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NetGear Arlo Ultra VMS5340 Security System (3 Camera) + Google Nest Hub + Arlo Audio Doorbell $1449 + Post / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


the quality is great, with the hub makes it good and also the next to watch ya stream

Bonus Offer!

Purchase the Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Camera System (3 Cameras & Smart Hub) and get a bonus Google Nest Hub & an Arlo Audio Doorbell! all items must be in the same cart transaction to receive bonus offer, Delivery fees apply. Offer valid until May 27 2020. Add the Google Nest Hub, Here. add the Arlo Audio Doorbell, Here.

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  • Just a quick search $1179 @ device deal for the 4K system, maybe try price matching so those freebies are actually free

  • Better off buying separate and not from JB

    Get the Arlo here, then pay the $129 each for the hub and door bell. Save ~$250


  • Hmm, wouldn't let me post Amazon link

    Better of getting Arlo 3 with 3 cameras from amazon for ~$950 then buying the google nest and door bell separately, save at least ~$250

  • There's been a lot of problems with Arlo cameras since the latest firmware update. Before you buy check out the support pages…

    • Interesting, no issues for me. Seems like the general cons of having an updated firmware platform.

    • Yep its concerning that they can neuter their old products via forced FW update. I wouldnt be buying Arlo again.

    • Yes agreed. My 14 month old 1080P Pro 2 cameras are significantly poorer quality now than my old original 720P Arlo cameras. They are so bad that I can barely recognise myself or my wife in the video.

      Just appalling and worse is that in spite of various threads on the Arlo support forums, there has been zero response from Arlo. People who lodge support calls are being told that their home or business wifi must be faulty or overloaded, which is weird because in many/most cases the wifi network is not used - the Arlo cameras communicate directly with the Arlo base station (it's own wifi network unrelated to the building's wifi), and the Arlo base station is then connected to the router with an ethernet cable - no wifi required.

      And yes, we don't get the choice of the upgrades (unlike most other devices) - they get pushed through by Arlo automatically.

      The Arlo system used to be great, but things have REALLY gone downhill since Netgear offloaded Arlo.

  • I rarely buy stuff at JB as I find the prices quite rip-off. Same item online you may find at least 10% cheaper.

  • Errr the link is for the 4K version?

  • I bought the Arlo Baby cam to try out the Arlo ecosystem. Overall it's been something of a letdown. Integration with Google home is hit and miss - number of times I am asking google to show me the baby camera with nothing but the Arlo logo showing up - I have even had the streaming image freeze with no notification which is just terrible for a baby camera!. The App on iPad and Android is okay but I get spammed regularly on app launch suggesting I buy more products, and the interface for cameras is mediocre.

    After doing some reading/reviews, I bought the much cheaper Anker Eufy Cam C2 series security cameras. No issues with Google home displaying the cameras. Overall seems to work and I'm not being spammed. Eufy also has better battery life compared to Arlo, and in daylight hours AI based people recognition seems to work ok without needing to pay for a cloud subscription as you need to do with Arlo. I wouldn't call it foolproof, but so far the experience has been better than my Arlo one.

    • Was literally about to get an Arlo Baby Cam to be able to cast to home hub. Looks like you just saved me a world of frustration. Will just get a Nest Cam and be done with it

    • Is the Eufy cam faster with starting a live feed compared to the Arlo Baby? Waiting for a live feed to start with the Arlo baby is frustrating, especially when you want to look quickly

    • +2 votes

      I've had Arlo Baby for almost a year now and Arlo Pro for around 3. Never been spammed in the App to buy anything. Ever.

      Arlo Baby occasionally does a restart but it's been on 24/7 since July last year with the night light on every night. I find it really good personally.

  • How do they compare the the Ring eco-system?

    I know its 4k vs HD 720p, besides that any actual feedback?

  • Man, this is insane pricing…and not in a good way! I have my entire home covered with 1080p TP link Kasa cameras..which are triggered at night by neutral colour temp LED motion sensor lights so I don’t have to rely on night vision and can see almost as if it were daytime. The lights, cameras and wifi system all have battery backup to cover outages. All of that cost not much more than these 3 camera’s. The images from my cameras are amazing day or night and false alarms are minimal. $1449 for 3 cams? My 8 were less than half of that and are as clear as you’d ever need.

  • Got this on special (without the bonuses) at JB last month for $1039.20. A lot of features and great ecosystem. Using solar panel on one which works great, long, cheap aftermarket cables and mounts from Amazon on others which are fine too. Only annoying thing is they can't connect to any WiFi network only the base, and that has to be connected with ethernet…