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R5-3600 / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC [B450/16/480]: $1688 + Delivery @ TechFast


Another one. Enjoy :)
Use code at checkout : 3600-2070S-MAY

High-spec R5-3600 / RTX 2070 Super gaming PC with more inclusions than normal from TechFast.

  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • RTX 2070 Super 8GB
  • B450 Motherboard
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R Case

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  • +13 votes

    The pre-built Dell is a better buy with the 20% off deal:


    • Agree , better value for money!

    • This is around $1730 delivered, so save $170. If I don’t care about windows or the keyboard/mouse - how much am I missing out on?

      • More than $170.

      • The 9700 would definitely be snappier in most applicaitons. Wifi is an added bonus along with another 1 TB HDD. You also get nvme instead of ssd (shouldnt make much of a difference though).

        OTOH this MAG case definitely looks good and should be better than dell case.

        • I don't think so. The 9700 non K has a 3ghz base clock, and that's probably what you're doing to see when you're using it because the cooler is shit. Wouldn't be surprised to see the 3600 outperforming the 9700 in that dell.

          Less flexibility on the Dell, shitty OEM motherboards and shitty minimum spec power supplies. Like the basic low tier stuff in this build looks premium in comparison

          • @Ark94: Nope, the cooler is quite beefy, see some youtube videos or just scroll down on the ebay page. I do agree on the Powersupplies though. MB should be OK as long as it supports the CPU/GPU without any conflicts. As long as it has the right USB ports, couple of free PCIE slots and wifi should be good enough.

    • Estimated between Fri. 26 Jun. and Tue. 7 Jul

      About a month faster than TF..

      460W proprietary Dell power supply…

      Might be better value but i7 9700 is not what's on offer in this deal

    • I'm confused what makes the Dell better value. You only get a cheap keyboard and mouse with it. Whereas this has a better CPU and a nicer case. Plus with the $220 you can buy a nicer keyboard and mouse or if you own them a nicer SSD.

      • Since when has limited bandwidth and higher latency made for a better cpu?

        • Let's talk in terms of real world performance though not just two metrics that Intel still happen to "win" by.
          AMD is 5-10fps less at 1080p (should be using this system for 1440p at least) but much better in productivity so unless you only plan to game at 1080p and do nothing else this seems to be better value.
          The same old tired arguments come up every time stop using UserBenchmark to get your evidence. It's a site banned by even the Intel subreddit on Reddit for spreading misinformation.
          For example: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i3-8350K-vs...

          • @AusNugz: This is also coupled with the fact that the B450 platform will be receiving Zen 3 support so you have an actual upgrade path compared to the Intel counterpart.

            • @AusNugz: I've heard that not all B450 motherboards may support zen 3, most likely only the more premium boards.

              • @Mister Popo: Yeah I think they are going to make it available to manufacturers and then it's up to them. But I think it will be pretty widespread as they began supporting Zen 2 on A320 which wasn't supposed to have it.

    • Not really, yes the CPU is slightly better for gaming performance (although its locked) but nearly everything else (proprietary mobo, proprietary psu, awful case), etc… is substantially worse in the Dell. By the time you factor in upgrades to have something usable, the Techfast system works out cheaper.

    • Disagree. This is ~$200 less for better quality parts. The OEM parts on the Dell are pretty awful. Lots of upgradibilty on this, dunno why you'd pay more for the Dell.

      You could spend the $100 of the $200 difference on better quality RAM and this would be faster for gaming

      • Yeah I thought this was a bargain website. The Dell is poor value IMO with this build available which has a clear upgrade path and better specifications other than storage out of the gate. Good luck upgrading that Dell later down the track when you realise it's all proprietary…

        Be super glad you got the $10 mouse and $20 keyboard included then /s

  • Thanks BA! Most current live deals will end at the end of the month.

    • Hey luke - whats the delivery ETA on this system?

      Past comments don't give me the confidence to buy without waiting 1+ month??

      • +1 vote

        The majority of backlogged orders due to COVID have been cleared - 2070 Super and 2080 Super are inbound now so customers waiting for them will be getting some nice dispatch news in the coming days. Other newer orders are shipping well inside our current 14 business day estimate. Things are definitely getting back to normal.

  • Doesnt let you add to cart as the case option is stopping it

    • Small hiccup - wasn't pre-selected so you would need to click it. Now set as selected by default, thanks.

  • Does anyone know if the parts come with individual warranty? Looks like tech-fast only offer 1 year warranty for the system..

    Will we get an individual invoice incase the parts fail?

    Anyone else know what motherboard brand and 2070S brand they've received in the past?

    • 1) Yes, some will. The balance of warranty will apply to those the do and we will assist with those whose manufacturer requires the customer to come through the system assembler. We offer extended 2 and 3 year warranties too.

      2) Yes, in the accessories box with your order

      3) Brands/models can and do vary.

      • Hopefully last follow up question before i press the check out button:

        Do the individual warranty apply to:
        - Graphics card?
        - RAM?
        - PSU?
        - Motherboard?
        - CPU?

        Which ones.. ?

        • I would also like to know this as well!! Thankyou.

          • @teotran: Luke did reply with this:
            Hi mate. Graphics cards normally have 2 or 3 years. Galax is the main brand we use and generally have 2.
            RAM will depend on which brand/vendor but generally has more than 1.
            PSU - Allied PSU has 2 year warranty and we handle those, Gigabyte G750H (Gold) has "5 years, adjusted according to different regions" as per their website
            Mobo - Biostar is generally 1 year and we handle those, others will vary. CPU you can check directly with AMD and Intel, I believe both are 3 years.

            However he did not state whether us as customers can use this manufacturers warranty since TechFast are not technically authorized sellers - awaiting reply.

            • @chitchat123: Update from luke via DM:

              luketechfast on Wed, 27/05/2020 - 18:41 new
              Yes. If the manufacturer requires it. We are an authorised system assembler/system integrator.

    • 1 year warranty is one thing, your consumer rights are another.

      Paying x amount for y product will entitle you to warranty outside of the 1 year.

      I'd suspect $1,688 for a computer system would be expected to last a lot longer than a year without fault under consumer protection laws.

      Here are some helpful guidelines.

  • Have same system - really like it but did upgrade the RAM to 3200. Packaging was good see here: https://imgur.com/a/KZhJfwG
    Swapped out the PSU after a week after it made a noise and realised it was poor quality.

    • Was it an Allied brand PSU or the TT Litepower? I have a Litepower right now and it's been dead silent.

    • Hey mate, did you choose the 16 or 32 gig ram? How are you finding your new set up and what are you mainly using it on? Cheers!

  • Hey guys, I'm a complete newbie, but if I have some extra cash to upgrade, what should I use it on?

    From what I read, I was thinking 1. PSU to 750w 80+ 2. RAM to 16 gig 3200 3. Processor cooling? 120 or 240ml? Any helpful advice would be much appreciated!!!

    • If youre doing so many upgrades, you might as well build that type of PC on centrecom, PCCG or Scroptec. It'll end up being the same price and you'll control which brands you get. From knowledge, the motherboards from techfast are generally BioStar and is not the best quality.

  • Hi @luketechfast will you be further discounting towards EOFY?

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