Click Frenzy Mayhem 2020: Tuesday May 19 2020

Click Frenzy Mayhem 2020 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, May 19 2020


As always expect deals to be posted earlier than 7pm; some are already out. It runs for 53 hours this year (until midnight Thursday).

Follow all the deals, discussion and view participating stores via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2020 Sales & Promotions page. The Click Frenzy sales page can also be accessed from the 'Pages' menu at the top of the website for easy access.

Please add 'Click Frenzy' tag to your deal post and remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.

Frenzy Bucks

Promo text:

It’s back! Be one of the first 500 members to spend $200 or more on Click Frenzy deals and you could score yourself a $50 Click Frenzy VISA card! Learn More. Terms & Conditions


Win a MacBook Air, iPhone 11 & AirPods Prize Pack from Click Frenzy via Facebook

'Go Nuts'

The 'Go Nuts' 99% off deals are also being run as usual. You can see comments on last year's Click Frenzy Mayhem. They aren't for everyone, quite a few OzBargainer's got free products, but a quite a few also missed out and it can be time consuming! If you are interested in participating ensure you subscribe on the Click Frenzy website now. It's also a good idea to Login/Update your account, or signup if you don't already have one.

Promo text/details for this year (same as last year):

100s of Brands, 1000s of Deals, up to 90% off, for 53 Hours! Mayhem is back!

99% off 'Go Nuts' Deals.
Bigger and better than ever, our ‘Go Nuts’ deals are back, with plenty of products set to be sold for 99% off their RRP! This year, the process to secure a 99% off bargain will be slightly different to ensure a more level playing field. Learn about the new process Terms and conditions

Follow us on Instagram for hints and clues for the 99% off deals from Click Frenzy HQ during the event.

Here's a taste of just two of the Go Nuts deals in store for this event!

iph11 Macbook Air

Go Nuts Details/Updates:
Times in AEST

19/5 8pm-9pm GHD Mini Styler (RRP $280) $3 Q - Rejection email likely sent. Time unknown.
9pm-10pm Google Nest Hub (RRP $339) $3 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 814pm
10-11pm: Samsung 65" 4K UHD TV (RRP $1695) $17 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 8:34pm
11pm-12am: Apple Watch Series 3 (RRP $319) $3 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 9:08pm
20/5 8am-9am: Microsoft Surface Go 128GB (RRP $839) $8 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 9:16pm
11am-12pm: Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Kit (RRP $150) $1 Q - Rejection email likely sent. Time unknown.
2pm-3pm: LEGO Roller Coaster Set (RRP $499) $5 Answer - Volkswagen - Rejection email sent 21/5 9:54pm
5pm-6pm: UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker (RRP $149) $1 Q - Rejection email likely sent. Time unknown.
7-8pm Playstation 4 (RRP $409) $4 Q - Rejection email sent 21/5 10:57pm
8-9pm Sodastream Source Element (RRP $149) $1 Q - Rejection email sent 21/5 11:02pm
9-10pm Razer E Prime Air Electric Scooter (RRP $699) $7 Q Rejection email sent 21/5 11:11pm
10-11pm iPhone 11 64GB (RRP $1,199) $12 Q Rejection email sent 21/5 11:23pm
21/5 9-10am Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine (RRP $399) $4 Answer - MCG Rejection email sent 21/5 11:40pm
12pm-1pm Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera (RRP $649) $6 Q
3pm-4pm Apple Airpods & Wireless Case (RRP $319) $2 Q
6pm-7pm Drunk Elephant Midi Committee Kit (RRP $73) $1 Q
8pm-9pm KitchenAid Stand Mixer (RRP $629) $6 Q
9pm-10pm Amazon Kindle eReader (RRP $199) $2 Q
10pm-11pm Apple MacBook Air 13" Laptop (RRP $1,699) $17 Q
11pm-12am Nintendo Switch Lite (RRP $329) $3 (Final Item of CF) Q
Finish 😴

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  • +4

    Anyone have answer?

    • this is totally random man, take your guess good luck lol

    • No idea. I said Webjet simply because it was the only brand I could think of. I might have had a chance if it was the LEAST number of deals, looks like 2 😜

      In hindsight it would be a sponsor and one with lots of small items.

    • +1

      I answered with 59 deals, just a guess 😂

      • Mydeal is always a good yolo, they seem to push the most garbage* every single time

      • Good guess I think.

