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Mistral 3.5L Air Fryer $49 @ Woolworths


Hot air technology for healthier frying
1500 Watts
3.5 Litre capacity
Detachable non-stick basket with rack
Adjustable temperature control 80-200°C
Power & heating indicator lights
30 minute timer

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  • seems like a good deal.. anyone have any exp with this and/or can compare it with another brand?

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    Purchased this last night and cooked wedges. So far, so good. It is a basic model though, no special functions etc, but good value for the price. Trying pork belly tonight, will let you know how it goes.

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      Cheers! Pls update!

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        Pork belly turned out great, better than our oven attempts (crackle especially). Could be partly due to using the broil method which we don't usually do. Highly recommend it for pork belly though :)

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          I've cooked pork belly twice so far with Airfryer (not this one though) and quite happy with the result.
          Very easy and only take one hour to cook plus 5-10 minutes resting.

    • easy to clean ?

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        Yep, very easy to clean. The non stick surfaces are great.

        • Is the heating element easy to clean?

      • SUPER easy to clean an air fryer

      • It's basically a container that has a non stick coating.

        It's easy to clean but it's a small container.

        So for cooking in large quantities it's a lot of cleaning

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      Too much smoke from the fat.

      • we did a pork roast last night and a fair bit of smoke came out … and didn't really cook it all the way through.

        Will try pork belly next week

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          Unless I'm missing something you can't roast something in a Fryer.

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            @Skinnerr: You did missing something, they called it air fryer but in fact it is a mini fan force oven. A fan blow air through a heat element, the air heated up and cook your food? Sound familiar?

            • @hunterhalo: Difference is you cant control the temperature, only time. Its not so good for anything you want to slow cook to get through to the inside. Great for crunch on the outside.

          • @Skinnerr: yes you can

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          We put water in the bottom and no smoke for us, seems to do the trick.

    • Size OK?

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        We did about 650g of wedges (almost a packet) in one go. I'd say it's good for a family of 2 adults. You'd need around 5-6L+ for a larger family I think, but it does depend on what you're cooking. I'll post the dimensions of the basket later on tonight.

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          If you need a 5,6litre air fryer, i think a bench top fan force oven is much better?

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            @hunterhalo: yes the turbo fan $40 unit is bigger so suits cooking roasts. I cook pork belly, chicken, duck, beef roast, Chinese BBQ Pork, frozen fish, chips, cauliflower bake with white sauce.

            Great for reheating pizza.

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        Dimensions of basket: 20cm diameter, 10cm tall/high.

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      Very keen to hear how the pork belly goes

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        Pork belly was delicious! Crackle really crispy and meat not dry. Definitely cooks it better than our oven does, but we did use the broil method which may have helped. Took 1 hr 5 mins for 700g.

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      Perhaps a stupid question, but the SO and myself have differing opinions so maybe you could shed some light:

      On the rack inside there are 4 removable plastic/rubbery nob things, are these packaging that you're meant to take off, or are they designed to stay on there?

      • I am wondering the same thing too. Seems like its designed to stay in there.. but I don't like the idea of plastic/rubber in high temp environment.

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    Hot air technology for healthier frying

    i've been full of hot air all my life and i don't feel any healthier :/

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      Maybe you need to move outside the Canberra bubble?

  • Is it not the same as using a fan forced oven?

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      Yes. The only advantages are .. portability, ease of cleaning, rotating basket (good for frying chips), more efficient cooking (based on smaller size).

      See my other comment.

    • Cant make fried icecream in the oven

      • Can't make it in the microwave, either :(

        • Thanks for letting us know

          Can u deep fry anything in the microwave?

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    Turbo oven is more versatile and has other design advantages IME.

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      IME? In My E-pinion?

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        Haha, experience.

      • In my experience

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    Saw this yesterday. very few stores seem to have it. Not easily accessible if u use public transport :(

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      Agreed. I always find it hard to find a power point on my bus, and there's practically nowhere to rest your sauce bottle…

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        Actually made me LOL!

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      We had to go to two different Woolies to get ours, but they were expecting more stock in on the 26th of May. I'd suggest ringing around before you head in just in case.

    • Sydney is always sold out of stuff. I just checked my postcode back in Melbourne and there are two stores nearby that show stock (in the suburbs). I live near Macquarie Park in NSW and I can pretty much count out being able to get any high demand bargains I see on this website (unless it's online).

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    This is a normal price however yeah?

    • Yeah from what I can tell it's the normal price. There weren't any special tags on it, still very good price.

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    Tried to buy one at Aldi yesterday but it was all gone by the time I got through the door. First time I witness the Aldi madness.
    This one is larger and more power than the Aldi one for an extra $9.

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    Good to go with your 59c 5kg of potatoes

  • How does this compare to the Kmart ones?

    • Seconded. On paper it's bigger and 20 bucks less than the kmart equivalent.

      • you mean smaller ?

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    everyday price?

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    This is tempting.. but we already have a turbo convection oven. Don't need more stuff.. but $49 is a great price!

    • have both.. both have advantages

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        what are these advantages? I have one like Ghost47 and wondering if I would benefit from this air fryer

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          They are essentially the same .. the convection ovens are good for roast but the oven linked is good for chips because of the tray. It comes down to convenience.

    • are they pretty much the same thing?

      • I'd say pretty much yeah. Air fryers just have a smaller capacity, so logically they'd cook things faster, but the trade off would be the amount of food that you can cook.

        They both work to circulate hot air around food using a fan unlike a convection oven (fan-less).

        • So, the convection oven is less noisy and the smell of food will not escape from the oven? sounds better than the air fryer. though we love ours

          • @aec: Hmm not sure what the difference in noise levels are.. it might actually be a bit louder than an air fryer.

  • What's the return policy with Woolworths if I try it and it's not good?

