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365-Day Pre-Paid Phone Plan (Unlimited Call & Text, 84GB Data) $150 @ Woolworths Mobile (Online, Stacks with 10% off Groceries)


365-Day Pre-Paid Phone Plan (Unlimited Call & Text, 84GB Data) $150 @ Woolworths Mobile (Online Only, Stacks with 10% off Groceries)

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The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • Does coming from boost mess with the porting?

    • -2

      Most likely as woolworth mobile uses Telstra network same as Boost….

    • +2

      I did before and it took 10-15min to transfer.
      Not like OPTUS to optas.

    • Should be the same as any other port.

    • why you wanna go to woolies boost is much cheaper

      • it's the same price?

        • Well the retail is same but you can get boost for cheaper by buying through some stores that would sell this for 130 or 135 mark.
          i bought mine last year from tovmobile they were giving it for 130, seems like they took their "Make your offer" tab down

          Either way upto you, I would pick boost if i was to choose one (telstra +international calls is better).

          PLus much better to have full access to your data all the year than to be capped at some amount on month and not being able to use unused data from previous months

          Plus integration with google home mini (telstra network exclusive)

          • @USER DC: Hi, Just wanted to clarify…You wrote: "PLus much better to have full access to your data all the year than to be capped at some amount on month"

            Maybe I've got this wrong, but are you referring to the Woolies plan? The Woolies web site says: "84GB …(data provisioned upfront)"

            So, isn't the full 84GB available to use as you please, from Day 1, over the year, rather than released in monthly blocks?

            Re: Boost being cheaper if bought through other retailers:
            As others have commented, this Woolies plan is practically FREE for many people because of the 10% discount off Woolies shopping (once per month)—it can more than pay for itself because of the 10% discount for people who spend a lot at Woolies. Or am I missing something?

  • +26

    i'd still stick with boost for full telstra and sacrifice the extra 4gb.

    • +20

      Also boost include some international calls

    • Not really relevant but I don’t know how they meter the data usage. Last year was on Catch connect and 20gb ran out in 2 months. This year from March till now on Boost and 118/120gb left! Same usage situation and same phone (Pixel 4 unrooted). Not really stream a lot so not sure how I used 10gb in one month with Catch.

      • Were you home/on WiFi a lot more with Boost? Since March onwards is pretty much peak COVID period.

    • you get a 10% woolies coupon monthly. can easily pay for the phone plan and some. that alone makes this the best deal out there if it suits your usage needs and you shop at woolies.

    • Me too, i get free calling from my google home mini now too, using boost (aka telstra network exclusive)
      Boost is just better.
      I hardly use data

      Still have 60.6 GB data until Dec 18 (so only used like 4 Gb a month or something, on 150$ plan, 80 Gb)

  • +4

    So with the "mini" option, at $10/30 days I get 10% off groceries for one order per month? Given my orders are often in the realm of $300 it seems pretty good to me! I wouldn't even use the sim…

    • I'm also thinking the same thing. Use the referral code too if possible.

    • +1

      Since COVID-19 they have actually improved how the 10% off works. Before it was just the first shop you scanned in the first first weekend of the month. Now it asks when you go to store, so if you're picking up a single thing of milk outside your regular shop you dont waste it. They have also extended the shopping window, don't know if it will continue though.

  • hmm can't link the rewards card, won't load… anyone know if you can link the rewards card later?
    edit: nvm just took a few refreshes haha

    • +1

      If anyone else is reading this, yes you can link your rewards card later as the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago

  • +5

    Thanks OP. Pretty good deal if you don’t do international calls, especially after $20 referral bonus, wish egift card 5% off and monthly Woolies 10% off!

    • +5
      • +1

        I just get a blank page when I go to that link.
        At least it made me look around and they have 365 days with 120gig for 150, which seems good.

        • Hmm i think its only for 180 days not 365 days

          • @USER DC: https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/prepaid/sim-card/180-sim?SID...
            Make sure your adBlock is off if you get a blank page (what happened to me).
            120GB for 365 days.
            SIM now $150. (Usually $180)
            Includes 60GB bonus data.
            50gig Rollover
            Available until 21/06/2020 on Optus Prepaid Epic Value

            And at the moment you can get a free sim sent to you for free.

      • Yep, I just ported my son's number from Kogan to this plan, only took less than 10 mins to cut acoss, he doesn't care about international calls but rather need more data, so 120gb is better deal for him, and bonus data will roll in immediately right after it connected.

    • What's the wish egift card? 5% off with cashrewards to buy this?

      • +3

        I don't think you can pay with egift card. Well it didn't let me choose another payment option for me anyway.

        • +2

          ohhh I think I get it. Get 10% off on a monthly shop then pay with the CR 5% off. So effectively 15% off on one shop.

  • Does anyone know the expiry date of the sim? (when it has to be activated)

    • +1

      Will find out soon as I ordered one yesterday.

