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LG MS4236DB Neochef 42L Black Glass Microwave $163.93 (Was $229) C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Updated to factor in the PICKLE coupon code which is now applicable.

Greetings everyone, The Good Guys have dropped this microwave to its cheapest price ever according to Price Hipster.

I personally have this microwave with the knob and I love it, these microwaves are very well reviewed and definitely recommended.

Main Website Link for $169

This LG microwave oven features a 42 litre capacity. Its 16 cook menus enable you to choose preset heating and defrosting for a variety of foods. Plus, choose high power cooking for boiling and low power for softening butter with the LG MS4236DB's 10 power levels. It has an inverter, allowing you to kiss overcooked edges goodbye. The MS4236DB microwave oven's auto sensor lets you prevent over-cooking and burning. Also, easily set power levels and cooking times with its touch control panel. The MS4236DB has a black glass finish. It has a 608mm width, a 477mm height, and a 608mm depth. Thaw food quickly with help from this LG microwave oven.

3% off Eligible Items - $30 Minimum Spend (Max Discount $1000)

As always, enjoy :)

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  • I like how they’ve simplified the operation panel.

  • +18 votes

    Who's the knob you have it with?

  • Wish it was the MS4296

  • Excellent price, well spotted doweyy. Thanks!

  • I don't recommend these because every time it's done it plays a little tune that gets annoying really quickly. It'll keep repeating it every minute of you haven't taken your food out too. There's no way to turn it off or make it less obnoxious. Absolute nightmare in a small office.

  • Genuine question. How is this better than a cheap Kmart microwave?

    • noise for one… my Target Russell Hobbs lasted almost 2 years and was noisy as..
      other than the heating part… everything else works, but no good without heat.
      I would also suggest the quality of the parts may well be higher.

    • So I can't say for this microwave, but in general a big difference between cheap and expensive microwaves is distribution of heat. Microwaves will have "hot spots", or spots that will receive heat, which is why the food needs to rotate and why you get cold spots sometimes when you don't heat it for long enough. A more expensive microwave has more or larger areas of these hot spots, some expensive microwaves don't even have a rotating plate because the coverage is so good.

      Basically this means that it heats that food more consistently so you don't have to heat it as long and you won't get cold spots and dried out/burnt bits.

    • +2 votes

      Genuine question. How is this better than a cheap Kmart microwave?

      I found that it heats more evenly than even a non-cheap Sharp microwave.

    • I just went from a cheap Aldi microwave to this one, and the differences are huge.

      Besides just feeling better built, there's loads more options for defrosting, heating, etc. And the inverter makes it much more powerful, everything takes much less time to cook or defrost.

      It's also the first time I've had a microwave with a decent defrost function. Haven't ended up partially cooking anything while defrosting, while with previous microwaves this would happen all the time.

  • Looks like a great deal, but I can't see the knob in the photo?

  • How often do we need to replace our microwave? Every 5 years, 10 years or whenever it breaks? What if the radiation leaked?

    • It's just microwaves. Not gamma or x-rays. Worst case you'll start to feel warm lol.

    • I replaced my Sharp Carousel earlier this month, after 25 years of service. Still working well although the light would sometimes switch off for no apparent reason. But microwave ovens contain a magnetron which is a high energy device and I think I was foolish to keep mine in operation that long. Don't do that. Maybe 15 years limit? FWIW I bought a Breville during Myer's August sale for $239 so in a different price bracket to the OP LG - I liked it for the interface.
      EDIT for "microwave ovens" for clarity

      • My parents still got theirs for 30 years. I think it is Electrolux. The E letter looks similar. The rest of the brand already disappeared.

        Like yours the light is very dim, but working. Make a loud noise, but working. Very stubborn to be replaced.

        • My Samsung is 24 years young and still kicking. But it takes a little longer to warm stuff these days.

          The light blew a few years back, but I didn’t replace it because I always leave the door slightly ajar (normally the light would be on) when not in use so any condensation can quickly evaporate. Maybe that’s why it has lasted so long.

          I doubt as a microwave ages it poses an increased health risk.

    • On that note we have had multiple Sharp Inverter microwaves and had to replace them every 2 years after they failed. We are on our third currently.

