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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128GB $599 / Huawei P30 $0 Upfront on Telstra $65/Mth 60GB 12 Mth Plan (EXP) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In Req)


Greetings everyone, JB Hi-Fi are running a promotion where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb for $599 Upfront when you take out a $65 Per Month 60gb Telstra Plan.

Consider that the plan has a $390 ETC, you could technically get this phone for $989 total outright if you broke contract, that's cheaper than the samsung EPP price :)

Huawei P30 is also $0 upfront with the same plan and ETC, thanks to aspirepranesh.

From what I understand, the Samsung galaxy deal is essentially a $750 gift card used to offset from the phone cost. So I think you might be able to get a different higher specced Samsung using this gift card for a higher price if you talk to the representative in store.

Alternatively, still seems like pretty good value either way!

As always, enjoy :)

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      You've just stated that staff members give inconsistent answers. So why bother asking another one the exact same thing when you can just read the T & Cs yourself to make an informed decision?

  • How long do I have to port out of Telstra for before I am eligible for a deal like this?

    • I was told by JB that I'd have to wait 30 days. Read that as well by someone in the comments

      Can anyone confirm that they successfully ported away from Telstra and used this deal in less than 30 days?

      • The best way is to get a new sim like Aldi or amaysim activate it and use that.

        • I want the Telstra plan attached to my number so I can keep it for the 12 months :(

          • @quackster: I went to another store today and there was no problem porting back to Telstra after being an Optus customer for 1 day. Got the S20+!

            • @quackster: awesome! i just switched over to amaysim from telstra today, do you think if i walked in to JB hifi i'll be able to transfer back to telstra? or should i wait a day or two?

  • Switching cost is zero as per Telstra App but if you click on cancel tab, it shows $390 fees.

    Does it mean no ETC if you switch plan?


    • I saw this as well and did the same thing. Nothing throughout the process said I would be charged anything. Got to the end and then got a bill for $390 cancellation fee about 30mins later. I screen shotted the whole process so I'm going to contest it when I can finally get through to customer service

      • You got charged $390 for switching?

        • Yep

          • @rmmm7410: Remember that you will be charged a new etc if it is a new 12 month plan

        • How did you go with challenging $390 ETC?

          I just received bill with ETC.

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    My friend got a big spill from the JB salesperson about how if you cancel the plan after buying the P30, then apart from the ETC, they have to pay back JB Hifi for the mobile for breaking the contract. Has anyone heard about that? He got cold feet and didn't buy it at the end.

    • JB hifi can't chase you for anything. Once you walk out of door, your contract is just with Telstra.

    • Did he ask about what would happen if he cancelled as soon as he gets home?

      • The JB Hifi guy preempted him by saying he had people who look to take advantage of the system so he has to explain to my friend that money needs to be paid back to JB if he cancelled his plan (basically to pay JB the value of the gift card). So he didn't ask thinking it's already answered.

        • If you contract 24 months plan then you have to pay $x amount

        • Jb guy is wrong. Only cost is $390 etc. To jb they got paid with the gift card already.

          • @starburstyellow:

            To jb they got paid with the gift card already.

            The gift card comes out of jbs pocket…

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    May I please ask what JB Hi Fi store offer this deal? I went to Chatswood Chase and North Sydney today and none of them have these offers…

  • If the customer gets a giftcard, then it should be possible to upgrade to the pro 30 and pay the balance.

  • I am on a current telstra postpaid 12 month plan.

    There is no option on my mobile to cancel the contract at the moment due to covid…

    Any other options?

    Due to Telstra Contact Centres being impacted by COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of our people, we have closed some of our contact centres. We'll be back online as soon as we can, but until then there are changes you can make yourself online. Or use our Support page to see some of our FAQs.

    • My Telstra app. And use chat function to get a human. Did it day after I signed up to this deal got etc $391.22.

      • I used the app but always get the Corona message we are busy blah blah 🤔. Will try to call them

  • Has anyone successfully used the P30 "giftcard" and paid the difference to upgrade to the P30 Pro?

    • +1

      In the end I chose not to, but I rang 3 or 4 stores and got one that would swap (after paying difference).

      • If you sign up in a JB store, and you could swap from another JB store?

      • Any reason why you chose not to? I've been trying to find comparisons between the two and it's a close call between the models.