    • Woolworths SIMs don’t have an expiry.

    • +1

      Expiry date: 15/04/2022

      • thank you!

      • I'm currently tied to my provider (Moose) until mid October. If I buy this Woolworth's plan now, can I wait 3.5 months, until Oct, to activate the plan? (If the expiry is 15/04/2022, that would seem to be the case.)

        I just don't know if this price ($150) is a real time-limited "special offer" (as shown on the Woolies web site) or if they offer it all year long/all the time? If the offer may not last, I should buy now and activate it months later, rather than wait to buy. Any suggestion?


        • Just wait if I were you. It seems like $150 price is here to stay. Boost offers the same price with occasional discount at Coles. Just allow about 1 weeks if ordering the Woolworths sim or boost online.

  • +1

    Could anyone recommend other 365 day pre-paid plans? Would prefer data at least 150GB.

    • There is a optus 365 day plan for $150, comes with 120g plus Officeworks will price beat by 5%.

      • +3

        The bonus data is Online Only. If you get it from OW it is only 60gb data

    • Boost. $150, 80GB, some international calls. Full Telstra retail network.

    • If you’re looking for fast 4g speed, boost has 240gb plan. Or you can buy 6mths plans. Once you try Telstra, never want to go back to Voda or Optus

  • +1

    Can anyone please explain, how to use the referral code ?

  • Go with Boost instead for the same money

    • Thanks for the comment mate .. which boost plan are you referring to?

    • +2

      Don't underestimate the value of the 10% Woolies shopping discount if you are shopping for a family especially. They do have a clause in there whereby you can only start getting the discount after 60 days or something though, so count out the first month or two.

      • +3

        I actually just signed my tablet up to a $10 prepaid woolies plan just to get the 10% shopping discount. I don't need phone sim on it, but the 10% discount is worth more than the $10 a month so it is a no brainer.

        • I think they may offer a similar discount if you have insurance or credit card with Woolies. Not sure if they are still doing that or not.

  • "This offer is limited to one transaction per customer & up to a value of eligible purchases of $500 in a single transaction (& therefore obtains the maximum saving of $50)."

    So it's a one 10% off shop per month. Not useful if you don't buy a lot at a single time.

    • And is it only on weekends?

    • But very useful if you do your grocery shop at Woolies already. They have changed the terms recently so that the 10% offer is available for a longer period due to Covid (they didnt want everyone coming to the stores at the same time). This month I think it runs from 9th until the end of the month and you can choose which transaction you want to use it on (pro tip, if you are buying a mars bar and they ask if you would like the 10% discount, save it for another shop instead as you can only use it once a month).

  • Does the discount apply to gift cards?

    • 5% max. That's what I got for buying eBay gift card.

  • +1

    Even for the mini plan is better than others.

  • i am not a brainer on this, I hope someone can enlighten me. if I want to buy this $150/365days can I use my current phone number? i am with Optus at the moment. if you can, how you going to do it? thanks in advance guys and sorry for my not too good knowledge on this.

    • Yes. Just Port it in during sign up process

      • ok, thank you. just bought the $150/365days. have to wait 5 days for delivery. much cheaper than my current plan, $39/10Gig/month on Optus.

  • Anyone know where I put the referral code? Went to buy and got through to the payment screen but haven't seen a spot for a referral code. I tried to put it in the promo code box but it didn't seem to do anything.

      • So mini plan ($10p.m) also can get referral rewards?

        • Need a $20 prepaid plan according to the terms

          (b) Pre-paid Customers: Customers who have activated their service with Woolworths Mobile and kept their service active for the last 3 months (or over) and have recharged on $20 or more Pre-paid recharges for at least 3 times in last 3 months from the date of activation.

  • Does anyone know what this referring to?
    Video calls within Australia (available only if you purchase the PAYG International and Other Add-on)
    $0.43 + $1.07/min

    • I didnt know this was still a thing, video calling used to be something that early smart phones were able to do before facetime/skype/duo video calling etc, like a metered phone call but with video. Seems Telstra still offer it so I expect this is what Woolies is referring to. https://www.telstra.com.au/platinum-technical-support/articl...

    • Video calls via MMS?

  • Can't use Special 10 promo code with this?

  • Can't use the MAY10 code either

  • -1

    Optus have beaten this offer:

  • hey guys, I am still waiting for the sim card. I have a question, when I get the sim card and i get ported from Optus to Telstra, do I need to call Optus to cancel my plan with them?

    • No. The new telco will take care of it.

  • A quick questions, with the 10% off. Is that something you get everymonth? So if you spend over $150-200 in one shop every month, this plan is pretty much free??!!! Sounds also too good, what am I missing?

    • Yeah that's right. At the moment it's 10% on one shop for the month as they give you a special code so you can pick the shop.

      You can get $10 phone bill per a month and 10% off one shop a month is a bargain.

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