirm it works

      • Yup, no issues.

      • No issues with Google play on P30. Recently got Android 10 update followed by latest Google security update.

    • How is the camera compare to the S10 or S20? Especially in low light conditions?

      • Had one of the best camera arrays in 2019, not sure v s20, but I don't think there's be much in it. P30 and Pro known for their cameras.

        • Thanks. I am still using my S7 so it will be a good upgrade if i can get it for $390

          • @bargainfinder: Plus $599 upfront…
            Or are you talking one of the others? Not the S20..

      • For pictures P30 is better than S10. Not sure about S20 comparison. For videos definitely S10/S20 better than P30.

    • dbgit - I don't know who negged you!! Had got the P30 deal last May and my wife is using it since a year. Fantastic phone so I second your views. Excellent camera (definitely better than S10 for pics - maybe better than S20 for pics. For video Samsung S10/S20 series is better than P30 series). Got an Android 10 update as well.

    • I am interested in getting a P30 because it has a headphone jack and flat screen. How is the operating system compared to stock android or Oxygen OS (currently using this on OnePlus 5)? Are there bloatware and if so, are there lots or intrusive?

      • +1

        It has its nuances, but still has most of the stock Android feel and operations.
        Gestures can be a little annoying sometimes, but that can be turned off.
        There's a fair number of bloatware, but there are ways to uninstall almost all of it.


      • Recommend you download pixel launcher from the play store as an alternative, everything is subjective but makes it feel like vanilla android (just upgraded from pixel2 xl) so all benefits of the Huawei hardware and vanilla android for usability

  • Man, just got the LG G8s and missed this P30…

    • Was it during recent promotions? Are you still within return window?

  • I have 10 months left in my Optus contract for my S10 Plus…. ridiculously, this makes it worth breaking that and handing back my phone.

    • Well your current Optus contract may just finish in time for S21 :) Hopefully Samsung gives Australia Snapdragon processor in S21

      • well, maybe just in time for a $0 S20 plus deal after 10 months.

  • I wish but I'm barred from JB Hi-Fi. :( … lol

    • Wow, didn't know they'd do that. Care to share the story?

      • +1

        Did the $400 GC offer one too many times. I can't complain!

        • +3

          how many?

        • I guess you kept going to the same JB? xD

          • +1

            @DisabledUser331917: Nope. JB have an internal mobiles customer CRM that links with Telstra. I went to a JB store whose representative could sign up directly (and not through their dedicated call center). Saw all the services I'd signed up. Rep could see they were all cancelled. He was barred at a system level and couldn't make the decision himself to sign me onto another.

            JB Head Office if you know who I am, pls unblock meeee!! Promise I'll stay full term this time. Haha!

            • @wellzi: Out of curiousity how many plans did you cancel? For research purposes hahaha

        • Try again. I’m tempted. I’m too flagged, but was successful with the good guys a month ago. Btw there is a new $390 fee which automatically charges now.

          • @ilostnemo: I am tempted. If I did it again I would do it with my own mobile number this time and would stay the contract term and it is still a really good deal. I think I've exhausted my profit potential from these plans. haha!

          • @ilostnemo: What new fee? Is this by JB or Telstra? Is this in addition to the $390 ETC fee?


    Been waiting for the s20+ jb hifi deal to come back since I missed out on this last month which was $649 upfront)

    • Telstra still have $10 port in discount?

    • Telstra still have $10 discount to covid-19 strickened customers (must be on job seeker or have CRN number)?

    • I am also interested in how i could get port in discount or discount via live chat, if anyone knows how

      • +1

        @GenghisGun, I just enquired on Telstra chat unfortunately the $10 port in discount is now cancelled and has been a while back

    • Thanks OP! I got the s20+ yesterday at JB HiFi along with a Samsung leather case and a 2nd clear case for my road bike quadlock.

  • Does the s20plus have dual Sim via esim ?

    • Mine does but you better check with staff. I am happy with the phone s20 plus except the camera and under screen fingerprint.Those two are crap.

    • I have the same question. Last I checked (2 yrs ago) when I was looking at getting the Note 9, JB told me they deactivate the second sim slot. Hopefully the rules have changed.

  • -1

    Exynos version.. :(

  • Can I just buy a cheap $2 optus sim and port that? Rather not port my number as will want to cancel asap.

