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10% off Eligible Items with AfterPay ($100 Min Spend) @ eBay AU


Appears it may be site-wide as long as Afterpay is available as a payment method, but could likely excludes specific categories, particularly gift cards.

If you don't like the idea of paying in four installments, you could simply pay off the other installments straight after purchase.

Conditions: The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible items listed on www.ebay.com.au when you spend $100 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period and check out using Afterpay. A maximum discount of $150 per transaction applies. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
Eligible Items means all items listed on ebay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code PAYIN4 is displayed in the item listing.

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  • what's the deal here - mystery items with a coupon to get them to RRP ?

  • Still hating these 'select items' s*** type deals…roll on EOFY

    • Same thoughts hating these selected items, EBay plus deal only or price jacking by sellers that has turned me off these non existing ebay deals in most cases. I'm wanting EOFY from standard retailers and hope can finally get a good 4 TV deal.

    • As the OP said in their post, this isn't like eBay's usual select items deals, and the selection for this is very wide ranging.

      I tried this code with the X-Files Blu-Ray box set from a random Aussie seller, and it worked.

  • "eligible" pffft

  • What is afterpay? Is there any fee associated with it?
    Can I use it to get 10% off then pay them off straight away?

    • 'If you would like to make additional unscheduled payments before they are due, you may log in to Afterpay to make your payments early. Afterpay will then adjust the amount owed accordingly'
      Normally 4 equal payments

    • You can manually make the payments straight away, yes. There are no fees (for the buyer) that I'm aware of.

    • No fee, you can definitely use it to get the 10% off and then pay the balance straight away

      • However be careful, some banks treat payments to companies like afterpay on credit cards as financial transactions and so you get charged a cash advance fee, lose your interest free days, and start incurring interest on your balance (even if the rest of it was subject to an interest free period) from the day you make the transaction.

        I fell into this hole when using a bankwest card on a latitudepay transaction.

    • What is afterpay?

      It's a service that extends credit to people that are unable to obtain credit elsewhere. As Australian's become poorer and poorer, as the trend of the last 40 years continues, desperate citizen's use credit to buy stuff so that people like them.

      Here's a tip: if you need to use this service you shouldn't be buying whatever your using it for.

      • Love your description. :-)

        Nothing much new here, just like credit cards if you can't pay them off in full by the due date. Surprising how many people still fall for these traps.

      • Here's a tip: if you need to use this service you shouldn't be buying whatever your using it for.

        Wot. You realise it's actually better for cash flow and isn't always about affordability lol.

        • Agreed. I just use it to help stick to a budget easier, that one time I bought something. Same reason why people get a phone plan on a month to month contract. I for one can certainly afford it brand new (got 0 expenses lol), but seeing that $1000+ leave my bank account hurts

    • PSA: Using AfterPay, Zip etc may affect your credit score.

  • Any good deals on PC components?

  • For those of us who enjoy harvesting credit card reward points - does anyone know whether this has an impact on your list of credit enquiries? Will banks see you as a higher risk if you happen to be an Afterpay user?

    • I've had no issues having an afterpay account with 2k limit and 10-35K in credit cards to churn reward points.

    • I use Afterpay pretty regularly and haven't seen any enquiries or anything come up on my Credit Report from it

    • does anyone know whether this has an impact on your list of credit enquiries

      In my link above:
      Does Afterpay do a credit check?
      No. You'll be automatically approved as long as you're 18 and have a working credit or debit card.

    • +1 vote

      if you're thinking of applying for a home loan, i've heard that they frown upon afterpay usage.

      • My understanding is any expenses and income is reviewed in a home loan wheras credit card providers just look at credit history.

      • If you really want to be cheeky, use one account for afterpay, when you have a home loan application, close it. They generally asked you why you use it, and if you can explain that you only use that to spread the budget and take advantage of offset/interest free period, they wouldnt mind.

        Anz asked me and i was able to provide them full info, no hassle.

  • Afterpay stock was more than 10% off earlier this year. :D

    • And if you had bought it then now you would have made a nice chunk of profit.