      • That was my thinking as well

    • I put the iconic 57032

  • Which brand has the most deals in this event and how many deals do they have? (Answer format: "BRAND NAME" - "NUMBER OF DEALS"

  • wtf anyone has an answer

  • My guess was SHEIN - 10000. LOL nope….

    • Shein is probably it. Ugh, never heard of it. They have 7707 results popping up under click frenzy sale.

      • This is probably it
        EDIT: this isnt it

      • I did Shein - 768

        • At the top of their site, click the CLICK FRENZY SALE banner. Instantly shows 7000+ "deals"

      • Look at the iconic, 57032 products or deals if each product counts as a deal

  • Finally got the popup. No way i'm winning

  • +2 has a lot

  • Which brand has the most deals in this event and how many deals do they have? (Answer format: "BRAND NAME" - "NUMBER OF DEALS"

  • Finally got a popup here as well… as for the answer…

  • My deal has 59?

    • that was my guess but i think i fkn miscounted

      • Nope, I used the safari “find on this page” so should be accurate.

  • +3

    Got the pop up.

    Got no idea what the answer is.

    "What brand has the most deals? And how many deals does this brand have?"

    Without working for Click Frenzy, how would anybody know this?

  • +1

    So I know there goal! Make the questions STUPID so no-one wins! Dodgy MOFO's

  • New Balance has 18 and is a brand

  • Well as a user suggested above it looks like they've definitely got these things set a role in at the end of the hour.
    I didn't receive anything

  • Anyone gotten an SMS yet?

  • How long does it take to receive the voucher email if you are that lucky mf that got it right?

    • Probably after the promo period ends. I got a moisturiser set last time for $1, but didn't know until after and so kept trying to get all the better deals after that and had no chance as you could only win 1 prize…

      • This year one of the terms say that if you are selected, you have to make the purchase by the end of the click frenzy mayhem period

  • could be shoes brands, each pair of shoes on sale is a "deal" right

  • So if you get the pop-up and close it how do you get it back again to answer?

    • +1

      You have to presumably wait until it pops up again. Otherwise, SOL.

  • Waited all night to finally get a pop-up & then a question with an impossible answer…..FML

  • Still no pop up for me. This is exactly why I hate the new system. Is 25% off sitewide counted as one deal or is each product on that site counted as a deal?

  • How the hell are you meant to answer the question "What brand has the most deals? And how many deals does this brand have?"

    The click frenzy website provides no way to find this out other than going into every single partner website and counting the deals… which is virtually impossible in the allocated 30 minute time limit.

    This whole set up sounds incredibly fishy to me… Like liljohnny19 said… they're making the questions impossible to answer so they dont have to ship to anyone!

    • They generally ask questions where the answers are found in their communications or on their website, so in this instance, clicking on Brands, then whichever brand has the most "deals" listed under said brand would be the one they're looking for. Quite tough obviously but they want as many clicks as they can get so sending people hunting through each brand is their goal…

      • I mistook 'deals' as 'items' which are being sold by each brand. =(

        • Oh so did I! I guess they're making it intentionally harder, but the more clicks they get is the more they can justify it all I suppose!

  • I thought it meant a specific brand rather than a store that sells other brands and went with Under Armour - 20 deals

    • +1 Goodluck to us.

  • Next….

  • no popup

  • +2

    Brands is listed here:
    Deals is number of tiles.

    • +1

      damnit, you're right

    • +1

      Thats the confusing part. Mydeals is listed in there which is a website

    • yeah, looking at it, its probably this. damn these loaded, general, vague questions.

      • I had the same idea as you and went to see how many ITEMS were in the frenzy sale under a particular store lmao

    • This still means they want you to click through every single brand?

      I think you’re right, but geez that’s a lot of work.

      How long did it take you?

  • Just for everyone's information, I kept both my browser open on my pc and safari on my iphone. The question popped up on the pc and about 15 seconds later popped up on my iphone.

    • Yep I didn't get any popups for the first 2 deals, but this time I got it on my mac (safari and chrome) and samsung phone (chrome not safari). I think it depends on how many people are trying to access it, and now it's later there is more chance of getting the pop ups…

  • I put Surfstitch - 10,000
    Thats what it says for their brand
    Even if I was right i was too slow lol

    • i think they had 10000 items however they only have 7 deals

      • yeah i was gonna go do Catch, but the word "deal" was too vague so im hoping they tricked everyone with the wording and im correct lol

    • Surfstitch has got 7

  • +2

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone received an SMS about the first two prizes yet?

  • +2

    If I'd gotten a pop up, I would have sid My Deal, with 59 'deals' boxes displayed on the CF Brands page.