  • Big enough to roast a chicken?

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      Turbo oven is better suited for that.


      Microwave on med-high or 75-80% (all microwaves have either setting designation), 10 minutes per lb/450g of chicken. Maybe add another 10 minutes to make sure it's cooked through.

      Best way unless you boil and freeze the stock.

      All assuming you don't want your nicely seasoned chicken skin the way of the oven.

      • Cheers. I'll give the microwave method a try. How does it compare to a traditional oven?

        • You lose the combo of crispy/golden skin.

        • +3

          Just don't try to slow-cook a chicken in a microwave.
          I didn't quite get what a microwave was, and put a chicken in for 2 hours.
          The chicken was a pile of ash, and the microwave had started cooking itself.

          I have no idea why I decided to share that.

    • Picked one up today, definitely not big enough for any normal sized chicken. Maybe a quail.

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    If anybody is interested I saw a 6.5L digital fryer in Harris Scarfe today for $99, down from $250 they reckon.

    • Got one, thanks!

      With free delivery too.

      • +1

        And refunded. So that's why the page went missing.


        • Ordered about the same time, mines still on processing.. wonder how long it'll take them to place it on refund

    • Damn - sold out while I was reading reviews on it!

      • +1

        Check with your local if you have one. I saw about a pallet sized stack (20 or so I'm guessing) in Cranbourne today. Says you're in Perth though so who knows over there.

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      I can only see a 5L one for $129 down from $229.95 - at $99 + free shipping I might have bought it

  • I see comments about roasting in these.. I thought u can’t roast in them? Whatever you cook, you’re just meant to add a little oil so it gets circulated in the air and fries it

    • +2

      I somehow doubt the oil gets circulated in the air.

      These just circulate hot air, they don’t nebulise the oil as far as I can tell.

  • Grabbed the last one at Doncaster. They had no idea where it was and had to ask 3 people before I could find it.

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      Was at Doncaster 3 hours ago those bastards said they sold out

      • That sucks. I had to ask 3 people before I found it. First two guys just said aisle 10 but I didn't see a spot for $49. 3rd guy asked his manager and took me to the last aisle 16 where it was on the shelf. I was pretty persistent and assumed they had it as was available for click and collect and showed stock.

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          Username checks out

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    I will add, the only downside so far is the basket/drawer is a bit finicky to pull in and out. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it back in. Not sure whether it's a design flaw or our particular appliance.

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      Sounds exactly the same as my kogan ones

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      Same, just have to tilt it down a bit.

  • Bought one a couple of days ago, i'll add that the basket and rack is dishwasher safe :)

    Cooks great drumsticks!

  • No stock around Sydney city area

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    I bought the $39 Aldi on Saturday morning in a bit of a non socially distant scrum. I bought the Woolies tonight. The Aldi will be going back - for the following reasons…..

    Woolies is 1500W - Aldi 1000W
    Woolies 3.5L - Aldi 2.5L
    Aldi has a tempremental touch control panel. Woolies has a temperature dial and a clockwork timer that goes 'ping'
    The rack in the Aldi has to be twisted to hold it in place above the bottom - Woolies rack has a ledge
    The Woolies pan has slotted sides for better circulation
    Woolies pan is dishwasher safe

    Woolies cooked 3 chicken breast fillets coated in Sweet Baby Rays to near perfection in 20 mins - 180c next time not 200c

    I also bought my Woolies as part of my 10% off Woolies mobile customer promotion, so it didn't cost much more

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    I would love to see a thorough airfryer review site.
    Recently bought a Tefal to replace our Philips one. Nowhere near as good at cooking although far easier to clean. The Philips one cooked more even and hotter. With the Tefal, cooking chips, I keep needing to move the potatoes around as they don't cook on the bottom very well.

    Dunno what this is is like but if I had the chance again I would wait for a good offer on a higher end product

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    as a Mistral employee once told me, youre only as good as your fans

  • Ordered click and collect, online said Order Ready but received email, SMS order cancelled no stock.

    • How frustrating! I did C&C last night for pick up tomorrow. I called the store to check if they had kept one aside for me to pick up tomorrow. They said no, they usually pick the order closer to the allocated collection time. If the item/s are sold prior to that then they'd cancel my order and refund my money! So I went in store to purchase it and then cancelled my online order.

      • I did it the other way, I saw they have stock online and went there to find one but the guy didn't check and said no to me. So I went back home and order it online (click and collect) and hope they will find or ship one for me but still no luck.

        • Did you post the deal before you actually got one for yourself? lol ozbargained! Where are you located? Appears to be stock in Western Sydney ie Wetherill Park, Kellyville North, Auburn.

          • @allinh:

            before you actually got one for yourself?

            I didn't until my wife told me she may want one.

            Western Sydney ie Wetherill Park, Kellyville North, Auburn.

            Don't believe them, they are not up to date and appear the main page said unavailable now.

            I may wait for the one from Kmart, this one may be a bit too small.

            • +1

              @superforever: I hope you get the Kmart one soon. Thanks for posting the deal.

              • +1

                @allinh: Finally got one for myself and didn't wait for the Kmart one and extra 10% off from Woolies rewards.

                • @superforever: Nice! Very happy with mine and don't feel so bad that I missed out on the Aldi one as per @sparky347 review/comparison. Thanks again for posting the deal.

                  • @allinh: Hasn't open it yet, some said to put water in the bottom to reduce smoke if cook something like pork belly, is it true?

  • Pay more and get the amazing Kmart one.

    • +2

      Pay more and get the amazing Kmart one.

      Only if you can find one.

  • I ordered one yesterday for collection at Roselands NSW and today the order was cancelled. The lady at Woolworths said they'd had four different inquiries today about them. She seemed very confused - obviously not an OzBargainer!

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