  • Don't buy it if you can't afford it outright!

    • But what if people can afford outright and just wanna save the 10% ?

      • Then that means you can afford it outright?

        • This is ozbargain.

          If you're looking to buy something for $1000, which you would have bought anyway, doesn't it then make sense to only pay $900, and divert the $100 to something else?

      • mate all you need to do is buy with after pay then just pay it all off straight after it doesn't stop you from doing that. you don't HAVE to do 4 payments over 8 weeks.

    • This is something I disagree with. I'm more of the, don't buy it if the repayments are going to cause you problems down the line. And if your 'spare' funds for your pay cycle is the same/similiar as how much the repayments are; don't risk it.

      • Spare funds literally means you can afford it

        • Not necessarily. There's a difference between affording something "outright" (up front) and over time. Most people have some limit, hence the reason loans, lay-buy, hire-buy, Afterpay etc exist. Business works in a similar manner, depending on cashflow.

          • @Possumbly: I agree with this and it always depends on individual circumstances. But I think the initial comment raised a good point. A new TV as an example, if it's only an upgrade and you're not in desperate need of one, it is of relatively small monetary value. So best bet is to save up and actually have the money to buy it rather than relying on a line of credit such as Afterpay.

  • seems like you can use a combination of gift card and afterpay :)

  • eligible items… eligible payment methods…

    inb4 eligible browsers, eligible OS, eligible post codes, eligible weather

    • +2 votes

      They have had discount codes that only work on the app so I guess that's technically eligible browser/OS…

  • I was able to use this coupon code with gift cards in my account.

  • Some sellers already 'adjusted' their prices accordingly. Hard to find any actual bargains.

  • Thanks OP used it to get an M365 Pro for $782… not the cheapest its been by a stretch but still I'm happy. Beats JB Hi Fi $999

  • i was looking a oven from powerland, look like item is eligible

    what do you guys think? bite a bullet and take 10% off or wait for 15% - EOFY sales

  • Decent deal. Been waiting for a coffee grinder to go on sale and the one I wanted is eligible. Happy days. It’s been a long time since I found a good deal on eBay.

  • I can confirm that it is not site wide, an item I looked at (sportings good), +$200 with After Pay under the price, did not accept the code.
    Also some sellers that qualify with AfterPay started jacking the price this morning (e.g. Shopping Express on Samsung monitors), which makes no sense as they are not contributing to this discount (not one of the participating sellers 15-20% promos)…

    • I've noticed a lot of technology products go up in price this morning. Fortunately I bought something before it price jacked (but it was the last one in stock).

  • None of my items are ever eligible. They don’t cover US or UK sellers who sell collectible items! :(

    • Iirc, we used to be able to shop globally and use those 10% off codes liberally. How times have changed, maybe we got Harvey Norman to thank again for that one. To what you're saying, yeah it sucks coz many collectibles aren't purchaseable from local ebayers, or if you can, it would be at a ridiculous premium (eg. figurines).

      • it would be at a ridiculous premium (eg. figurines).

        yep. funko pops, especially vaulted ones. $300 one clown wanted when i could get it for $50 on ebay us and have it sent by a shipping forwarder for another $50

  • paid with gift card…. woot

  • Now we have to deal with Afterpay jackers?

  • used a voucher to reduce Afterpay payments - thanks OP

    • "a voucher" = more than 10%?
      "the voucher" = 10% as per OP

      Please tell us what voucher if more $$ can be saved..

      • Sorry, should have been clearer.

        Bought a discounted eBay gift card, bought an item for $119. Afterpay code reduced to $107.10. eBay gift card reduced to $7.10. I pay AP $7.10 over 4 payments.

  • If you have multiple items in the cart, ebay won't let you use Afterpay at all unless all sellers in your cart offer Afterpay. Even if the prices of AP-eligible products exceed $100.

    You can't use a non-AP item to make it up to $100 either.

