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Russell Hobbs Convection Microwave 34L - $55.20 (RRP $199) @ Big W


Russell Hobbs Convection Microwave 34L - [email protected], Normal Price $199.

Pick up in store or Delivery - from $7.90

Thanks for pricehipster.

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    Can't find any stock in Brisbane.

    • Low stock in BIG W South Yarra only so far.

  • Unfortunately none in Tasmania

  • No stock

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      Canberra City

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        just listing random suburbs or the ones that have stock? ;)

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    Almost as unicorn as the $79 55" 4k Viano

    • Can't find any :(

    • Hmm…

      There may, if you're lucky, some(1 or 2) in BigW Kawana Waters, Port Augusta, Noosa, Mandurah, Ballina and Sunbury.

      If anyone contacts them or looks there, then report back here!

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        Sunbury no stock. The person said she got smashed with phone calls and even mentioned if it was the "microwave on ozbargain" lol. Don't bother calling.

        In any case the price is expired and back to $199

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          "microwave on ozbargain" lol

  • In stock in ACT Woden and Tuggeranong stores.

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    Had one of these. Total junk unfortunately. Dead in 8 months. Not powerful at all. Got an LG instead and absolutely no regrets. Do it once do it right. Trust me, the difference in quality is astounding.

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      Dead in 8 months.

      Claim warranty?

      • +3

        And then deal with dud power? No thanks.
        LG all the way.

        • +4

          I got an LG and loved it but also died in about 10 months and took 2 months LG to negotiate a refud.
          They all have lemons.

    • You may ended up with a lemon, other waves might be okay though, bad luck sometimes

      • These are cheap for a reason, trust me!

        • -7

          For $55, can't go wrong bro

          • +3

            @Yaren24: I've bought some kitchen electronics which were quite cheap and durable. My point is that price does not necessarily determine quality.

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            @Yaren24: If something is shit, you can go wrong.

            It's the definition of wasting money

        • +1

          are you telling russel hobbs brand is bad?

          • +9

            @nsuinteger: It's a fashion brand. Like getting a hugo boss watch, expect the internals to be worse than an Aldi special buy

            • @Shacktool: Hmm okay thanks for the clarification. I just have this micro and a kettle (about 4 years) that hasn’t faulted me yet and my friend’s got rice cooker and iron with no issues so far.

              Btw my question was not a joke or rhetorical type, so not sure why someone would neg 🙂.

              • @nsuinteger: Mine too. I have a Russell Hobbs microwave that I bought when I moved out and it's still going. That was 10 years ago.

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                  @smpantsonfire: Bought a Breville Microwave at the beginning of 2013 and is still running like brand new.

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            @nsuinteger: I've never had much luck with their stuff in the past. Cheap shit.

    • People seem to like them on Product Review https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/russell-hobbs-rhmo...
      Maybe you got a dud?

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        Listed one is RMHO340, reviewed one is RMHO200. Russell Hobbs microwaves are hit and miss, and the quality varies depending on which China product they are badging.

        • +1

          Yes you are quite right, strangely the picture is exactly the same

    • -5

      Does the term yum cha also extend to appliances?

      • FYI yum cha definition via Urban Dictionary

        yum cha
        Generic product. Often used in the electronics field for no-brand Made-in-China gadgets and hardware.
        "I got myself one of those yum cha iPod Nano clones."

    • Got a Samsung for the last 5 years… No issues at all.

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      Sharp last for years

      • I concur. Had mine since 2009. I've only had to replace the internal globe once.

    • Buy an upmarket Panasonic convection microwave. Sure it's expensive, but it's actually made in Japan and great quality.

      • Agree. We have a Japanese Panasonic micro convection and it’s been going strong for more than 15 years. Built like old Subarus and Volvos. They just keep going.

      • Mine one just only last about 5 years and not heating up anymore

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    "Apologies for the inconvenience, but the following items cannot be delivered to postcode 3000"

  • There is no option for delivery?

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    Got one of these few months ago. Works well. If you can get it for the discounted price worth it.
    Make sure you have enough space to keep it though. It’s quite big due to 34L / microwave and convection.

    • -3

      lol u paid close to full price.

      • +4

        Well rrp to be correct 😆. It was worth it considering all 3 cooking functions.

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    Good deal but ugly microwave.

    • Agree, aesthetically they look awful.

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    Cool shame there's none around vic

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    Yep, complete waste of time, no stock anywhere 😴

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    Nowadays microwave is not the same quality with 20 years ago one. My Sharp brand from 20 years ago is still going strong.

    • Same with a Panasonic Dimension 4 convection from the mid-90s, still serving as our main microwave. A 2010s model we bought for a kitchenette suffered a magnetron failure after a few years, and its replacement has a partially faulty heating element.

      Hardly objective evidence but still makes you wonder. Other side to this is say a Miele product costing twice as much as an equivalent Hisense, yet having a shorter express warranty - it undermines the case for 'buying quality'.

      In any case, $200 retail price for a convection microwave seems pretty crazy!

  • Thanks for posting, nabbed the last one at Geelong 30 minutes after you posted.

  • Just picked up 1 for my son from Epping Big W. There is still one left on shelf. Call store if they can hold.

  • -1

    shit brand shit service

  • +3

    looks like price error? can only see $199

    • +4

      Yes $199 save $243.80🤔
      Now it saying save $100 looks like some one playing in the number pad😁

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    it's over now

  • Received sms to be picked up

    • Which store?

      • Dubbo

        • Bit far from Sydney isn't it?

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    It’s not Russel Hobbs as such. Bit like all these TV’s, Spectrum Brands lease out the RH logo. Which is why the quality is shit.

    • +4

      yeah so just because you call it Russell Hobbs then means you pay 4x the normal price of a microwave.

      Kinda like when i bought the Vera Wang cutlery set when it was on sale for a friends housewarming gift but wtf Vera Wang a dress maker so you put her name on some random cutlery set and then it becomes 10x more than what it normally should be?! geez

      to me its all the same, comes from the same factory in china anyway right lol

      • +1

        this is pretty much how marketing works with if not all, then majority so called "branded" products
        quite often you can find near identical quality product, with different label, at a fraction of a price

        value vs price, not many people get that

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    Be careful with some cheap microwaves. Had one at a holiday apartment which had awful heat management. Heating on high power, you could hear after a few minutes, the magnetron would switch off even though the timer was still going. Basically the magnetron would overheat after only a few minutes of high power heating and then you'd get zero heating for another 3 minutes or so even though the lights were on and the turntable was moving.

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