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I am looking to buy a brand new SUV for my family. I have short-listed three cars: Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5 and Hyundai Tucson. But I am open to any other suitable vehicles and brands as well.

I have heard from a friend that the car prices have gone down due to current COVID-19 circumstances. My friend also mentioned that one of his client bought a car whose RRP was $32,990 and he negotiated it to $22,450 and bought it. I don't know which brand and model was the car.

Can you help me in understanding whether car companies are actually negotiating this much? Has anyone bought a new car recently and negotiated the price? Any advice will help.

Thank you.


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    Are you buying a car or a discount?

    Have you driven all 3 cars? As all 3 offers pros and cons of the others.

    I can assure you that negotiation on the new RAV4 is fairly minimal (yes, less than 10% off for petrol cars, even less for hybrid).

    There's always a 'friend' with a story. Unless your friend shows you their contract, their advice is pointless


      More likely the friend bought a demonstrator or MY19 model or even a traded 2019 model. You never know the full story.
      Obviously what ever it was, the dealer was very keen to move it.


        Could be anything

        A manufacturer sets the RRP, but then often has sales far lower than that. Kluger, for instance, is on special around $10k less than RRP.

        Could've even been a Holden during the fire sale

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    That discount seems to be excessive to me, but you won't know until you start negotiating with your local dealers.

    BTW, be prepared for your selected options in vehicles to be questioned here.
    And maybe change the post title to remove "Need", and replace it with "Want".

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    I'd think anything that has dropped 30% probably has a build date from 2018 or earlier or is simply a very undesirable car… or both.

    All 3 cars are good. Drive them and pick the one you like. You won't get 30% off, especially as you probably aren't a great negotiater (if you have to ask, etc).


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    All three are comparable however different. Suggest you test drive all 3 and then see which one do you see yourselves driving for a few years to come.

    For the price range, you would want something you really enjoy and not sulk just cause you got a good deal.

    Toyotas generally don't offer huge discounts - even in today's times, I would be very surprised if they dropped their price massively.
    Mazda/Hyundai - you need to be at the right dealer at the right time for them to agree on a decent discount.

    Test drive these cars and make up your mind
    Keep a price point - not a price that you wish but something with relevance (like previous buyers etc) will be good
    Be patient and keep shopping around…atleast 3 to 4 dealers.


    There's no reason for brand new cars to decline that much due to COVID-19, the slight drop in the AUD might even contribute to a rise. Second hand ones in another 6 months on the other hand……


      Yeah, Toyota have been taking up market share from other makes, and we've been flat out since late-April.

      Trust me, dealers aren't worried about their stock any more. They're going into EOFY sales like normal and expecting decent numbers

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    For the cars you are considering, that level of discounting is not realistic. Check Whirlpool, there are separate threads for the cars you have listed and prices people have paid. That should give you an idea of what sort of discount to expect.

    It may also be a good idea to understand different models for the cars you are looking at - prices can vary $10-$15k as you move from base to higher models.


    Thank you everyone. Your help is highly appreciated.

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    Could also get an VW Tiguan. Got the 162kW 2.0 L. Turbo last year pretty good. Got fleet pricing + tiny bit more discount. I think ended up paying 52K for it came with S&V package and side bars.

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    Include X-Trail in your list. Way better than Tucson.

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      iDisagree. But maybe thats just me. I dont even like the Tucson much, ended up going for a Rav4 but I liked it better than the x-trail.
      I personally know somebody who got $6k off their Mazda CX-5 (yes I saw the contract as I was gonna use it to price my own deal with the same dealer). I ended up going for the Rav4 hybrid and wasnt able to negotiate much on that one.

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        New RAV4 Hybrid is certainly better however not like for like vehicle…XTrail STL is like 32k+…u probably paid 45k+ for RAV4..

        I test drove Tucson and it is so much under-powered…even the sales guy sitting next to me quietly changed the mode to sports !


          Didn't go for the cruiser. Just GX hybrid, paid 38k. The Mazda CX-5 was available for 34k back in Feb could prolly get a better price now


          There's some good deals on the X-Trail right now. RAV4 has alot of hype and there are barely any discounts, pretty much selling for RRP.


      Yeah I was considering the Xtrail as well,the neighbour has a 2015 model and loves it. I keep reading horror stories about CVT's though so I'm a bit nervous. But then I also read that other makers were moving to CVT's as well? Have had a RAV 4 previously and loved it but the prices seem a bit high compared to other SUV's ATM. As someone else said reliability and quality?

      So does anyone have any experience with CVT's?

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    What about Subaru forester Op? I liked rav4 but not a fan of hybrid and forester ticks all other boxes for me.


    Thank you everyone.

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