        • I bought 2 weeks ago on the last day of the then deal (a Sunday), and rang a few stores the next day & day after. I didn't ring the original store I bought it from.
          There was no discounts/deals on either phone when I was ringing, so the difference was $400. In the end I didn't justify the doubling of price, and stuck with the P30.

          • @BlueMM: Hi can you advise which store accepted the price difference? Thanks in advance.

            • @Freeskater: There are two at Highpoint (Maribyrnong) in VIC, I can't remember which one agreed. Maybe the non-home one.

    • the deal is only for p30 not pro model. They said the gift card is tied to P30 so there is no way you can pay the difference as i was told by the telco teller.

      • I rang JB stores (who said no), until 1 did. I didn't contact Telstra about it.

  • Has anyone seen this deal anywhere in Sydney?

    • Moore Park Supa Centa

    • Artarmon and North Sydney

    • I found from two stores in Sydney that they were displaying ticket to promote a different deal of $400 gift card when you sign up on the $65/month 12 month plan. I had to ask the staff about this deal.

  • And which stores offered P30 upgrade please?

  • Has anyone had any success porting out of Telstra for a few days and then taking this offer up?
    I don’t want to lose my number so Porting out of a $2 sim is not going to work.

    • Once you cancel the contract with the ported $2 SIM, just put your current SIM in and continue to use your number. The $2 SIM allows you to meet the criteria of having a non Tel$tra carrier to sign up to the $65 BYO plan. Hope this helps and I understood your question

      • I got this same deal 2 weeks ago, and the JB guy confirmed that it (was then at least), for ports & new sign ups. So I just got a new number - that I will throw away.

  • My local said the deal ended 3/5 for the P30, they had the Samsung though… is it worth getting the Samsung? Haven't changed phones for about 4 years so not really up with the times!

    • +1

      P30 deal ends 18/5.

      • I anticipate that JB will offer new deal very frequently due to the easing of the lockdown.

        • Or rather they want to start clearing the 4G phones.

          • @F1ngolf: I don't think general public is kidding itself about 5G being SUPER ESSENTIAL like some around here are. POssibly because they've got a clue, or possibly because they're oblivious to the nascent technology.

      • sadly I found out this date in store today…..(19/May)

  • A few people at the store today were having issues porting over. All weekend apparently the problem been going on. They can't resolve it till Monday apparently. They still more than happy tricking people to sign up though without telling them. leaving them in limbo, once they get their stuff, you are nothing to them. Even with all the issues that they know of, they don't want to know you after you sign.

  • How people are cancelling the plan?

    Codi is bloody useless and people on message are not responding at all.

    • Someone mentioned in the 2 weeks ago deal, just mention the words "cancel my account" and then you get a human. That worked for me when I tried.

  • Can anyone confirm that there is a new clause on the last page of the contract regarding to pay the rest of the phone value to JB-hifi for early termination?

  • Will the JB staff be able to see that I have cancelled my Telstra plan right after I got it last time? (S10e deal last year)

    • I think they might be able to.

      When I ported to the P30 the other week JB staff pulled up my Telstra record. I remember seeing on it all the times I contacted Telstra after I did the same thing but with the $500 GC last year. It showed me porting to JB then contacting Telstra chat to get the $10 port in discount. Then me changing to the M2M plan. Then I saw that I ported out. Basically had a timeline of events

    • Of course they can, they saw i had a service connect and disconnect around March this year on their system, however they still signed me up again.

      • Did they say anything? Or did they pretend they didn't see that!?

    • I don't think they can..i signed up 2 weeks ago…rinsed and repeated today.

      • +1

        They can definitely see all history incuding your chat with Telstra. I have sighted it myself.

      • rinsed and repeated today

        There seems to be some soft limit on how many time you can do this. Not clear whether it's a credit limit assigned to your account or something else, but at some point the telstra systems won't allow more post paid accounts.

  • Did anyone get any confirmation that it's been cancelled? I just called up and they said it was but no email or anything from them

    • I have not an email notification, basically just saying 'As you've requested, the disconnection of your service is underway' and how much I will need to pay for breaking the contract is in the attachement.

    • Has your mobile number been cut off? When you login to MyTelstra, do you still see your mobile service number?

      • Yes. Number is gone.

    • I cancelled Saturday and only got final bill in email today. So wait 2~3 days.

      • are you guys cancelled on the phone or doing online chat? I couldn't ring or chat to cancelled over the weekend

        • I did it via my Telstra app but I did it on a weekday.
          I recently helped a family member last Sunday. The bot said it will forward message for someone to contact him. He got a message from a human on Monday via same chat window.

