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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128GB $599 / Huawei P30 $0 Upfront on Telstra $65/Mth 60GB 12 Mth Plan (EXP) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In Req)


Greetings everyone, JB Hi-Fi are running a promotion where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb for $599 Upfront when you take out a $65 Per Month 60gb Telstra Plan.

Consider that the plan has a $390 ETC, you could technically get this phone for $989 total outright if you broke contract, that's cheaper than the samsung EPP price :)

Huawei P30 is also $0 upfront with the same plan and ETC, thanks to aspirepranesh.

From what I understand, the Samsung galaxy deal is essentially a $750 gift card used to offset from the phone cost. So I think you might be able to get a different higher specced Samsung using this gift card for a higher price if you talk to the representative in store.

Alternatively, still seems like pretty good value either way!

As always, enjoy :)

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    Is this phone any good ?
    Asking for a friend…

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      Tin Tin uses Android? wow

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      Plenty of reviews around. Yes it's OK, but there are many other high end phones with similar specs/cost, each with it's own strengths. Depends on what is most important to you.

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      100x zoom is pretty meh
      4k video is better than 8k
      Focusing issues, lots of hunting even after a patch
      Battery life is pretty bad on 120hz

      The phone is not so hot considering it's a flagship. But it's a good price. It's currently $1300 or so with edu/gov discount on Samsung website at the moment. Basically getting the plan free here.

      • +10

        You'd be referring to the Ultra when stating 100x zoom. This is the Plus model beneath it

      • I assume you were referring to the Ultra model. I wonder if the same focusing issues are in the Plus variety. Still worried about performance issues with exynos vs snapdragon.

        • Oh my bad I thought this was the ultra.

          I got nothing against the plus, it's a better buy vs the ultra.

        • +1

          Around 10% slower, battery life is more of an issue than performance with the Exynos models.

    • For under 1k I don't think there's any phone that comes close to it.

      I guess p30 in this deal and potentially the pixel 4 if you care about camera only.

    • I was a Samsung user for 3 years. Two times mother board burned! Then I changed to Apple.
      After being with Apple for two years, I can say that change was the best decision in my life!

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    Huawei P30 available for $0 on the same plan mate. Maybe you want to add it to your post body if in case anyone is keen:)

    Works out to be $390 after ETC. Same deal as my previous deal.

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      Awesome, thanks for that, have added it in :)

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      Can I break the contract and keep the Huawei P30 for $390?

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          How does it work? Get the phone then go to online chat before activating the SIM?

      • really

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        I have a P30 and I have access to all Google apps. I think the P30 and P30 Pro are the last Huawei models to have Google apps.

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      Took up the P30 deal on the P30 two weeks ago. Can confirm that you can cancel straight away and get the phone for $390.
      Pretty awesome deal on a great phone, obviously still has all the Google apps etc.

      I just activated an amaysim sim then as soon as it was active went into JB Hi-Fi, whole process took about 10 mins and I walked out with the phone.

      • -1

        Can you please tell me the whole process? Who do you speak to? Do you just tell the person you want to break the contract right away and pay for the fee?

        Also, if you do this, do you get a tax invoice for the $390?

      • Did you get a tax invoice for the purchase of the phone ($900) even though you had to be $0 upfront?

    • Hi icant seem to find this deal on their website. Where do you guys see the phones?

    • Can't get anyone on the chat nor there is any option on the app to cancel the plan. Not sure if Telstra store can do much.

    • With Telstra, You will be charged $8.00 to take your mobile number to another provider.
      I found this in my contract. Use a burner sim to save extra $8.

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    Is this the 4G or 5G version?

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      Description states 4G

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        You mean corona safe

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      Looks like 4G, which to me is a deal killer if you're spending this much on a phone & plan.

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        This phone would be obsolete before 5g gets properly rolled out. What do people need 5g for? Unless you need a bluray rip in like 15mins I dont get the point.

        • +5

          This, it's overrated. Have used 5G on the S10 and S20U and don't give a shit about the slightly faster speed I may get in perfect optimal conditions.

          Telstra's 4GX is still great. And I'm not downloading the Internet on my mobile….

          • @DisabledUser139667: The other day when I did a speed test I got 647mbps down and 14mbps up the other day on 5G. Compared to my usually 14 down and 5 up on 4GX.

            • +1

              @DrLobster: Do you live in a Nuclear bunker?

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          What do people need 5g for?
          This, it's overrated.