    • +3

      Yes. But get a Coles $2 SIM as you'll need to chuck $10 on the Optus to activate I'm pretty sure.

      • +1

        Thank you.

      • Someone had commented (in another thread) that Optus $2 SIM can only be activated via chat (to do it without recharge credit). Would appreciate if you can share your experience.

      • +1

        Fyi thanks to you, got $2 coles sim activated it earlier today. Didnt need the $10 top up, went to jb 20 mins ago and have got the phone in my hand.

        • +1

          I'm glad I could save you $10 mate! :)

      • Thank you, got the Coles $2 version. Was a bit tricked to start with as I picked up the Optus one.
        Activated and made sure not to select a top up. Took a few hrs to activate but eventually got the text. Went into JB and picked up a P30. Being a novice OzBargainer, I was quite nervous and worried that I'd stuff it up. Anyway they asked a few questions and wanted to know how long I was on this SIM which I didn't exactly say as well as if I have been with Telstra recently which I haven't. Everything went through and they mentioned that the ETC fee would be $390 + the 12 months. This was when I got really nervous and made sure it was the 12mth BYO $65. Then just put blind trust in OzBargain gurus. Tried to cancel last night and gave up using the app, tried again today and app was useless. Called 132200 and kept saying I wanted to speak to someone. Got connected and cancelled for $391.05. Woohoo thank you OzBargain.

  • So do you get a $750 gift card just for samsung galaxy phone? can you price match the education store pricing and use $750 GC in conjunction to get it at a cheaper price?

    • Wishful thinking. You can ask but I'm very doubtful that you'll succeed.

      • +1

        I thought jb hifi has a price matching policy

        • Like I said… give it a go. :)

          Whilst the receipt says you paid full price for the phone and bought it with a $750GC I strongly believe JB will argue that the listed price for the phone (on the plan) was $599 and therefore price match would need to be below $599…

    • +2

      You don't really "get" the gift card, you're not entitled to the gift card. You're only entitled to the $599/$0 phone cost, same reason why you can't use the $750 to buy something else.

  • for people who signed up from the previous deal and cancelled straight away, have you received $390 bill yet? i got nothing in my telstra app yet.

    • Yes, I did

      • Let me get this straight, first you sign up to this deal then port out to different n network then only charge you $390 in total.

        Please do share any past experiences, thanks in advance

        • Please do share any past experiences, thanks in advance

          If you want a good range of experiences from multiple people, check out the older deal post.

  • Quick n00b question: does P30 support SD card?

    • +1

      Yes but it uses Huawei nano memory card, not MicroSD meaning it gonna be expensive.

      • +1

        It's more expensive, yes, but not the end of the world expensive. Extra 64GB for $50 or 128GB for $80ish.

      • thank you.

  • I can't see a $379 cancellation fee for these plans anywhere in terms and conditions. Can anyone explain how it's calculated and is it possible to cancel straight away?

    Check out the doco 'JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plans' on the link below.

    • +6

      You'll find it here under $65 BYO Plan.

      Maximum Early Termination Charges (ETC)
      12 month term - $390

      I believe you can cancel once the Telstra account shows it available, and they will pro-rata your plan costs for the days your service is active, then should send a $390 ETC invoice later. But some people haven't received the ETC charge from the last deal yet, so I'm not sure how long it takes.

      • Please excuse my ignorance, does the minimum cost also apply on cancellation? Or could one purchase a P30 for about $390 by cancelling in the first week?

        • +2

          No, the minimum cost is only if you hold the plan for the full 12 months. Once you have the phone for $0, you then just go into your Telstra account and cancel your service and as per the T&C's, the maximum amount they can charge is $390. So effectively, if you cancelled in the first week, you would pay:

          $0 Upfront + Pro-Rata Plan Cost (7/31 x $65) + $390 (If held for 7 days).

          Note, the only part that JB is involved in is offering you the phone, and signing you up. The rest is held with Telstra and they're the ones you need to cancel with and pay the ETC to.

          • @doweyy: Wow that is quite a nice deal! Thank you very much for the clarification.

          • @doweyy: Brilliant! mate.

            Now the interesting part on the cancellation process. Can we cancel the plan online or do we have to talk to a Telstra agent? Would porting out be quicker than cancellation?

      • Thanks, I see the $390 fee now. Sounds too good to be true though. There is below in addition to ETC but it is set to N/A for 12 month plans.

