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15% off Microsoft Surface for Business (Laptop 3, Pro 5/6/7/X), Eg. SL3 13” i5 128GB $1571 (Was $1849) @ Microsoft Store


15% discount on Surface for Business products as part of Microsoft's EOFY sale. With the added premium for Business products + the recent 20% JB sale on the consumer line, this is far from the best deal out there, but maybe there's something for you here.

For those wondering, the Business line differs from the consumer line in the following ways:
- For the 15" Surface Laptop 3, you get an Intel processor instead of Ryzen (which according to anecdotes online, performs better in this case. 1 2)
- Windows 10 Pro included as standard (consumer products ship with 10 Home)
- Advanced Exchange program for warranty returns

Some example configurations and prices, not exhaustive:

Surface Laptop 3 13"
- i5/8GB RAM/128GB storage $1571.63 (was $1849)
- i5/8GB RAM/256GB storage $1945.15 (was $2299)
- i5/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2124.15 (was $2499)
- i7/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2379.15 (was $2799)
- i7/16GB RAM/512GB storage $2931.65 (was $3449)
- i7/16GB RAM/1TB storage $3484.15 (was $4099)

Surface Laptop 3 15"
- i5/8GB RAM/128GB storage $1826.65 (was $2149)
- i5/8GB RAM/256GB storage $2251.65 (was $2649)
- i7/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2506.65 (was $2949)
- i7/16GB RAM/512GB storage $3059.15 (was $3599)

Surface Pro 7
- i3/4GB RAM (lol)/128GB storage $1189.15 (was $1399)
- i5/8GB RAM/128GB storage $1401.65 (was $1649)
- i5/8GB RAM/256GB storage $1826.65 (was $2149)
- i5/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2124.15 (was $2499)
- i7/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2209.15 (was $2599)
- i7/16GB RAM/512GB storage $2804.15 (was $3299)
- i7/16GB RAM/1TB storage $3134.15 (was $3899)

Be aware that there's a repair program out for Surface Laptop 3 right now due to an manufacturing flaw that can cause screens to crack spontaenously - see here.

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    What would you do with only 15% of a Microsoft Surface? Surely you need the other 85% to make it functional.

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    • i3/4GB RAM (lol)/128GB storage $1189.15 (was $1399)

    it's 2020, lol indeed.

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      the old macbook air can do better lmao

  • Would NOT touch a surface again, have the screen freezing recall issue but sadly out of the 3years so its a throw away. Now you say another recall? https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-will-repair-for-free...

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      Now you say another recall?

      Not even a recall, just a free repair if you're impacted by this issue within the 1 year warranty period.

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    Great deal OP for people that want the 15" Intel versions of the Surface Laptop.

    Just a note that for the SL3 15":
    "- i5/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2505.65 (was $2949)" should be an i7 model, so "- i7/16GB RAM/256GB storage $2505.65 (was $2949)". The model with the i5 isn't on sale so it's at its regular price of $2,799

    • Cheers mate, typo fixed.

  • Any recommendations for a work laptop? I was checking out a Spectre but some of the Surface products get good reviews too.

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      I use a Surface Book 2 and previously Surface Book and love it. No complaints so far. The book is a bit pricey but the new Surface Laptop 3 range is great too either black or sandstone which is all metal. I personally don't like the alcantara fabric as it is hard to clean.

    • If you have edu email, you can check out the new Thinkpad x1 carbon gen7 (shipped with intel 10th cpu) on education portal, starting at around $1800

      Or take a look at the refurbished XPS 13 2-1 i7 models at Dell outlet store, starting at $1869



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    Can save further $80 with the AMEX offer.

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    I can't believe how expensive surface's have gotten. $2149 for i5, 8gb ram, 256ssd without a type cover and pen? They're worse than apple now. At least with Apple, they provide great support and built to last. Can't say the same about the surface range.

    • Microsoft have pretty good support in some ways. If you have any issues with a device you basically get a free replacement every time. You contact them and they send a courier to collect your old device and provide a new one. I had no hassles with service at all

      They also have a 60 day return period currently which is pretty amazing; you can use your surface device for 60 days and if you don't like it just return it for a refund. Apple only offers 14 days

      • That's pretty much because repairs are almost impossible with these devices. Out of warranty and you're pretty much screwed.

        I really don't think the 60 day thing is a buying point, honestly I think it's just more of a business move. If you've already used it for a MONTH and you've got files and stuff on there then it's unlikely you're going to be bothered to return it and look for something else.

        I remember buying the surface pros for about $1300-$1500 with that same config and it included the keyboard AND pen. 2k was like surfacebook pricing.

