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15% off Sonos Speakers and Soundbars @ Myer


Long time lurker, first time poster :)

Right on time for the new Sonos Arc launch. 15% off most of the Sonos range, ends tomorrow.
Link will bring you to "Entertainment Promo" results, just sort by brand for 'Sonos' to filter results.

Playbar - $849.15
Sub - $849.15
Play 5 - $636.65
Move - $551.65
Beam - $509.15
One - $254.15
One SL - $228.65

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    why is there a pic of the bose 700

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      Images are auto generated from the link after posting

  • is that …cheap? the sound bar and sonos one ?

    • That's pretty average for the One

    • +1

      Sonos is like the Apple for Sound Bars/Wireless Sound Systems. Sales come every now and then but the RRP is pretty standard. If you're in the market for one and want an established and tested system, it's not a bad choice — rarely do you see it fall below these prices.

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    A bit early for the Sonos Arc launch surely, given it is not listed here?

    • If you're looking to build out a surround set for when it is launched…

      • Yeah but you made it sound like the arc would be discounted 15%.

        The whole purpose of this sale is to actually clear stock of the old Playbar which doesn't support Doby Atmos

    • From your link:
      "Are they better than Sonos is the bigger question. If you’re looking at buying two Sonos One speakers for $500+, I can’t in good conscience say you should spend nearly three times that amount for speakers that are about the same size but also amazing-sounding…"

  • Beam (black) is out of stock! Pooo.

    • double Poo. Anyone likely to pricematch this?

      • if not in stock… unlikely

      • If you have a receipt for ‘double poo’, maybe.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, Grabbed a Move for my growing Sonos network! I was hesitating but it did say Limited Stock of the Move so after seeing the above comments of the Beam being out of stock I jumped!

    • I own a Move and its absolutely brilliant. Love it!

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    It's crazy how much this stuff costs.

  • Keep in Mind these are old Model, especial Play:5 Gen 2, new one is out in June and will just be called Play 5.

    • +2

      No, it's called the Sonos Five.

      And, like the sub, it's a minor update. No significant new features, slightly faster specs, but both the Play 5 (Gen 2) and the Five are Sonos S2 compatible.

      • You're right, got it mixed up some how..

  • I am not a Sonos fan, I own a bose 321 system and been using it for the last 12 yrs. I was looking for the Sonos arc on these but couldn't find it. Time for me to do an upgrade and I am certain to get the Sonos arc as my next sound system for my LG C9. JB HIFI gives you a $200 gift card but only good to buy a Sonos product. HN offers $150GC. I don't intend to expand my system if I buy the soundbar. I like the simplicity of the arc. I am waiting for a good deal to appear.

  • Damn. Is the Move really that much better than the Bose Soundlink at 4 times the price?!

    • I have the Sonos Move. Managed to get it from TGG for $500 early last December.
      Personally love that I can use it via the app or simply through Bluetooth. The sound is great and can fill my entire house. I also use it outside often. (Battery life is pretty good.
      My suggestion is to decide your needs and go listen to both. Sound is quite subjective which is great. Something that's great to me might not be to you and vice versa.

  • +33

    Sonos has the most intrusive, privacy-invading system in any consumer electronics product I've ever owned.

    I own Sonos products and they're getting worse in regards to mandatory telemetry and Sonos account dependency. You're not just buying a speaker, you're buying a Sonos membership system which requires that you check in before you can use the speaker, and routinely after that.

    Since about 6 months ago, you can't set a new speaker up unless you share you exact location with Sonos. I don't mean postcode, I mean GPS coordinates - basically your home address. Previously you could skip this step, not any more. It forces you to change the location permissions on your phone to proceed with setup, otherwise your speaker is a brick.

    What next? Kettle won't switch on unless you give the manufacturer your home address for "product improvement" reasons?

