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Free Delivery from The Foodary Caltex Star Mart @ Uber Eats


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Limited to the first 50000 users who apply the promo code

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  • Can confirm can only be used once per account.

  • does anyone buy this overpriced stuff from foodary or couchfood? seems crazy to me

    • Can be handy if it’s the middle of the night, the shops are shut, your pantries empty, but you have your munch on.

      • middle of the night, the shops are shut, your pantries empty, but you have your munch on.

        Good reason to be ripped off. Being someone else's financial desert.

    • It is overpriced for a lot of items but i was surprised, i find some of the hot food better than the equivalent items in cafes which is a really bad sign of those cafes.

      • You must go to some grubby cafes lol.

        • nope, Been to some that are meant to be good ones in lane cove and other epping. Strange, I was really surprised. I am talking sausage rolls and meat pies. Bought some sausage rolls a few times from this bakery and every time i was like..hmm either my taste buds have changed or this is quite ordinary, that same day i was filling up petrol and thought lets try a sausage roll from here when usually i dont and i was surprised.

    • UberEats driver here: yes they do.

      Frequently a couple of bars of chocolate or a soft drink.

    • Day after my birthday, I was house sitting at my uncle's, and felt like death. I needed lemonade but walking 15min to the shops in 35 degree QLD heat, I was more than happy to pay a bit extra to have it at my door.
      Plus when I felt better, I had lemonade for my vodka!

  • Large Coffee $2 Delivered (from a machine of course).

  • Mmmm, servo pies..

  • Geez this is the most ridiculously priced food. An attempt to apply a luxury sounding brand to a servo as an excuse to charge more for food.

    It would be cheaper for you to call a taxi and personally go to your non Foodary servo than to buy Foodary food.

    • If you think that's bad, I remember getting an email from hoyts saying they were doin uber eats for their over priced popcorn and snacks which I thought was either the height of uselessnessnor indulgence.

  • How is the coffee delivered, is it just given to the uber driver with no protection so they can have a sip if they want, or do they put it in a brown paper bag like Maccas?

  • Literally ordered two items with this coupon and 0 of the items were correct. How do they fail at picking items from a shelf? Two items?

  • Weird, my local Caltex is permanently free delivery with no minimum. I order an AM and a PM $2 coffee from them every day.

  • I was just thinking I wanted a $6 pack of pods and a $4.50 600ml bottle of lemonade, thanks OP!

  • Can someone order me a coffee for 4:15am tomorrow I'll pay you $4