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Register as a New Seller before 31 May and Receive 3 Months Subscription Fee Rebate (Valued $149.95) U.P $49.95/mth @ Amazon Au


Start selling on Amazon today and save

To offer new sellers a helping hand as they get setup on Amazon.com.au, we’re offering a subscription fee rebate for three months (total value $149.85) when you register before 31 May 2020*. Simply register now to take advantage of this offer and explore our resources to get online and selling quickly.

Note: Usual Monthly selling fees are $49.95/month, excluding GST.

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  • Facebook marketplace is the way to go

    Have sold over $8000 worth since start of may and since then have abandoned my eBay account

    • Really! I would have thought people would eschew fb marketplace cos of covid fears!
      What sort of stuff are you selling?

      • +3

        Just junk around the house
        Things I didn't expect will ever sell

        Honestly better than Gumtree and eBay. They have a rating system too

        Bonus you can make a few good friends too

        • I guess Facebook friends with benefits has a nice ring to it.

          Pay with cash or pay with your ***.

    • +5

      Not really the same service that Amazon is selling here.

      • -4

        Exactly: fees vs no fees and probably more exposure on Facebook.

        • +18

          No not exactly. Amazon's listings aren't just "junk around the house" it is brand new items going from sellers to Amazon's warehouse where they store, pack, send and provide customer service.

          As opposed to getting messages from time wasters like John Smith on facebook/gumtree/etc asking if you will take half price and deliver it to them for free at 2am.

          • @Gehirn: You can sell brand new items on Facebook too!!

          • @Gehirn: so with that $50 , amazon provides all the platform and logistics part ?

            seller only supply goods to amazon ?

    • Agree, FB mp much better than Gumtree for local selling

      • +3

        Definitely disagree with that statement, facebook is full of time wasters who never respond, never show up, offer you less than half your asking price, or ask for your best price then continue to offer less than half of that last price.

        • +5

          I find it's no different to Gumtree

          • -1

            @leeroys_dad: Ive easily a few hundred items these last few months between FB Gumtree and ebay, Facebook is full of time wasters, Gumtree has less people but much higher quality buyers who show up and don't waste time when they don't intend of buying.

        • And gumtree doesn't have any of those issues?

        • Agree, happened plenty of times!!

        • -1

          full of time wasters who never respond, never show up, offer you less than half your asking price, or ask for your best price then continue to offer less than half of that last price

          Sooooo … Gumtree?

          • -1

            @Diji1: Read my comment to Leeroy above.
            Higher quality buyers on gumtree compared to FB.

    • +1

      Is this still available?

  • +6

    Why are people talking about Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree? It has no relevance here.

    If anyone is genuinely considering this deal don't feel too rushed by the 4 day expiry. I'm yet to see a time where the promotion isn't running, but with a changed "end date". The $50/month fee isn't the hard or expensive part so it's kind of a moot point.

    • So where is this month's link to the deal?

  • *Subscription Fee Promotion Terms and Conditions:
    1. Definitions:
    “New Seller” means sellers that register as a Professional Seller on Seller Central before 31 May 2020.
    “New Seller Period” means the period between the New Seller’s registration completion date as a registered Professional Seller on Seller Central and three months (90 days) after this date. For clarity, New Sellers will be charged the normal subscription fees over the three months, and will receive a refund at the end of the New Seller Period. New Sellers must remain in active status as a Professional Seller for the duration of the promotion.
    “Offer Period” means the period between 1 May 2020 and 31 May 2020.
    “Seller Central” means Amazon’s Australian Seller Central portal at sellercentral.amazon.com.au.
    “Subscription Fees” means the monthly subscription fee of $49.95 (excluding GST and applicable taxes) paid by sellers registered to sell on amazon.com.au through Seller Central.
    2. The Amazon Subscription Fee Rebate Offer (“Offer") is open to New Sellers.
    3. To qualify for the Offer:
    • New Sellers must register during the Offer Period as a seller on Seller Central (please click here). Subscription Fees for New Sellers will then be refunded at the end of the New Seller Period
    4. Registration as a seller on Seller Central is subject to the terms in the Amazon Commercial Services Pty Limited Business Solutions Agreement (“BSA”). You will be responsible for ensuring all products you register to sell on amazon.com.au comply with our terms and policies.
    5. You will remain liable for all other fees not covered by this Offer, including Selling on Amazon AU and Fulfilment by Amazon AU fees.
    6. Amazon may cancel or vary this Offer by notice to you and you will cease to be eligible for the Offer if you breach these terms or the terms of the BSA. If cancelled, we will charge you standard fees from the date of cancellation.

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