    Even when you "opt out" of the Sonos data collection, you're not really opting out. You're just choosing "basic" collection over full collection, just like Windows 10. But when you look closer at what the basic collection is, it's almost identical to the full collection. Sonos hopes nobody notices this by placing the difference in a boring privacy policy nobody reads.

    Want to adjust the volume limiter to prevent accidental max volume? The option is right there in the app, but disabled unless you log in to Sonos. Want to access your recently played songs? Can't unless you sign in to Sonos. Technically good speakers, awful platform.

    • +8

      Thanks for bringing this up - I can't stand companies that engage in this type of deplorable behaviour. Got close to buying one of these, but never again. Bye bye Sonos.

      • +4

        lol negged for that haha

      • +3

        I should add that some or most people don't care about such things, and for those people, the Sonos gear is all good. The same people have no issues putting Google between themselves and the bedside light switch. In principle, I avoid assigning tech companies as negotiator between myself and the basic operation of a light switch. There are better ways that don't involve inviting slimy advertising tech giants into your home.

        I've done my own things to get around the Sonos issues - by controlling the speakers without the Sonos app. Call it "advanced use". It's why I'm hanging on to the Sonos speakers for now, because it is possible to play music without sending Sonos.com your track list, but there's a learning curve involved and some slightly complicated technical messing around.

        • I don’t like having a microphone at the ready, listening out for me to say hey Siri or OK google so have never setup the ‘smart features’ on my Sonos network.

          But I’m keen to understand your ‘advanced use’ configuration?

          Does it involve a roll of tinfoil?

          • @VerticallyIntegrated: The advanced use involves knowing how to inspect the URI of the currently playing stream, so you can make your own shortcuts to those streams and favourite radio stations etc. The idea being avoiding the Sonos app, instead using your own triggers - such as physical buttons or other apps. Sonos at least does provide the API for this.

            The Sonos app is still needed for some adjustments, but when you're at the point of just wanting to play music from your local collection, or from internet radio, you shouldn't need to be constantly pinging Sonos with user data for that activity. There should be an option to unsubscribe from all data collection.

            I have a feeling the actual speaker might be sending data back to Sonos anyway, without needing the app, so I might need to block certain outbound calls at my router, if I can be bothered. It's the principle, nothing to do with tin foil.

        • Airplay seems one way to control the speakers otherwise? which is what I do… but of course only good for iOS users…

          • +1

            @gazer: Yep, Airplay works. I use that sometimes when using my iphone controller and specific apps. But it's not always available depending on the source of music or app.

            In my case, I wanted a physical wireless button, stuck to the fridge, which when pressed plays a specific radio station at volume setting 15. I have that working now, and it's 1000 times better and faster than fiddling with a phone app every morning.

  • What deals can you get on Myer GC's these days? To try and bring the $ down a little further?

    • suncorp customers can get 5% off GC

    • Recently AGL was offering 9% off e-cards

  • +11

    I won't support companies that purposely destroy perfectly good hardware (via software) just to drive sales of their new products.

    Sonos recently offered a "recycle program", giving legacy customers 30 percent off if they "recycle" their existing products. However, what Sonos meant by "recycle" was to activate a feature called "Recycle Mode" that permanently bricks the speaker. It then becomes impossible for recycling firms to resell it or do anything else but send it to landfill.

    The problem was brought home by Twitter user @atomicthumbs, who works at an e-recycling facility: "This is the most environmentally unfriendly abuse and waste of perfectly good hardware I've seen in five years working at a recycler," he said in a series of tweets. "We could have sold these and ensured they were reused, as we do with all the working electronics we're able. Now we have to scrap them."

    Sonos tried to defend itself in a way that might sound familiar to Apple users. "The reality is that these older products lack the processing power and memory to support modern Sonos experiences". Bullsh!t… they destroyed their reputation in my book.

    • +1

      Yep it's a blow up 163 pages on the sonos forum, you don't have to trade them they will still works see my post below, rang them this morning. I was advised to do nothing for now as everything will work the same for a fair while yet, i have a bridge too will have to swap to wifi only set up.

