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Ring Video Doorbell Gen 1 $99 (RRP $149) Delivered @ Amazon


ring wi-fi enabled video doorbell in satin nickel (previous gen) - works with alexa

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    Been waiting for the Pro to come out is this thing worth it? Is it hardwired?


    Yes they all do I think but prefer a one is hardwired so don't want to mess around with batteries. Also want to know what it's like video picture and does it drop out?

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      I have the gen 2, so only commenting on that one…

      the video quality is good for a doorbell or basic security camera, but it won't win an award for quality.
      I have a bit of an issue with wifi coverage to the front of my house but the doorbell works 99.9% of the time, even as an intercom when someone rings the bell.

      As for having a subscription, that's only for storage. You can still use it as a video doorbell without the subscription. Keep in mind the subscription for the year is $40 or something, so it's not much.

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    My personal experience with this is less than satisfactory.

    As a physical doorbell, its not that loud so I have missed a few people pressing the button.

    It often disconnects from my home wifi and hence doesnt alert me when someone rings. I know its not my home wifi as lots of other devices have no problems connecting like xiaomi cameras, aircon phones, computers etc… But this device would drop out on average once a week and wont connect again till i go into the app and reconnect it.

    Its overly sensitive. I thought it was normal till i bought another brand. Yes you can adjust it but its still too sensitive.

    You can hard wire it, but it works fine with battery. says it lasts a few months but at my home it lasts about 1 month - 1.5 months. Before it runs out you get an email alert so that is good.

    overall the idea is great but its just not reliable enough for me to trust it as a primary door bell. Ive been buying lots of online things and delivery drivers have often buzzed and it didnt alert me.

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      What's the other brand that you got and how does it compare to Ring?

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      Your wifi router isn't good/close enough

      Never had any of those problems once I moved my router

      My battery typically lasted 3 months, if you are having too many recording events, then it won't last as long.

      You can buy a chime, that you plug in inside your house if you can't hear the doorbell itself. I never had this problem because it was loud enough for me and my phone also rang.


      have you set it to the new 'person detection' mode instead of just motion detection? i found that solved all my problems with it being overly sensitive.


    Mine USED to be good - lased a few months and then out of no where it only lasts 2 weeks or so.
    Nothing changed with it.

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    Any thoughts on how this compares to the Orion that's available from Bunnings?



    Yeah to add to some of the comments - I have one of these - for $99 bucks I think its worth it (but also keep in mind for this to actually be useful you need a Ring subscription which is an extra $40 a year) - but it has it's issues.

    I've had intermittent wifi issues - wouldn't work at all with my original router (which to be fair was a fairly rubbish Optus 4G wifi router) - then did work with the new router I got - but after a power cut decided it just wouldn't connect back to that router - needed a hard reset.

    When it works - it's great though - you really need the optional Ring Chime unless you're the sort of person who has your phone literally on your body at all times because it only rings your phone otherwise. I've had it around 6 months and charged the battery twice - pretty reasonable. Video quality is good - it now detects people instead of motion which works really well so I get way less unnecessary motion detection alerts. If you're happy to spend the money on the subscription, don't mind fiddling to get it working, and are okay with also buying the chime or having your phone on you at every moment then it's a good purchase.


    I have this, I'd say its good but not great.
    As others have said wifi connectivity issues occur sometimes, even with a chime which includes wifi extender, this is partly due to where I have it installed, we keep the gate to our front yard locked, so its about 5m away from the front door, and then the chime is in the hallway so about 10m from the device with a wall in between.

    Also need to pay subscription fees for storage to play back missed alerts. Battery life is roughly 6-8 weeks.

    It doesn't annoy me to the point where I'm going to buy a replacement, but if it ever breaks or gets stolen I would try a different brand next time.

    I also have the ring spotlight camera which is mounted to an outside wall of the house, no wifi issues there works great. But you have to pay a separate subscription fee for each device.


    Anyone know of a way for me to have an alert on my Android TV when a person walks in the front drive way? Don’t really need a door bell if I can get this to work.

    Prefer a local storage solution as I find cloud solution slow in getting alerts. Unless there is a camera that does this processing locally instead of in the cloud.


    Have doorbell 2 and chime. it’s no use without an ongoing subscription and often times has delays and not reliable.

    Reliability is not due to wifi issues as I have ap nearby, but rather delays in motion detection notifications on phone. It’s like gmail spam filter. (catches most but at times u’d notice important direct emails in there)

    Without subscription it’s only live video and audio and I find the audio is really bad. So much background wind noise and even echoes.


    Have doorbell 1 and chime pro (bought it was my door bell will be outdoor and bit of distance)
    Chime pro seems useless and doorbell is 90% of times not reliable and slow (e.g. after someone presses the bell, chime pro ring about 5-6 seconds later)

    Doesn't work with google assistant.

