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Logitech G560 Lightsync PC Gaming Speaker $199 (plus delivery or Click & Collect) @ EB Games


EB Games had it on eBay yesterday and was eligible for an extra 10% off with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539921.

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EB Games Australia

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  • How's this one comparing to Edifier R1700BT https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/edifier-r1700bt?

    • I have both, the Logitech does Bass much better. It's a gaming PC Speaker, main reason is to get Boom Boom going and it does that great with the LED trick. However Logitech screwed up update so you have to do some workaround and connect the speaker with both USB (to control light) and 3.5mm jack (for sound) to keep the Bass going without breaking volume steps.

      Outside of gaming, Edifier one sounds a little bit clearer but for a gaming PC Speaker the Logitech does it surprisingly well.

      • It does bass well, but it's too strong. you can't listen to it at low volumes even, it still is punchy and annoying to others in the house. it's also hard to hear voices through them even with the bass minimised on an equaliser.

        good for action games and music though.

        I love them, but i wish there was a way to better adjust the output
        edit. through the logitech software it seems as though minimising bass has a stronger effect now

  • Saw these at Mwave today - that subwoofer is gigantic

  • I got this speak too much bass some time you can't hear voice as clear.

  • There is a firmware update for this speaker that claims to fix the coarse volume control. Personally, I couldn't tell if the update fixed anything. After several weeks of being annoyed and disappointed, I came across this thread on Reddit and that marked the end to all my speaker woes.
    Logitech dropped the ball big time on this speaker. Support is quite lacking.

  • Ouch… Was seriously considering getting these but after reading that reddit post, no way.

  • The link albert0pia posted