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Prologo Nago Evo X10 T2.0 Saddle 275x135mm Black $24.99 + Delivery @ Pushys via Catch


Was looking for a new bike saddle, and saw this.

Suitable for mountain biking/trail bikes.

Sold by Pushy's so not sure if price error as they have listed at $134.99 on their website

Product specs: https://www.prologo.it/en/products/nago-x10

Wiggle have it for $81.88

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  • Shame there is no pickup option. $12.95 is a lot for shipping. The bus is cheaper.

    • You could ride there.

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        Without a saddle? I don't really my seat post in that way.

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          Don't really what ;) Verb matters here especially.

  • I have a hybrid/commuter style bike. Would there any issues installing this seat?

    • There shouldn't be. Check your seat post diameter is compatible.

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        Seat post diameter should be irrelevant?
        Some carbon seat rails don't suit all seat posts, but that's to do with the fixing mount on the top, not the seat post diameter.

    • probably no problem installing it but it is designed to be a road bike saddle and might be designed for someone in a more aggressive lower position in the bike. it might not be as comfortable for someone sitting as upright on a commuter bike.

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        100% this, this seat is for those with a leathered arse. Commuters on normal seats will not enjoy for the first few years

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    Buy first questions later

    • Sold out?!?

    • That should be the official OzBargain Motto

  • Does seem like a good price. I bought the earlier version from Pushys in 2015 for $59.

    I find the seat OK but kinda hard, though my bike short padding is average and my (ahem) natural padding is minimal. I wouldn't want to regularly use this seat without padded shorts.

  • Definitely a price error. $124.99 plus $10 shipping is $134.99. It's also for sale on Ccatch for $134.99 with free shipping.

  • thanks OP, let's see if they get cancelled.

  • Expired now?

  • -1

    Price is now $134.99

  • Can someone here recommend me a comfortable bike saddle/seat for commuting purposes. Thanks .

    • Yeah same.

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        Find a bike shop that has loan saddles, and try out a few models. Then buy from them. Party the small mark up and support local. Or take a guess online.

        But don't try in a store and buy online

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      There's no single right answer - which is where a real world bike shop comes in handy.
      Seat width is one of the most important things, and there's lots of personal preference.
      I'd only buy a saddle online if I'd tried it in real life (or 80% off!)

      Something like this is hugely helpful.

    • +2

      Diamondback Gel saddles are cheap and comfortable. I have the MTB one and it's great.


      • yeah been using the same big w one for a year and quite like it

    • Brooks C17 Cambium

      Selle Italia Net is alright too

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      Depends on a huge number of factors but I usually reccomend the Fabric Scoop.

  • Still showing at the lower price and just brought one. Not sure why it’s marked as expired.

  • still there, says 4 left

  • just bought

  • just bought - 2 left

  • Back up to $134.99

  • From The look of the picture on the front page, this item looked completely different lmao.

  • +1

    I just got dispatched/tracking email

    • still waiting on mine

  • Received dispatch email yesterday, tbh didn't expect them to honour the sale, great post OP, replace my crash damaged prologo with hopefully more comfort . .

  • on catch website saying it is still in progress :/

  • I just received mine and inside was two water bottles - https://imgur.com/a/UjjzIMr

    Looking at Pushy's site, these water bottles are $24.99, so something has gone wrong.

    make sure to take a screenshot of your order details.

    I've contacted them via Catch, will report back

  • Looks like a no go.

    This is a SKU error on Catch's end, so all I can offer is a refund.
    I'll send through the return paid label.
    The Pushys team

  • Also received a bottle yesterday. Pushys don't want to honour it.
    Have taken it up with Catch to see what they will do about it

    • Pushys guy already sent me a post return label.

      I don't think Catch can do anything since they aren't the ones dealing with stock or shipments.

  • I got the package on Monday, contact them when it was a bottle. They didn't reply until yesterday and then it was just"here a return label". Look a get there was an SKU issue but no apologies and expectation that I print the label and return it it to the post office and no allowance for out of pocket. Poor form. Won't be using catch or pushys for a while.

  • I got 2 bottles, total scam by Pushys, isn't this enough for a ban?

  • got catch refund notice but it didn't include refund for the original shipping of $12.90

    have contacted Catch again..

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