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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 Ghz 12-Core AM4 Processor with Wraith Prism Cooler $703.12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Mad price for this! Absolutely awesome.

Can get a further $10 off if you are targeted N/A on Amazon US

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I purchased a 3700X a week ago from Amazon US for $480, is it worth returning it and purchasing this to pair with an Nvidia 2080 super? (looking to futureproof)

    • Depends what you do. I have a 3900X paired with a 2080 and it's great.

      If its purely just for futureproofing I probably wouldn't. AMD announced today that 4000 CPUs will be compatible wth B450 and X470 boards, so if you have one of them you now have an upgrade path in the future.

      • Really? That's great news re. B450 compatibility. Any reputable link where I can read up on it?

      • I have the MSI MEG X570 ACE Motherboard, do you think it's worth upgrading to it considering its an X570?

        • I'd keep the money towards a 4700X upgrade in the future.

        • If you're not sure I wouldn't, and then potentially upgrade to a 4000 series in the future if you need a better CPU. 3700X is great for gaming and editing still. Only reason I'd upgrade at the moment is if you're doing a significant amount of editing, but even then it would have to be a lot.

          I previously had a 2700X and I could edit 30min videos pretty good on it. Could also game at 200fps (on Fortnite) while also screen recording or streaming.

        • unless you are having performance issues now, definitely not worth it. We are 2 -3 months out from Zen 3. Future proofing is one of those myths in the computing world and is just a way to justify paying too much right now rather than waiting for when you need it, it is rarely a good investment. Lots of people will be feeling a little burned now that went out and paid extra for 500 series motherboards they didn't really need or want just because it was "future proofing" for Zen 3.

      • Wow thanks. News earlier was no support. I will hold out longer also. Got a 2080 super and Ryzen 2600 is bottlenecking my card ..

      • To clarify, they announced it will be making the code available to vendors for them to be compatible - however, it's not being mandated as a requirement, so it will ultimately be up to board manufacturers to offer support for each specific board. There are no specific guarantees as to the timelines on when updates would be released by each manufacturer, either, so some may be ready at launch, and others may come months down the road (with some never getting it).

        That is to say, it's likely to be a compatibility minefield to a greater degree than Ryzen 3000 back compat was.

    • +34 votes

      Future proofing is a fools game

    • +6 votes

      3700x is great and should be good for a while.

      Don't think you need to upgrade to future proof.

      Reasons to get 3900x
      1)You like having nice tech
      2)Processor heavy work (video editing, etc.)

      I doubt most people will notice a difference going from 3600x to 3950x TBH.

    • What are you using it for?

      I'd probably save the money and sell the 2080 and upgrade to 3000 nvidia cards when they are released

    • if its just for gaming then no. no significant difference

    • 3700x is an absolute beast though. You don't need a 3900 if you have the 3700x, you won't notice the difference.

      3700x will last you for years too

  • I saw this on Amazon US, but it said it doesnt ship to Australia. So I went to Aus site and saw it was $848. How do you do the whole "Amazon US via Amazon AU" thing? Thank you in advance :)

    • Click on 'Go to deal' on this very page and it takes you where you need to be.

      • I meant in the future, if I find a price for a product on Amazon US that is really good, but doesn't ship to Australia… How would I go about buying it through Amazon Au so that it can ship here?
        *For example, if Amazon US were ever to stock Ryzen 1600 AF for $85USD again, I would jump to get that shipping to Aus for the equiv exchange rate…

        • Doesn't work that way. Amazon decides what is available via its Global Store functionality.

  • 779 is the cheapest for "local" stock

    it's a deal, but I'd be skeptical with this, with it not being in stock for around another week
    and throw in a lengthy shipping time from the US too

    • +4 votes

      and throw in a lengthy shipping time from the US too

      The last thing I ordered from Amazon US with free Prime shipping on the 8th of May arrived on the 19th. 11 days isn't too long.

    • I ordered this exact deal when it was $714 a few days back It also shows more stock on May 27 when I ordered, however it my item shipped yesterday (at least it shows that) and I received a 11 dollar credit (due to new price) today. So it looks like they are shipping as soon as stock comes in.

  • Not a bad price but it's hard to hit the hammer on this given how cheap others have gotten it for precovid

    • What was considered a good price pre-covid? Thanks!

      • 600

        • Did anyone actually get it for $600 though? seems as though there was a debacle with FTC

          • @sbeecs: i got one up from FTC special on January 20th, paid $600

            Also picked up the same day / same order a GTX 1660 Super 6GB for $290

            all arrived less than 4 days latter

        • +3 votes

          FTC had it $600 at the time but everyone else was $700+. I got might for ~710 on eBay in Feb and you could say ~660 as I used discounted gift cards I purchased earlier.

          FTC were doing dodgy stuff and are now out of business. (Sure some people got the deal but I wouldn't call it standard pricing at the time)

        • Most people had the run-around and got a long-winded refund on the $600 'deal' (me included) because it obviously wasn't financially viable for the shonky business selling them.

          It's pretty misleading to say $600 is the cheapest this has ever been when only an extremely small portion of buyers actually had it delivered.

  • I feel like I am in the "HOLD!" scene from bravehart, waiting for new Ryzen and B550 motherboards to build a new PC

    • AMD just announced that B450 will still support Ryzen 3.

      • Which is fine for those that already own a B450 mobo, but given B550 is so close now seems pointless buying "old" tech if you are not in a rush.