        If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you
        will need to pay a Phone Credit Cancellation Fee pro-rated
        against the remaining months on your plan, the maximum of
        which is set out in the table above. This is in addition to any
        Early Termination Charges (ETCs) set out in the above table
        and accessory payments.

        • Note that that is for the $65 JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plan, not the BYO plan which this is. The mobile plan is in relation to the 24 month plan with phones included, not this one.

          Definitely sounds too good to be true, but it works fine and has worked for a while now for many offers :)

          • @doweyy: Haha true, you are a good reader of terms and conditions for sure. Don't think it's worth the hassle though. Same S20 Plus 4G is available on EPP for $999 including the $50 signup discount.

            Everyone can have access to EPP using their kids school account.

            • +3

              @skdreams: Been through this rodeo before many times lol.. if you have access to EPP, I'd recommend to just buy from there to avoid the credit check. This is probably better for those who don't have access to EPP or want to use up gift cards on the phone purchase.

            • +2

              @skdreams: Yeah, everyone has kids, and at school, for sure.

              • @mickeyjuiceman: Haha not really but you might find other kind ozbargainers / friends to help you. I got one via my friend last year.

  • P30 is an amazing phone. Highly recommend this for only a 12 month contract.

    • +1

      I had the P30 lite version, though it's a different phone but riddled with software issues. Wi-Fi would turn off and you'd need to restart phone to get going. Unable to hear on speaker as very low volume on max. Too many Huawei apps asking for too much access. Not sure if i got a bad device or others have seen similar issues?

    • +1

      Second that, P30 has blown me away with how good it is. Also, no curved screen is amazing. Can't wait for curved screens to go the way of the 3D TV

      • Difference is you were not forced to watch 3D and it was a choice with minimal cost (literally just a tiny circuitry to send RF signal for syncing glasses LCD shutter with tv refresh rate) so I don't like the fact that the choice is gone.
        Now curved screens on the other hand, you cannot turn that shit off and it effects the usability…

        • You're not forced to buy a curved screen phone either?

          • @SuiCid3: No you're not, but all flagships now have a curved screen… Many reviewers have finally started criticising it since it doesn't really add anything to the experience and it's more of a tick box than anything.

            I would've really loved a P30 pro or P40 pro or Mate 30 pro if it wasn't for the curve, just saying.

  • If only I could use this to buy my partner a (sigh) iphone. Expensive gunk.

    • +4

      By expensive gunk, I hope you mean the iPhone…

      • +6

        She's a lot cheaper since international borders closed..

  • can anyone confirm Telstra loophole is still exist and you successfully cancelled it, only paid 390?

    • It's been fixed and there's an additional surcharge for those trying to cancel straight away. Been used way too often and I think there is extra 500 on top of 390 that needs to be paid.

      • Is this correct? i thought the loop hole was regarding people move their 12/24 month plans to Month to month.

        I believe the ETC is still $390 as per reference to OP post above.

      • @Bargainbrother can you elaborate? How do you know of this? Most reports on here say it is only $390 ETC.

        • yeah I confused now

      • +1

        Really?? Source please or it's just fake news!

        • Think bargainbrother is bs'ing. I got the p30 on the recent jb deal that ended last Sunday and when trying to move to month to month telstra plan twice the telstra rep explained I'll be up for $390 etc cost to move to m2m. Nothing more.

  • how long does the process take in-store to get this?

  • +1

    If I grab the Samsung phone then cancel and pay the ETC will it affect my credit rating in anyway pls?

    • Lol does not matter if you cancel or not, they do a credit check on sign-up unless you are already an existing Telstra pospaid mobile or boradband customer

      • I'm glad I made you Lol renegade. But my question is ruining a good credit rating after I cancel and paid the ETC.

        • +1

          Only the initial enquiry will affect your rating. So if you are not with telstra and they enquire on your file - this will affect your score.

    • +1

      IF they do a credit check… it'll be an inquiry on your credit profile and that's it.
      There will be no further action taken on your account if you cancel and pay ETC as you've obliged with T&Cs.

      • Thank you wellzi =)

  • does this work if i'm already on a 24m JB plan? can i pay off the cost of the phone and sign up to this 12m plan?

  • +1

    I'm currently with Telstra payinf $55 for 18GB which is terrible. If port my current number to Amaysim or another $2 sim for a day or two would I be elegible for this deal?

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