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Zzz Atelier Black Label Mattress Queen $254.15 Free Delivery @ Zzz Atelier eBay


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Not the cheapest it’s been - but for it's price, worth a try.

Free delivery mostly, some exceptions apply

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  • That seems cheap

  • $240something for the "assured firm" too.

    Anyone have the Assured Firm one?. Review?

  • Ive had this mattress for about 6 months now. Im no connoisseur but Ive had spinal surgery and this mattress is great. I paid $290 delivered I think from a previous deal. Considering that many people on here think $250 for a pair of Adidas sneakers is a reasonable price id definitely call this a bargain.

  • You get what you pay for. I have had one for 3 years and now there is a lot of sagging.

    • I had a $2.5k mattress for 8 years and there was a lot of sagging. I've had one of these for 8 months and it's still fine, definitely way better than my expensive mattress was the last couple of years of its life.

      Ultimately all mattresses do not last. It's much cheaper to replace one of these every 3 years than to buy a good one and hope it'll last 10+.

      • The difference is you would have a 10 year warranty.
        If its sagging and it was bought from a major store/brand you can have it repaired for free.

        A lot of people do not realise they have a no sag warranty for 10 years in almost every case

        work in industry

        • work in industry

          ^ He does!
          And I can vouch, he's a dead set legend helping people :)

          Use those warranties people!

      • Can I ask what you weigh? Just seeing if it's ok for people around 100kg

        • I'm about 100kg (used to be 90-95kg, thanks pandemic), perfectly fine. Took a little adjustment because it's quite a bit firmer than my old mattress but now I'm loving it.

          • @freefall101: Thanks mate. About my weight too, was 95 now 100!

    • -1

      You get what you pay for

      People still say these things? Lol

      • -1

        I’m trying to help with my feedback. No need to be defensive or sarcastic. At least people can then decide whether to buy or not

        • -1

          You literally pay what they charge you.
          For the same thing one company can charge double. You should be smarter than saying cliche things from 100 years ago.

          I’m also trying to help you with my feedback.

          • @nikoris: It does still hold true, but the more important question these days, is "Does what you pay for matter?"

            In this case, say you buy a Sealey you're getting an easy to apply long warranty, aussie made, and "supporting local".
            However for a lot of people, those 3 things don't matter.
            In which case, you STILL got what you paid for, but it was valueless to you.

            There's been a wierd shift in the world of products where they try and provide EVERYTHING.
            Perhaps it's because the internet provides too much info to buyers too quickly, and we all compare nowadays? who knows, but it's a common trend to offer everything, even at a higher price point, because it looks good on paper\google.

            In this instance, if all you need is a mattress, and you don't intend to try and claim the warranty, or care about aussie made, then you still "Get what you pay for", and it IS a lot less, but it's of no loss to you at all!

            • @MasterScythe:

              It does still hold true, but the more important question these days, is "Does what you pay for matter?"

              Also another factor.

              A warehouse will sell cheaper because it doesn’t have the same expenses with a store that has a showroom.
              Someone who sells 1000 mattresses a week can sell cheaper than someone that sells 100 mattresses a week.

              I mean, common sense.

  • I have a number of these mattresses and highly recommend them.

    Guests who sleep over always comment what a good nights sleep they have had.

    • +2

      I wonder if anyone would say anything bad, unless you put the bedsheet on floor.

      • +1

        Id hope so!
        Dishonest friends are the worst…

  • There's another item listed. whats the difference between QUEEN Mattress *7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress Latex
    Retail is $349

    • I wondered the same when I went to purchase on the weekend, it's the same mattress but single item listing is a little more expensive due to advertising costs etc.

  • I had a $2000 mattress, it sagged after a few years. I have had my zzz atelier for abbout 1.5 yrs and no sag. the kids have these beds, ill never buy another bed from a B&M

    • What do you weigh (and your wife) I'm just wonder g if these are good for light weight people.
      Im nearly 100kg, wife is around 70kg.

  • Amazing mattress.. Highly recommend.

  • Got this mattress a few weeks ago and am yet to be sold on it.

    Coming from a plush mattress it's obviously abit firmer than what used to. Originally I liked it but last few days been waking up with sore back. Wife doesn't like it but we gonna persist for the month to give it a chance. Don't think will keep it though.

    In saying that, mattress appears to be well made and I can see why it's popular.

    • Us too, though somewhat improved by getting a bamboo topper. I don't weigh enough to crush it into a comfy shape. Topper was about $100 bucks delivered.

  • +1

    I got the queen size of this one since a year now had issues with back since using this no issues so far pretty firm

  • Is there any side support on these at all? TIA

  • Anyone know where I can get this brand double size mattress from anywhere ??

  • Damn, missed it. :(
    Really need to buy a King Single.

    • Message them and ask when they're getting more :) They informed me straight away when they restocked. Delivered free within two days for VIC as well.

      • +1

        Yay, they are back in stock now, Ordered!:)

  • Back In stock

  • OOS

  • Thanks for posting.

    Purchased one for my 15 month old son as he refuses to sleep in a cot. So a mattress on the floor he's now advanced to. Was going to buy a ecosa but maybe when he's a bit older. Doubt we will experience sagging as he's not heavy.

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