        Also the support Ryzen 3 for B450 doesnt appear to be very good, a one off BETA firmware that may or may not come for your particular mobo and unlikely to ever be updated again.

        • The one off beta firmware is exactly the same way AMD did Zen 2 support in 300 series. The reality is they will all pretty much adopt the support as none of them want to be pointed out as the ones that didn't do it. though yes if you can wait I would hold out for the B550 (assuming they will be reasonably priced), if you need right now though I would go 400 series unless you absolutely intend to make use of the PCIE 4. remembering 500 series and AM4 socket is almost certainly end of line, beyond Zen 3 you will need a new motherboard anyway.

  • Will the price of this most likely drop by the end of the year or no?

  • Sentiment: Hold
    Disclosure: Bought

  • Great price for anyone who needs a ryzen 12 core firepower immediately.

    I had my 1600 af on b450 and im happy af so far, more good news here: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15807/amd-to-support-zen-3-an...

    I will wait for zen3 myself.

  • I'm still rocking an i5 7600k.

    Patiently waiting for Zen 3!

    • I'm in the same boat. As much as I want to pull the trigger and upgrade now knowing that Zen 3 is just on the horizon is stopping me from doing so but also testing my patience.

    • May be worth waiting for the next release after if you've held out that long. Given the bigger changes.

    • Rocking my good old i5 6600k here myself.

      Also waiting for Zen 3 and B550!

    • I'm still rocking an i5 2500K!

      Impatiently waiting for Zen 3, but may not last that long.

      • Fellow 2500Ker
        What a beast!

        • I'm embarrassed to admit I actually have an emotional attachment to my 2500K.

          Currently running @4.5 GHz, has been an absolute workhorse for nearly 10 years now :)

          • @miarn: My I7-2600K (4C/8T) has been going strong at 4.4GHz forever! Feeling the love for Core 2. It was the Ryzen of it's day!

      • Currently whirring away in my system too, decided it's worth the wait for Zen 3, might get some deals on Zen 2 or if there's a big enough jump, get straight into Zen 3 baby!

      • I5 760 reporting in.

    • I'm still using an i5 6400 but my next processor purchase will likely be AMD.

  • Do u get free games with this?

    • and some people drive a 1960's VW beetle that will feel plenty fast for them too, relevance? just because you don't use your computer for much doesn't mean others don't. Having said that this is probably overkill for anyone that games as they will see little benefit but it can be hugely beneficial in multi threaded workloads.

    • +4 votes

      Here I am with my Core 2 Quad Q6600 OC'ed to 3.0GHz. Feels plenty fast. Why do people need something like an i5-2500K LOL

    • Here I am cancer-free. Why do people bother with stuff like chemo therapy? LOL

  • Any deals on 1600 AF?


    That's a great CPU, my two huge concerns are, it's in America and how will anyone be able to ship it here, there's restrictions on everything even branded stuff.

    And second one is, rnda 2 right around the corner July I think, price may drop more.

    • That's a great CPU, my two huge concerns are, it's in America and how will anyone be able to ship it here, there's restrictions on everything even branded stuff.

      Any restrictions are just contractual and not legal. If AMD doesn't restrict Amazon from shipping it overseas, they are free to do it. Amazon wouldn't allow you to order it if they weren't able to ship it to you.

      You can order plenty of things from the US. 12TB WD drives, 1TB WD Black M.2 SSDs, 8TB Seagate Barracuda hard drives, Garmin watches, Crucial SSDs, etc.

      • -1 vote

        What about gpu plus the pric is twice, on global and quadruple on aumazon, shoes branded are impossible.

        • -1 vote

          What about gpu plus the pric is twice, on global and quadruple on aumazon

          This GPU wasn't twice the price, it was cheaper than local pricing.

          shoes branded are impossible.

          Someone better tell New Balance, Adidas, Nike, and Asics!

          I said you can order plenty of things, not all the things. :)

          • -1 vote

            @eug: Kids Adidas shoes, ah I mean Adidas shoes ect for you. Have you found anything thing for you, you aren't a kid right.

            Examples listed are attrocious, try searching something like Adidas ax2, easy to buy on Amazon USA store but must be a resident, same applies for computer parts.

  • $59~ a core that's good value second only to the 3600 at per core/$

  • "Support for dual-channel 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM"

    does that mean ram only up to 3200 cant go 3600 etc?

    • Stock is 3200, but should be able to OC to 3600 easy with stock. People generally consider 3600 as the best for 3900x (ofc this depends on a few other things, but generally)

  • Thanks for this op. I bought this for 714 a couple of days earlier, and price dropped. Got a credit from amazon. Cheers.

  • How is the warranty handled with this purchase?

    does the item need to be shipped back to Amazon in US?

    Does AMD even cover warranty if purchased from US?

  • Just fyi, seems like the official pricing on these have dropped in the US to $410 USD. The covid supply issues have seemed to relax a little.

  • 3900XT on the way - prices will drop soon

    • Thought it was a joke but nope!

      The new XT processors have better tuning in terms of their boost algorithms, as well, with a promised 5% to 10% performance improvement over the current X models.
      The sources contend that these 3900XT, 3800XT and 3600XT versions are coming soon, and will be revealed on June 16 – not long away now – with the chips expected to go on sale July 7.

      This is bloody good news!

  • A new Amazon seller with a long and strange Chinese name is selling them for $650.


  • Only $699.64 now