          Indeed, we have reached mobile network perfection, no need to improve.

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          Greater speed is always better. Have you tried going back to an older computer/phone and noticed the difference in load times. Same principle. Even if it loads just a little bit faster you'll know the difference immediately when you switch back. I don't know about you but when I use 4g at the footy, gee whiz that thing tanks like crazy. Haven't had the chance to try 5g at the footy yet but if it's any good I'll be using it there.

          Yes, it's not in a good state of rollout right now, but to ask why people need 5g is silly. It's all about progress, progress is good. Imagine being stuck on ADSL when there's fibre out there.

          • +3

            @Kerjifire: 4G at the footy will be great once the majority have moved over to 5G and that is super congested ๐Ÿ˜….

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            @Kerjifire: It's worth understanding that a good 4g connection is as fast as the fastest fibre to the premise connection the NBN currently offers right?(unless you're talking 250mb largely unavailable plans)
            It's not the technology that's the restricting factor (4g vs 5g) it's network congestion that's the limiting factor.
            There is nothing on your phone that's going to be noticeably faster on a 5g network over a 4g network providing both networks are adequately serviced bandwidth wise.

            I'm not suggestion 5g or faster speeds are in anyway a bad progression, they're not. I'm just saying they're largely useless on a mobile device as there is simply not anything that's going to utilise that level of bandwidth in any meaningful way.

            8k/16k Netflix (when it's available) on an 100 inch OLED screen on the other hand it where 5G would be great. It's just largely useless on mobile.

            • @Slipstream: I understand the congestion, that wasn't really my point. I do have 5g which I have used in the city to and from work, and things like streaming videos and even scrolling Facebook/Instagram were loading quicker than on my 4G band.

              It's been big enough of a change to have me saying I would not like to go back to 4g where possible. That was my point. Little steps make a difference once you have to go back to the older, slower ways of doing things.

              It's not the technology that's the restricting factor (4g vs 5g)

              Well I mean, it is and it isn't. The technology is being throttled by the level of congestion. 5g is meant to tolerate larger amounts of congestion.

          • @Kerjifire: Not saying progress isn't good, but what can 5G do on typical mobile use that a good 4GX signal can't?

            I can update my apps in a blink, the phone if anything is what limits the speed of installing… Youtube videos play perfectly fine instantly…. what am I missing out on?

            The fact they plan on charging extra for 5G is absurd.

            • @DisabledUser139667: I agree that charging extra for 5g is absurd. It should be included with the cost of your regular phone service.

              I have used 5g myself, and have been for the past year and I have things loading quicker than on 4GX. It can be noticeable especially when scrolling through social media applications or streaming. If you're happy with the speeds you are getting, so be it. I have used 5g and have noticed a difference. That may not be the same for others.

              There's a reason why, for example: NBN offers different tiers of speeds.

              • @Kerjifire: Additionally I should add that I'm a developer and I need to use my mobile as a hotspot when I visit client sites. So getting the speeds of a 5g connection really benefits my work.

        • Telstra 4G is super fast anyway. It's much faster than the USA's "5G". I get 400mbps down 60mbps up on Telstra 4G.

          Bluray movie is avg. 30GB @ 400mbps, it would take me 10mins on my current 4G.

          • @vee124: 400mbps?? I struggle to get 20… Do you live on a node? what…?

          • @vee124: Download 2 movies on 5G and you run out of your data allowance?! Does this plan even have peace of mind data? 5G may have it's benefits but need the data allowance to be more generous.

            • @bajirao: Download 2 movies and you use the same data allowance regardless of speed?!?!

              • @ilostnemo: Yes speed doesn't matter when the data allowance is not high. The Telstra 5G airport ad makes it look like you can download so many movies and advocates of 5G tout faster movie downloading as benefit when in reality after 2-3 movies you cannot even do that anymore.

        • +1

          i think the point is to have really high bandwidth mesh networks where we can start doing self-driving cars/drones etc that need high reliability networks

          not really about faster sms.

          • +1

            @netpenthe: 5G is definitely all about the self driving stuff, but for normal mobile use, no difference.

        • outside Australia

        • I need it so my car can autodrive.

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        If you don't mind me asking, why is no 5G a deal breaker? I mean realistically 4g speeds are in no way inadequate for anything you're going to be doing on your phone. You're not going to notice the difference between a good 4g and a good 5g connection on any phone in any way, the reduced latency might be slightly noticeable in online gaming, but who's doing that in any way that's competitive on a mobile device.

