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Bose Home Speaker 300 $279.30, 500 $419.30 @ JB Hi-Fi


Bose Home Speaker 300 $279, 500 $419 @JB Hi-Fi
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    I suspect there's many of these going around from the last sale in December sale. The Home 300 at the time was ~$156.

  • Good price on the 500

  • Are these models updates from previous SoundTouch series?

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    CNet Review here reckons these are better than the Bose 300:
    Google Home Max (on sale under $200 at HN and Officeworks),
    Apple Homepod (on sale under $300 at HN and Officeworks), and
    Sonos One (under $300 at JB Hifi).

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      price & performance and flexibility > Google Home Max > Sonos One > Apple Homepod
      with exception if you already have sonos system, i would go for sonos first.
      Apple homepod too limited

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      I've recently upgraded from Bose 300 to the Google Max and I personally feel the Max is better. The Google Assistant on the Bose was not great - it didn't really get half the command and would say - I did not understand.

      In terms of sound performance, I would be comparing the Google Home Max to the Bose 500 rather than the 300.

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        That'd make the Google Home Max a bargain at $200. It loses out the mini display on the Bose 500 but when you can buy 2 Max and have plenty of spare change, I can live without the display :-)

        • add a google nest hub for an extra 120 and you'll have a display as well :)

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          Yep, do remember the Max was $549 on release. So $198 is a pretty good price if you asked me.

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      I had the Bose 300, Pair of Sonos ones with Sonos Sub and Apple Homepod.

      Got rid of them all and only have Apple Homepod now. Best sounding and simplistic speaker. I use airplay and rest of the household has iphones so works well for us. If you are an iPhone user and can afford two homepods, there is nothing else that can beat that at this price point for sound quality and fuss-free audio.

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    3 stars is pretty much the worst review What Hifi hand out so nothing to see here on the 300.


  • We've closed the so-called smart features of the Google Max speaker, the button on the back the unit closed the microphone and we then closed all obvious options on the Home app. It didn't hear us well enough.
    We also needed too many 'premium subs (paid) ' to be bothered with it.

    As a bluetooth speaker the Max is very good. Note, not as good as the Samsung soundbars we have around the house.You need google apps to use it as a bluetooth speaker too.

    Would I buy Google Max again? Not a chance.

    Too large, wasteful packaging. The non smart (non intrusive) competition is too good.

    Suspect it will end up in our garage sooner than later. Our UE Booms V3 are a better overall use case.

  • Go for the 500 if you have a larger room. 300 is slightly weak to my opinion. Price wise, it's Bose, over priced as per usual.

  • I bought the Bose500 a while back. I really like the sound profile of Bose 500 as i find it very clean sounding.

    I have a Sonos 1, Bose 500, Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus, Samsung M7s and a few other bluetooth and wireless home speaker systems and the Bose 500 is the one I enjoy the most.

    Just my own personal opinion but it is such a clean sounding little unit with very big and unmuddied bass sound.

    Also the build quality is beautiful.

    Highly recommend.

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