    • +1

      This similar to microsoft did few years ago also apple keep doing this.
      No govenments will lift a finger as tthese compnies bribe their way into all power corridors yet cry about Huwawei and similar companies.

      • +1

        When did Apple do this?

        • +1

          Might be referring to Apple slowing down phones when the battery gets weaker.

    • +1

      Yes this was definitely an issue of the original plan. They've listened and have backed out of mandatory recycle mode and so I will continue buying their products - at least they listen.

  • We've had Playbar/sub 2 x play 1's in lounge room for years, also 2 x play 5's paired in a family room and a play 3 in my daughters room for 10 years, never a problem with any of them. Not real happy about their end of life for the play 5's though coming up, rang this morning their support is excellent, they will have a new app for the legacy products but they won't get any new features and you can't group with non legacy products.

  • I'm surprised there aren't more players in this space.

    I currently use grouped Chromecast Audios to achieve multi room audio, but I fully expect Google to cripple them now that they're EOL'd. Would be nice to have another option that isn't Sonos.

  • +1

    Just checked $749 for a new play 5 coming, hardly any different than our play 5's we got for $420. After trade in still $1k to replace with something that works the same lol.

    • wow 420? was that the catch deal a while back? good score!

  • -2

    Like I said earlier, if you can afford it get a kef lsx, if not get an edifier s3000pro. Both are active and wireless

  • Hoping for the sub to go down to around 650-750 range. I think lowest so far has been 750ish.

    I currently own the sonos one sl and a beam, for those considering buying a beam the bass isn't that great but it's good enough for daily use and in a small apartment say 2 bedder.

    • i think i read someone a new sub will be released, maybe someone else can confirm

      • The original sub received an update the same time the arc was announced so not really new but got some extra processing power and RAM, same form factor.

        • So the new sub will be pretty much the same?

          • +1

            @greater mimic: No facelift. Some spec changes. Increase in price.

            I say that because I’d assume the older model gets the 15% discount but the Gen3 (which is out June 10) goes back to $999.

  • what's the big sell of Sonos these days? can already link up music between multiple rooms with Google Nests/Chromecasts

    • -1

      Quality of the sound and ease of use?

      • I can hook up any bluetooth speaker/soundbar with Google Nests/Chromecasts though

        How is it easier to use? I find the google ecosystem quite easy to use ('hey google play X on my home speaker group') already

        • I own both Sonos and Google products. The sound quality is obviously better on Sonos and I use them with my TV. Totally subjective but they're more aesthetically pleasing than Google products so they're meant to be displayed, whereas my Google products are more or less out of sight.

          Needs to be said the mic on the Sonos products sucks compared to the mic on the Google products.

          I wouldn't say Sonos is easier to use or set up than Google products.

          • @spiff: but you could just hook up your Sonos via Bluetooth to your Google Speaker Group so it should be the same, no?

            And if you were keen upgrade to even better speakers and integrate them too

            thanks for the write up!

            • @pHyR3: Sonos doesn't have bluetooth apart from the Move. It's all run over wifi. Not sure what you mean by it should be the same? Different mics and speakers in different rooms is handy. Sonos speakers and mic for the living room TV and Google mic and speakers for the rest of the house.

              • @spiff: Ah didn't know Sonos didn't have Bluetooth because you can hook any Bluetooth speaker up to your Google home/nest which should replace the bad audio quality of your Google device.

                I have a nice Bose speaker connected to my Nest Mini

    • Sound quality, ease of setup/use, high quality drivers and great re-sale value.

      • +1

        I can hook up any bluetooth speaker/soundbar with Google Nests/Chromecasts though

        How is it easier to use? I find the google ecosystem quite easy to use ('hey google play X on my home speaker group') already

        resale value is a bit moot since you're paying a few times more for the Sonos

  • +1

    Bought the move then realised I can’t group it with my other google home speakers or my lg sound bar :((((

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