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          True the repairability is a problem. For me it's fine as I generally upgrade within 2 years anyway which is inside the warranty period. The surface laptop 3 at least is more repairable than before. Hopefully they will roll this approach out across the line.
          The BS price rises seems to be across all the main vendors. They all seem to be copying the greed of apple here. The AU price of the new dell xps 15 is particularly ridiculous; it cost more than a comparable macbook pro. Don't know how anyone would pay that much give Dell's absolutely garbage quality control.

          Still the surface line has some nice hardware which is generally better than most other PC offerings.

          • @qvinto: yeah my sister has a Dell xps, it sucks. Acer and ASUS I think have done really well. I have the Acer swift 14 ($999) and I've found it perfect. The Asus ZenBook Duo is also cheaper than I expected. I understand the surface pro is for those who want a laptop and a tablet but it's always been awkward for usage of both however for the price, it was better than buying both separately. If a surface is 2k+cover+pen=$2.5k I could just buy an iPad pro on top of my swift.

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              @bkhm: The iPad pro is fast and has a nice screen but the dumb down OS can be a real pain in the ass. Try moving files between different apps photo or video editing apps - it can be really frustrating and primitive. I bought an Ipad Pro 11' with the idea of editing photos in Lightroom but the file management is so gimped it basically is just a big iphone with all the same limitations. You can barely use hard drives with it. The trackpad keyboard is also $500 AUD which is an insane rip off. The ipad is goo mostly for browsing, reading and basic work, anything more advanced and you quickly wish you had a laptop. A surface is much better as a productivity device, but it does not work as well with touch only input if you want to mostly use it as a tablet. I think the idea of surface is to mostly use it as a laptop with the occasional tablet use. The ipad is all tablet.
              I just upgraded my Surface Book 2 to a Surface Book 3 and it is a big speed improvement so I think i'm going to sell the Ipad pro and just use the SB3. Especially with the new G7 integrated GPU in the SB3, the tablet portion has very good graphics and Lightroom and photoshop run really really fast. When docked to the keyboard base you of course also then get a high end GPU which makes things even better.

    • Agree. Probably singing an old tune but I bought Surface Pro 1 in 2013 during JB clearance for $550. It was advertised for $599 but then due to logistical issues they accidentally cancelled it while they physically had it at Belrose JB. Due to the hassle (20 mins or so really), the store manager reduced it further and threw in a type covers and pen. They also had RT for sale for $250 and I bought it all in one transaction. Pro has 128gb, 4gb ram, i5 and they both are still going strong. It is crazy what they want to charge now!

      • Geez that was a steal! I stopped buying surfaces for that reason. I got a swift 14 for $999 at JB with the same config. It's super light and more practical than a surface pro for what I do now. I haven't had a laptop that's been so comfy in the lap for years. With the money left over, I could almost get an iPad pro which I'll admit having jumped off apple for years now, is an amazing device.

        • Agreed. It was a steal. I am a tech hoarder (unwillingly) and hunt for bargains but zap them when I feel it is the right price.

  • Noted that battery capacity is tony at just 45 Wh for a 15-inch laptop. Also, I am quite disappointed at New Dell XPS 15 of which battery life span is approximated 300 cycles while MacBook offers 1000

    ref: https://www.notebookcheck.net/The-new-Dell-XPS-15-s-battery-...

    • +2

      Yes but the 15" is quite light so that is the intended design trade off. It would be nice if MS made a more high end workstation class laptop with 45W CPU and an integrated GPU. Something like a Dell XPS but not riddled with poor build quality like the Dells. I think that would sell well.

  • Shame the new surface go 2 is not included. That looks like a sweet device for travel

  • I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro in 2016, two months later the screen started showing ghost touches which would manipulate whatever I had opened at the time.

    I got in touch with Microsoft and after some back and forth I posted it to them, they sent a replacement unit (which are refurbished I believe, they’re not new units).
    The replacement unit was good for a month or two but it developed a fault in the screen, a spot that had fading colours, again I contacted Microsoft and went through the same procedure to get another replacement unit.

    It was such a headache, a waste of time, and a big nuisance I didn’t need.
    When I got the replacement unit, I put it up for sale and got rid of it.

    I haven’t had a good experience with Surface Pros and have stayed away from them ever since.

    • On the flip side, I have had a Surface Pro 3 since launch,still going strong and never an issue except I preferred W8.1 to 10.

  • Anyway know if shopback applies (it does say up to 5.5%) for the surface laptop purchased through microsoft?

    • +1

      It tracked for me! Cashback rate on Surface products is 1.5%.

      • great, every dollar counts!

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