AUGIENB HEPA Air Purifier - AU Stock $83.29 US (~$127.16 AU) + Free Shipping @ Banggood


A cheaper alternative to the popular Xiaomi Air Purifiers from Banggood with both AU stock and AU plug. It features a 3 layer filter (fine preliminary filter, True HEPA filter & activated carbon filter), has a CADR of 200 m3/h, inbuilt PM2.5 sensor with display, button controls on the top and toggable negative ion purification.

Replacement filters will set you back around $27 AU before coupons/cashback.

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    It was $74 USD on Banggood back in early February when I bought this (when bushfire smoke was an issue, not COVID-19). Not sure why it's gone up over 10%. I don't recall it being a special deal back then, but I could be wrong.

    Am satisfied with it so far. A few times the unit "change filter" light came on, but it just seemed silly the filter was relatively clean and I hadn't had it that long. I don't run the filter 24/7, and I spread its use over 3 rooms. When there was smoke in my building (neighbour forgot about what was cooking), the PM2.5 level shot up as expected, and running the filter then reduced it back down over time.

    Although not mentioned on the linked page, there is an ultra-violet light inside for sterilisation and killing germs. Not sure how powerful this is though.


      Was it AU stock back in Feb? I guess a lot of stuff in China is more expensive now thanks to COVID so I've missed the mark on this šŸ˜‹

      Good feedback at least. Sounds like a solid unit.


        Had to have been AU stock. I received it 5 days later after ordering.

        As for the below comment, I guess it would be OK for cooking smell removal. Haven't relied on it for that though. I tend to use windows to help with that, and I don't cook anything too pungent really.


      Thanks for the review, I suspect it's a good cooking smell removal?


    Anyone tried the kmart air purifiers?

    They got small medium and large for ~2,6 and 20 sqm for 49, 99 and 149.

    • +2 votes

      Iā€™d pay a bit more for the xiaomi 2H over the Kmart $149/159, as it has larger coverage, is also a smart purifier that you can control from your phone and run smart programs or integrate with other smart apps. Plus filters will be much easier to source than the Kmart one in the long run.

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