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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128GB $599 / Huawei P30 $0 Upfront on Telstra $65/Mth 60GB 12 Mth Plan (EXP) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In Req)


Greetings everyone, JB Hi-Fi are running a promotion where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb for $599 Upfront when you take out a $65 Per Month 60gb Telstra Plan.

Consider that the plan has a $390 ETC, you could technically get this phone for $989 total outright if you broke contract, that's cheaper than the samsung EPP price :)

Huawei P30 is also $0 upfront with the same plan and ETC, thanks to aspirepranesh.

From what I understand, the Samsung galaxy deal is essentially a $750 gift card used to offset from the phone cost. So I think you might be able to get a different higher specced Samsung using this gift card for a higher price if you talk to the representative in store.

Alternatively, still seems like pretty good value either way!

As always, enjoy :)

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      • they just put the new sim in the bag with my sealed p30.
        doesn't seem like they bother to get me to activate.
        just to be clear, the new Telstra sim was never activated/popped into a phone.

  • When does this deal expire? I might try go in tomorrow

    • Must have forgot to add the expiry, it expires today unfortunately.

      • awesome thanks man! i just transfered to amaysim from telstra today, might try my luck and see if i can sign up and transfer back

  • Called one JB branch and asked about P30. I was told it ended on 18/5 already. S20 deal will end today.
    Can anyone confirm if you come across the same situation?

    • I'm sure the P30 deal will come up again soon

    • Also called. The P30 deal ended the 18th as you stated. I was told about a 2 year plan, S20+ 5G, 512gb it is $10 extra on the regular $65/month plan. $75/month. What are your thoughts?

      • Any upfront payment?

        • I got told no upfront payment. Just an extra $10/month for the handset.

      • +1

        Came back without a handset.
        If you wanna P30, they will give you $400 JB GC to go against the handset. The rest will have to be paid upfront. By memory, it's like another $499. Not worth it. Unfortunately missed the boat on P30.

  • +1

    I was also looking at the Oppo Reno 5G 256GB for $599 plus postage from Harvey Norman. Problem is HN.

    • +1

      it is available at JB for the same price too

    • this is a crazy price
      still $1499 at jb

  • missed out, hoping that JB will bring this deal back…
    wanting to get some other stuff too :(

  • Any new deals :-)

  • Anyone receive the ETC fee to repay yet? It's been a few weeks and I haven't heard back from Telstra but my sim was cut day 1

    • Same boat, still haven't heard from Telstra about ETC. Canceled plan on 17/05.

      • I messaged them and they said there's nothing on my account! Free phone? :D

        • That's awesome, I'll message them too. Thanks for the heads up!

        • You're the lucky one. I signed up 2 s10e and also didn't get etc and any bills at all. 🕺

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