          Just keep typing cancel my phone plan on the chat. Will eventually get to someone.

          • @starburstyellow: I could not find the cancel a service function on the Telstra app. So I called 132 200 and was routed to Adelaide support centre to cancel the service. Was told that Telstra will send the bill on next billing cycle in June.

            • @F1ngolf: Sorry should have been more clear. It's not a function per say. You basically type in the chat wanting to cancel. After few times bot will redirect you. Glad you got outcome you needed on phone.

              I have received my bill already, due 4/6.

              • @starburstyellow: Hi there, when did you sign up and how much was your bill?
                I signed up on 18th, canceled on 19th and got a bill yesterday that is due on 5/6, but the bill amount is just 2.09??

                • @tidie: Hey!! Got it last week on 14/5 and cancelled on 15/5 got a "draft" ETC of $391.08 that same day. Got real bill on 19/5 for exact same $391.08

              • +1

                @starburstyellow: @starburstyellow. No worries, mate. I signed up and cancelled on 18/5. Have yet to get any bill.

                Despite the cancellation and line is disconnected, strange that I'm getting below Telstra email today telling me about the BYO Plan. Is this normal?

                Check Out what's in your plan

                Thanks for choosing us for your new mobile.
                Here's what you need to know about your plan and inclusions, all in one place.

                JB Hi-Fi Mobile BYO Plan
                NUMBER 0432 XXX XXX
                $ 65/mth
                Min. cost $780
                over 12 months

                • +1

                  @F1ngolf: Yes, I got same email on 18/5, 3 days after I cancelled on 15/5. Go figure :D

                  • @starburstyellow: Strange indeed. Looks like you receive the actual bill 4 days after your cancellation. I should be getting my actual bill tomorrow 22/5 if the cancellation happened per my call on 18/5.

                    • @F1ngolf: I called them on the 18th as well and I have already got my bill on the 20th, although the amount is not correct.

                • @F1ngolf: I got this too. Anyway I have chatted with Telstra and reconfirm my disconnection.

  • I took advantage of the deal and ported from optus month to month and I just got a bill from optus for a full months service is that normal? I was also still in the first month that I had paid up front.

  • Anybody else get the P30 and getting prompts that Huawei ID is not available in your region? It's getting annoying…

    • It worked fine for me.
      Why do you need Huawei ID anyways? In the end I just sticked with Google Play and services.

      • Really don't, but it keeps prompting me for it for some reason. I have google set up already.

        • Disable notifications on it?

          I didnt set up a Huawei ID and never been prompted on my P30

  • Hi. Can anyone that has taken this offer up, can you confirm if the cancellation fee reduces overtime of the 12 term? Looking to snag a s20+ I know some telcos ECF reduces the longer you stay put. Cheers.

  • Just sharing how i got my P30
    Got a amaysim burner.
    Went into JB on Sunday, signed up for the $65 plan and got the P30 (voucher issued at counter and immediately scanned at register, I did not even touch the voucher).
    Went home and and cancelled the plan via mytelstra app.
    Number and sim was not even used/activated, I just installed the MyTelstra app on my mobile with a different number.
    Was told ETC was $388 (yeah I know its odd it wasnt $390), did not question since its cheaper.
    Proceeded with cancellation.
    Will reflect on my upcoming Telstra bill.

    • Went home and and cancelled the plan via mytelstra app

      Did you try doing the plan switch first like the other people on the thread?

    • Hi Kanina,
      Appreciated the step-by-step info. When you say, installed MyTelstra app on your mobile with a different number, do you have to have a connected Telstra number beforehand to do that?
      Many thanks

      • nope, my current is an amaysim =)

    • Also, can I ask what the P30 specs are and what sort of colour do they have?

    • +1

      You didn't need a burner number to port from. They allow you to just sign up for a new number.

      • Really? I was given strict instructions from JB and it's also on the deal OP posted that it must be port in only.

        • I got a new number for the same deal 2 weeks ago. It was mentioned in the comments of the deal, and confirmed by the JB guy when he looked it up.

    • @Kanina
      JB will not allow anyone to leave the shop with the P30 without confirmation that the service number for 12 months BYO plan is active.
      Looks like either your JB shop stuffed up OR …???
      Also can you cancel a service that is not active??

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