  • The problem for the stores and sellers who are offering afterpay services or as a way to purchase their products is that AfterPay are charging the sellers a min 5% transaction fee and that was the promotional offer to entice sellers to sign up so once that is gone it's going to be even higher. This against the 2.6% fee that Paypal charges so effectively merchants are loosing the difference and paying higher fees just to offer the option for the customer. I won't be signing up to offer it as don't believe it's as effective selling point or customer lead on ebay as it might be for say a small clothing store where they get their money back just from the advertising of their brand on the AfterPay site as all these little stores are offering it promoting it as a sales driver, get free marketing just by being associated with them, along with a certain level of trust that a retail shop online normally needs to build with their customers and it must be an awesome store as it's on the AfterPay so its a great shop.

    Ebay is more the if you want it now and pay later convenience especially as you can get multiple items from different sellers all at the same time and instead of paying for each item as they save for it they can average out the payments and still get everything they want now instead of having to wait and save for each item.

    Anyways It would be the cause for most of the price jacking unless ebay or afterpay are waiving the transaction fees for the promotion…

    It sucks but we can blame both companies for the price jacking mentality. They think they're wonderful giving us more options to sell which will mean sales conversions will go up as people will love paying with afterpay but if you just want to stick to PayPal it's not going to be as big of a disadvantage as everyone as we speak pays through PayPal.

    • I don't think the sellers need to sign up for Afterpay. A used electronics item that I am selling, costing over $100 (I am not a store, just getting rid of stuff I no longer use), it has Afterpay under the price. I experimented checkout with the code and can see the discount for it. I did not sign up for Afterpay as seller.

  • Looks like eBay is moving away from PayPal (presumably after the companies were split) - Is Afterpay going to be their new preferred pay processor?

  • Everything I want is more than $1500.

    • I bought a Synology DS1019+ on afterpay ($1030 iirc), if you've used them a few times your limit slowly goes up.

      Purchased a few WD Red Pro HDDs too, softened the blow when they're $475+ each. Not sure what their limit is though sorry but I've got close to $1500 available when I add up both owing and available.

    • You get $150 off.

    • From the T&C:

      Offer Period. Offer Period. This offer will be available for a long as it is displayed by eBay at www.ebay.com.au or while stocks last (“Offer Period”). eBay may, at its discretion, decide not to proceed with or continue the Coupon Offer.

      Although when viewed in my ebay (since I've used the coupon) it says that it expires 26/05/20

  • We can't buy Ebay gift cards with e-wish Woolworth cards from cashrewards anymore, can we?

  • Just tried on a $120 item which had Afterpay listed as a valid payment option. Coupon gives the error "This code can't be applied to your order."

  • Does this include preowned products?

  • Trying to apply to an Afterpay-able item, "This code can't be applied to some of your items"… whats going on there?

  • Works with Nicks

    $76.50 for Quarter Cask is excellent

  • Works with Nicks

    $76.50 for Quarter Cask is excellent

  • I was desperately waiting for this kinda 10, 15, or 20 % off offer.
    Any one reckon there would be any better offer than this? in the near month?
    want to 104$ worth of concept 2k clear coat paint

    • I ended up buying it

      • Have you used this brand before. I usually use the spraymax 2k clear with the activating button on the bottom? It’s fantastic however It costs nearly double the concept brand ….

        • Yes cost is the big bank factor for me, i ended up getting 8 for $107 (waiting for some cashback). Havent used it before, but autobarn sells it so guessing its a good quality one.
          And after all i am buying a 2K clear coat (not a 1K clear coat)

  • Damn I used Afterpay for an item yesterday and then eBay releases this code the next day

  • Got 10% off an upright freezer from Appliances Online so happy with that.

  • This is a handy discount and the range seems reasonable but it kind of irks me that they won't disclose when it ends.

  • I tried to pay a few times but kept giving me an error, saying try again. Ebay rep also could not resolve the problem.

  • This is the best thing we've had from eBay in a while this is our 10% sitewide that we've missed. Also can codes be stacked? And does this apply to gift cards?

    Edit: This is still eligible Bull shit! Tried to add something to cart and code didn't work! Screw eBay