  • -3

    catch has 77 deals - not sure if this is the answer though

  • I'm silly and took a wild guess. I'm thinking the email told us the answer… look at the top… Anaconda is listed and has 1102 deals Not sure if that's what they're hinting at or not.

    • +1

      I tried Anaconda! Wish me luck!

      I am in desperate need of a new telly too!

    • Not a bad guess, but only 16 deals

  • +1

    no popups….. what browser is everyone using?

    • I know right? Multiple browsers open and still nothing

    • It only appeared for me right after I refreshed the page via the browser (not clicking on the Click Frenzy logo)

    • +1

      got the pop in firefox at first then in chrome

  • +1

    How do they choose who gets it? First come first served or random correct answers?

    • +1

      Pretty sure the FAQ's state the fastest and most correct answer will be sms'd a discount code for the prize.

    • +1

      Accuracy first followed by speed.

    • +1

      Correct answer and then sorted by speed

    • +1

      say if there are 5 TVs, so it should be the 5 fastest people who submit the correct answer

      • Okay, i thought there was 1 TV only lol

      • I can't see there being more than 1, let alone 5

        • yea, just an example.
          If there is only 1 TV, then it will be the first person who submitted the correct answer.

  • +2

    I see… sweet FA chance then…

  • No problem is there's no definition on what a Deal constitutes. Catch has loads but some a repeats. Some stores have multiple 'deal' panels but they're all of the same sale?

  • +4

    Whos good at website scraping….. Surely the next questions are hidden somewhere there at least we can get a head start if its this stupid

    • +1

      I think someone web scrapped the whole site last year, found out the questions and exactly when they went live lol

    • Nah, looks like everything is via some js. I found some interesting stuff in it though.

      CreateUserPopupAnswers(\n $input: CreateUserPopupAnswersInput!\n $condition: ModelUserPopupAnswersConditionInput\n ) {\n createUserPopupAnswers(input: $input, condition: $condition) {\n id\n popupId\n username\n firstName\n lastName\n email\n mobile\n addressline1\n addressline2\n suburb\n state\n postcode\n product\n question\n answer\n answeredAt\n }\n }\n"}


      ,popupQuestion:l.question,popupTime:l.finish,handleSubmit:this.handleSubmit,answerSubmitted:s,mobile:Object(H.awsToPhone)(p)})),u&&d&&c.createElement(mn.a,{centered:!0,visible:u&&d&&!t&&n,className:"cfa-popup__modal cfa-popup__modal—".concat(a," cfa-popup__modal—noAddress"),okText:"Edit Profile Now",onOk:this.handleNoAddressOk,onCancel:this.handleNoAddressCancel,okButtonProps:{size:"large"},cancelButtonProps:{size:"large"}},c.createElement("h1",null,c.createElement(H.DictionaryValue,{token:"popup.noaddress.title"})),c.createElement("p",null,c.createElement(H.DictionaryValue,{token:"popup.noaddress.content"}))))}}]),t}(c.Component),Object(G.a)

      • +1

        Im impressed; but thats all gibberish to me :P

  • Here's a novel question: I had multiple tabs open, all of which had the popup appear. I submitted the wrong answer, immediately realised my mistake and thought it was all over. BUT I had two other tabs with the popup still available, so I submitted a second, different answer on those. The question is, did I just beat the system or am I screwed?

    • probably screwed if they somehow saw multiple entries from the same user?

      • you overestimate how much they care

    • This new popup system seems super buggy. Last night I didn't get any popups for the first 2 items. Then with the final one I got the popup - closed it so that I could check the brand pages, and then couldn't access the popup again (the old notification icon means nothing). It seems each year they change something that makes it less stable.

  • +2

    Last Click Frenzy I received a gift card for flights I believe it was. Came in the mail about 2 weeks later and expired within less then 2 week… essentially got ripped off… wonder if they are doing gift cards again this time round.

    • I got that one too, $100 travel online voucher.
      I was able to use it towards a 1 night stay at Crown for a wedding we had coming up.
      Turned up at Crown on the day and they had booked us in for 4 nights (and it was all paid for!)
      Had our 4 night staycation and never heard a thing from them, except to ask for a review :D :D :D

  • +9

    I think I figured it out, click search type # and then click on the brand dropdown, it lists all brands with a number next to it

    • -1

      Best way to do it is to use “find on this page” and type in “go to deal” for each store.

      • +2

        w153m4n's method > your method > my method
        I opened all the brands in separate tabs and then looked for the one with the shortest vertical scroll bar :(

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