        It's kind of like saying "i'm not buying the Ferrari with a top speed of 350km/ph because i want the model that does 380km/ph. You're never ever going to get a chance to use the top speed of either model in any useful way during your ownership of the vehicle.

        Network congestion is a much MUCH bigger factor in how fast your connection speed is going to be, not if it's a 5g or 4g network.

    • I think itโ€™s 6G version, lol

  • Also need to port number to Telstra

  • Dawn…
    Recently got the S20
    Should have waited as I did want the 20plus :(

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      • +3

        Stupid auto correct LOL
        Was meant to be damn…

        • +1

          Your device abhors profanity…

    • +15

      Weirdest haiku I've read in a while.

    • How's the s20 going? Battery life? Was thinking either s20 for 894 or the s20 plus for 100 more through edu portal

      Please share thank you

      • +4

        The biggest day I've had with it I still ended up with over 50% battery left..
        While disappointed that we don't have snapdragon, it's still a pretty good phone..
        No issues so far in the 2 weeks I've had it.

        • Cool thanks for that. Yeah pretty dirty about the snappy not be avail but do like me some Sammy's. Miss the S10 small factor which is great if your not on your phone all the time and want something more lighter then the massive phones now.

          I just might pick up the blue s20 today or maybe wait for click frenzy.

    • How is the resale market for S20?

      • +2

        Not good enough :)

  • Hi OP, do you have a list of available phones?

    • +2

      I believe the following deals are advertised:

      Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G $599
      Huawei P30 $0
      Vivo X50 Lite $0

      But from what I understand, the Samsung galaxy deal is essentially a $750 gift card used to offset from the phone cost. So I think you might be able to get a different higher specced Samsung using this gift card for a higher price if you talk to the representative in store.

      • For anyone who works at JB Hifi, would I theoretically be able to take the $750 gift card and apply it on the purchase of a different handset, e.g. iPhone SE?

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            • +1

              @DisabledUser331917: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Oh well… I can Kogan til then.

              • @OzCheapo: Kogan it is

                • @DisabledUser331917: I got the same P30 deal last week for $0 upfront. Once port complete and confirmed, I was handed a $900 JB Hifi gift card to use for the $900 P30 phone cost. I walked straight up and did the transaction but I guess I could have just walk out with the gift card if I really decided to do so.

      • Anyone tried asking for different Samsung/Huawei phone instead if the S20+?

        Been waiting for this kinda deal for Note10+ haha. Want it for the dual Sim…and shaper not so curved edges haha.

        • Nvm gave in and got the deal for S20+.
          The staff said only the specified model can be used for the offer.

  • How do people go about terminating their contract anyway these days, with no chat agents online due to Covid19?

    • You can try porting your number out to another telco.

      • I did this after my contract period ended with telstra. I didn't contact telstra at all. I assume if you are still in contract, Telstra would simply send you the bill for the ETC fee. Could be wrong though

    • +3

      They still have online chat available through the myTelstra app. It initially has a bot talking to you but just keep saying I want to speak to a representative and you should get someone.

    • I thought we cannot terminate the service via chat. We need to call in and it connects to Adelaide call center. (I had cancelled / no port-out one of my no-contract M2M service 4 weeks back via calling them). Had tried after 5 pm and got connected within couple of minutes.

  • +1

    Nice . Missed out on this deal 2 weeks ago. Guess I'll be going to JB today as my s8+ battery is stuffed

    • +1

      It's easy to buy a replacement battery and glass and do it yourself..

      • How much would that cost all up?. My screen is chipped anyways

        • Battery is roughly $20 and rear glass $15. If your front screen is cracked that's when it gets expensive and time consuming

    • +1

      My s8+ battery is also stuffed. Been waiting for the s20+ jb hifi deal to come back since I missed out on this last month which was $649 upfront)

      • I feel your pain my s8+ is on its last legs too. Screen smashed and battery shot. 3 months left on my optus plan though, I'll probably hold off til then to avoid an early exit fee.

  • +1

    Want a pixel deal

    • +2

      avoid it. the battery life is really what they all talk about.

      • +1

        Battery is honestly not bad. I wouldn't use it as a work phone though.

      • XL is fine

  • +1

    Do they run a credit check?

    • If you don't already have a Telstra account then yes they will.

    • Late 2019 I got the Samsung 10e deal from JB, I had an active telstra PostPaid number they ran the credit check anyway,