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[eBook] Free: "How Not To Worry: Stress Less and Enjoy Life More" $0 @ Amazon

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In How Not to Worry Paul McGee shows us that there is a way to tackle life’s challenges in a calmer and more considered way. It is possible to use a certain degree of worry and anxiety to spur us on towards positive, constructive action, and then leave the rest behind. With down to earth, real life advice, How Not to Worry helps us understand why worrying is such a big deal and the reasons for it, exposing the behavioural traps we fall into when faced with challenges. It then helps us to move on with tools and ideas to deal with our worries in a more constructive way.


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  • +37

    I'm worried I haven't read last week's procrastination book.

    Might read it tomorrow, hopefully it helps.

  • +9

    Not sure if this will be helpful for me but I better get it before the deal ends and I feel regret and they jack up the prices and I'd have to pay like $50 and then can't afford to pay my rent for the month and so I get kicked out and lose my girlfriend and then end up on the streets with no contact with my family and starve to death under a bridge somewhere.

    Look forward to reading.

    • +4

      Sounds like you might need more than this book..

    • Please starve elsewhere. Think of the poor bridge inspectors.

  • +22

    Step 1. Stop reading OzBargain.
    Step 2. Stop worrying about missing out on a bargain.
    Step 3. Screw it, check OzBargain. Buy now, think later.

    • +14

      Step 4: Don't check OzBargain pricing after purchasing something

      • +3

        Step 5: Buy more if found better deals

        • +1

          Step 6: claim back 5% of the price difference from original merchant or invoke purchase protection from zero-annual-fee platinum/prestige card obtained through other Ozbargain deal.

    • Was going to post this. Ozbargain has been a rubbish discovery. I always feel like I’m about to miss out on something.

      Time to can it I feel.

    • +1

      Whoa! You have no idea how much money I've saved this week, by buying all that stuff I otherwise wouldn't have.

  • Amazon US link now USD11.99

    • Still showing US$0 to me

  • +1

    Give me bargains and I'll calm down.

  • +7

    The Little Book of Calm is easier to digest.

    • +2

      The big Bacon Book is easiest to digest.!]]


      • -1

        Is it halal though?

  • +1

    US link is showing $7.

  • I just channel Alfred E. Neuman and pop in my Bobby McFerrin cassette. No worries here.

  • Why would a nation that says: "No worries" need such a book? This is madness.

    • To show that we actually have substance

      • +1

        Yeah nah. She'll be right.

  • See Vchoy - showing full price on both US and AUS sites for me

    • Must be targeted. Both AUS and US sites free for me. Don’t worry 😉

    • Managed to get it to work by changing my location under my digital content subscriptions to my Australian address, then by going through to the US site from a link above the pay section.

  • Worked for me without any special tricks (US link)

  • -1

    Our society is based upon the notion of buying things so that people like you which is both morally bankrupt and not a way to achieve happiness.

    • +1

      Says this guy on a website dedicated to spending your money. I mean, sure, I guess.

  • US Link not expired? Can still buy for $ 0

  • 15 June, still $0 using US link.

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