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[PS4] Free - LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game (was $89.95 AUD) - PlayStation Store AU and US


After XBox and Steam the game is now also free on Playstation.
Can claim on both AUS and US accounts.

US account link:


Note 21 May 10:50am: Expired on AUS store, still available from US store for free.

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    What country is yours set to? Aust still shows $89.95 for me

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        Woops my bad just saw the title

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      I got for free in Aus shop

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    Probably coming to AUS sooner or later too, but I have an American alt. account, may as well.

    Cheers. Probably will never play it, but I've claimed both console versions.

    • AUS now $0.

  • Appears full price in aus store

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      Says not eligible for purchase or download

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        Add to wishlist and try again.

  • Showing$89.95 on Aus playstore

  • thanks OP

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    it works now :) claimed on AU PS store thanks OP

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    Claimed via the ps app on iOS without issues! Thanks OP!

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    Great game, I enjoyed playing it with my son a year ago, he was 6.

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    To those people who reported this as a duplicate: can you please explain how a post that was posted over 1 hour ago can be a duplicate of a post that was posted 25 minutes ago? I really find it very puzzling how this happens.

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      We all love dealbot.

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        Some say he's almost self-aware

    • Time is relative.

  • Thanks OP!!!

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    Looks like the Switch misses out again for no reason

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      Same with the NBA 2k20 sale.

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      Why would they give out a game for free for no reason?

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        The same reason they (Warner Bros) did on PS4, XB1 and Steam?

  • Thanks

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    I don't want to post a deal, it might already be here, but GTA V is free on Epic Games store for PC if anyone's interested.

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      This has already been posted about 4 times.

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      it was on the front page yesterday, but I appreciate you spreading it just in case

    • over 1000+ upvotes, just so ya know

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    Who now owns it on 3 platforms and will probably never play it?

  • Got it on my AU account thanks OP !

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    I'm left wondering why this game still has a base price of $90.

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    Also free to claim atm on Xbox One

  • Thanks OP!

  • Added to the cart and found Apex Legends free too

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      FYI, Apex is a free2play

      It's good, worth a play

  • Thankyou!

  • awesome thanks! now have a copy for me on PC copy for my kids on both PC and PS4. should grab the Xbox one too for upstairs haha!

  • Almost as good as GTA V lol

  • Awesome got it 👍

  • Cool, has co-op so I'm game. Thanks.

  • What are the advantages of having a US account?


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      HB had two PS bundles only redeemable on US accounts - hence a few people have those. Plus sometimes pricing us cheaper.

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      Prices, sales and content are much better.

      Only that :)

  • Cool, just grabbed it now. Thx for sharing it

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    I think this has expired now. Back to full price on the AUS store

  • Back to full price on US store, can't redeem this

    • Ok. Expired it.
      Thanks for letting me know.

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