    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone..

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    I would personally not touch Ring - they have an active business practice of having shady deals with police/government and not being transparent with their users about this. So you would need to assume that you are literally installing a police surveillance device in your own home if you use their products:



    No idea why anyone would buy these netgear and amazon doorbells that need subscription payments.

    Get this: https://www.eufylife.com/products/variant/video-doorbell/T82...

    2k video, no subscription needed to save videos.


      Keen to hear your personal experience with the recommendation. I'm looking for a camera and you seem to have used this. What are your thoughts on it? Did you purchase it in Australia?


        I haven't purchased yet but researching.

        Tossing between eufy wired/battery vs soon to be released netatmo doorbell. Both brands don't need stupid subscriptions.


      Local storage only. It can be tampered with, broken or stolen and you’ll have no record of it.


        Exactly, how dumb to store it locally on the doorbell itself!?


          The battery version stores locally to the chime device inside the house. I much prefer local storage so that guarantees that all of my footage will be distributed only to me.

          They offer cloud storage for a good price if you really want to store your files on their servers.

          The Netatmo video doorbell will also allow local storage or storing direct to your FTP/dropbox server.


            @masster: I see your point, and it is very valid if it is 1980's. With everything on the cloud nowadays, pros usually outweigh the cons for an outdoor device


              @randomdude14: you can store these on the cloud too, the pro is it's another subscription monthly fee you can avoid if you just do it manually or locally.

              If you want free cloud storage then get the Skybell HD.


            @masster: Can you actually buy Netatmo stuff anywhere in Australia? I looked into them instead of Arlo but they seem to have sweet f.a. presence here and I couldn't even figure out how to buy their stuff. Not a great sign for future support or warranty issues.


        IF you want free 'cloud' storage then get Skybell HD.

        Netatmo will offer free automatic cloud storage into your own personal server or dropbox which is even better than putting it on someone else's servers

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      Those are very nice, but prices are in USD, so it's actually a fair bit more expensive to begin with.


        If you are planning on paying for subscriptions, this is much more cost effective.


          After 5+ years you'll be ahead buying eufy at $300+ aud VS this for $99… That's a fairly long time for a doorbell.

          I get your point though but it's not exactly a slam dunk, it wouldn't be out of the question for a device like this to die within 5 years really.


            @brad1601: This is a discontinued model.

            The hardwired ring video doorrbell pro is more expensive than the EUFY.


              @masster: Na it's not discontinued, it still always for sale for $149, it's just the basic model.

              I was comparing battery powered to battery powered as in my experience not a lot of people have door bell wiring in their house.


                @brad1601: More suitable to compare the EUFY models to higher end amazon models as the specs are EUFY are quite superior (e.g. double the pixel count vs amazon's 1080p).

                At the higher end, the prices are comparable if not cheaper.


      I'm looking at options for a front gate video intercom/doorbell which I can hardwire, but very few of them have a door opener (electric strike function) unless you get into near $600+ territory. Sigh.


    Purchased. If garbage easy return with Amazon.


      You need to buy subscription to use it properly. Once you paid for it / in the ecosystem it’s hard to return/jump out.

      What’s more annoying, if you buy a second Ring product you have to buy subscription for that separately.

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    My Experience: Purchased from Bunnings for $99 during last sale, hardwired with a 16VAC transformer from Jaycar and Speaker wire : https://www.jaycar.com.au/16vac-1-25a-unregulated-power-supp...

    Connected to Door Bell via Speaker Wire: https://www.amazon.com.au/Heath-Zenith-SL-2796-02-Basic-Wire... (love the sound this chime makes as it strikes two bell's creating an authentic ring).

    Connected to Home Assistant and works great (with subscription). Keep in mind you are bound to Amazon's/Ring's cloud and thus you need constant internet connection for any useful features of this Doorbell. It has no local solution and if Ring decide to drop support for this doorbell, it will be pretty useless especially if you don't hardwire it, in which case it's just a brick. Also lots of security concerns so I now have it on a dedicated VLAN.

    Would I recommend it? yes. But only if you understand the cost of subscription, the lack of local support and the fact this product requires a cloud solution which may not be supported in 'x' number of years.


    I've Ring 2 and Ring two Stick Up wireless with a Ring Chime without subscription (linked to Amazon Echos - viewable). The complains I have are battery life and lag time, but otherwise they are great for not missing out any deliveries or motion detections (albeit the lag).

    Buy them ONLY during promos - Keep them outdoors and enable two-step verification on your account.

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    Cancelled. Just more tech to annoy me. Delivery drivers never even come close to the door anymore. :-)


    Rather get EUFY doorcam

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    Another monthly subscription for a doorbell?? :D

    Nah thanks, I would rather not answer the door!