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Google Pixel 4XL 64GB $1,278.72 (+ Chosen Plan Fees) When Bundled with a New SIM Only Mobile Plan @ Optus


Save $249.84 off RRP $1,278.72
$42.87 per month over 24 months or $28.58 over 36 months
Interest free device payments if you remain on any month-to-month SIM plan for 24 months. Min. cost $1,278.72 plus your chosen plan fees.

Optus is having a deal on the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4XL (deals on the Pixel 4 are 50% off for the 64gb model, and $249.84 off RRP for the 128gb model)

The discounts for the Pixel 4XL only applies to the 24 and 36 month device repayment plans.

Not the best deal (unlike the previous Vodafone deal and the current JB-HiFi deal for $1149) but worth a look if you're considering a Pixel 4. The Pixel 5 is supposed to only have a Snapdragon 765 so the Pixel 4 will be faster in terms of processor speed.

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  • "The Pixel 5 is supposed to only have a Snapdragon 765 so the Pixel 4 will be faster in terms of processor speed."
    I wouldn't read anything into this at all - rumours based on 1 or 2 lines of code referring to the project name
    And if it does, the rumoured prices completely make up for it.

  • Not new, it's been like 1 month at least.

  • After speaking to an online rep they aren't willing to let you add this on to an existing sim only plan which is pretty shitty, their current plans are worse than what they were when I signed up a couple of years ago.

  • what is the deal exactly?

    • You're essentially buying the phone for $1,278.72 from Optus but with the flexibility of being able to pay off the phone, by monthly spread over 2 or 3 years. The catch is that you'll need to be on an Optus SIM plan for at least the first month.

      If you can buy outright, you can get it for cheaper, as seen on JB HIFI and Hardly Normal. See comments below.

  • This seems pretty expensive for what is an aging device

  • Minimum cost is $1317 for the 64gb XL over 24 months? (or $1,278 for the phone + a required plan)

    As disgusting as the little back sliding cretin is, Gerry "GST whingebag" Harvey has them for $999 and if you wanted to pay it off over time, he has that interest free shit that he shills as well.

    Added to Optus deal is that you have to take out a plan on their network.. Um… NO THANKS! I would sooner use a tin can and some string, as that would be more reliable than the Optus network.

  • This is crazy expensive for a nearly year old phone with only 64gb storage and new version looming that may actually be cheaper. Also the new one may not have the processing power, but what are you going to be processing? One huge benefit of having the 7 series is we should see a huge gain in battery life.

    • If I could give this post two + I would. Loved the "Gerry "GST whingebag" Harvey" comment.

  • JB and HN has this for 999$ right now.

    • Don't forget the $700 for the $65 Harvey/Optus plan.
      299+(65*24)-700= 1159 over 24 months (48.30 per month).

      SERIOUSLY I don't know what Optus marketing people is eating. You can get the same deal in Harvey Norman. Works same price per month but 20G more data and the phone is effectively free!!

  • See when I say Optus has lost the plot. Vodafone was smart to dump all their pixel 4 back in April.

  • Poor price. Wait for Pixel 4a or 5 series.

  • I had just moved over to their month by month plan and they gave me 15% discount. So about $38.25 per month and they gave a discount and cheaper option for my wife. So we share 80gb data and free international calls. Was still going to switch later to another provider. Just got them to add pixel 4 for $524 over 24 months. Can still ditch Optus at anytime and just pay balance. Happy with pixel 4 for $524 and interest free. Had to really complain and ask for customer service manager name and details for them to add to existing plan.

    • Mind me asking what are your plans details? I couldn't work out what plan you are on but they sound interesting.

      While I can see your benefit of this setup being very flexible, just want to point out to others that you can score and Iphone 11 128G with double the amount of data, plus a free wireless headphone. Of course the catch is you will be lock into a 24 months contract.

  • This deal makes me wince with pain.

  • So they offered me $49 med plan for $41.65 and $39 small plan $33.15. Total is 70gb not 80gb. But, not sure if there is bonus data as my latest info says I have 100gb share. Free international calls on one phone and apple music and Optus sport (not much use at moment). Still think pixel 4 was good value at $525. Will probably go somewhere else in a month or so. Need to find cheap plan with good international plan. Sorry didn't quite have the details right in my first post. Should have checked my account. Still cheaper than the 2x$40 my plans had reverted to.

    • Had to really complain and ask for customer service manager name and details for them to add to existing plan.

      I would though you will have a harder time getting the plan discount as 525 is the currently Optus special on Pixel 4 64G. Sad to say that they are only doing that now when Vodafone was doing that back in Feb. Its also shocking to see Optus charge almost double when you upsize to either a 128G or 64G XL when Vodafone's discount was applied to across the whole Pixel 4 series.

      The Optus International coverage is quite good though. Good luck in your hunt for better plans. You most likely end up with Lebara or Amaysim.

  • Lollllllll

  • Sounds like a dud deal to me. Can find it cheaper at JB and HN…

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