      When we brought it up with sales they advised thats how long they are expected to last these days.

      Only reason we kept buying the same one was because the features were good and it heated really well. Also couldn't stand the 1 minute reminding chime on other microwaves as others have mentioned.

  • This is a fab microwave and I bought on offer last year based on Ozbargain reviews. It has a lot of space for all those large bowls knocking around your kitchen and cooks everything quickly. The only negative reviews that concerned me were around the tune played at the end of cooking instead of a beep.Let me tell you, the happy little tune is now part of our family. Ignore the whingers, this is a great price for such a good microwave.

  • Thanks OP! Will try to get Myer to price match if they have it in stock. Need to offload some gift cards

  • damn ~ I just paid $199 last week for the MS42960WS (had Jb Hifi vouchers) :(

  • Sadly, I bought this at full price, after the last deal and before this one. Had to as our current one died.

    I was dubious about the knob and the tune based on comments, but I can honestly say that for me the tune is great. It only lasts less then 2 seconds and is cheerful. however, multiple ovens in an office environment would not be good.

    The knob is ok. The main advantage for me is the controls inside the door include a summary of the settings for reheat, soften, sensor cook etc. Saves getting the manual out. I would buy this model again just for that.

    Overall a good device and excellent value at this price.

  • Thank you OP, bought one

  • I've got this model and it seems that the heating is a bit hit and miss…. or maybe i have a faulty one and need to get it checked out under warranty. Sometimes it will heat the food well and quick, other times it will run for 60 seconds and not heat anything…

  • Agree with what everyone's said. I've got this one and it's great. Heats food much more evenly than my last microwave, and my toddler loves the song. Ideal for a home environment. Great price!

  • Still happy with my Sammy microwave, 10 years old… touch wood.

  • We have the MS4296OSS at work and I love it. There's something about the way food heats up in decent microwaves that completely justifies the purchase. Wish I could cut the bloody speaker cable though.

  • just bought a samsung 42l one for $199 on Sunday….

  • Now I just want to hear the tune everyone is talking about

  • Ohhhh I wish it was a smaller one. This one does not fit on my kitchen =(

    • They do have a smaller model. This one is surprising though, it's about the size of a 34L microwave.

  • Great microwave my parents upgraded to this about a month back.
    One question if anyone else owns: is the turntable really noisy/wobbly sounding during operation?
    Have tried reseating and moving the wheels etc but continues to be noisy. Microwave itself is very quiet. Tune is polite.

    • Nope. Why would the turntable be noisy or wobbly. It's got like 5 wheels for smoother operation.

      • That's exactly what I'm confused about. It isn't actually wobbly, just sounds like something is misaligned or something. Again, have checked and all seems fine.
        Wondering if I should buy myself one (in need of one anyway) and see if it suffers the same issue. If not, guess it's warranty-able.

      • They describe it as 6 support points,
        buts in the MS42960BS variant its 3 wheels plus 3 flat supports which barely contact unless it tips a little.

  • We went for a Panasonic with a flat bed and now I don't think we could now ever go back to a turn table microwave

    • Do you find the heating even? I did a non-scientific test on my friend's flatbed Panasonic and it looked quite uneven. I wonder if they've improved it since.

      Personally I don't mind a turntable. With the stuff I cook/heat up, it's easier to just remove the turntable and rinse or wash it under the sink than it is to wipe the floor of the microwave clean.

    • Nah, with Panasonic flatbed, you could never heat multiple dishes in one go, even if you could fit them all in there. One dish will always be colder than the others. Even with the 1100w version, it would take almost 3-4 mins just to heat up something properly. Don't even get me started on frozen food. What's the point having large usable square space, where you couldn't utilise it?! Good idea with flat bed, but dumb tech from Panasonic. The only good thing about it is the ease of cleaning, period! Btw, the LG turntable is supported with multiple points, so it won't tip even dish is put on one side. And yes, way better than Panasonic flatbed in term of heating and evenness of heating! I know this, as I just bought the LG today.. Thank God I could finally get rid of the junk Panasonic.

      • How strange - if anything we constantly overheat things in our Panasonic and had to get in the habit of giving things less time. We have toddler so heaps of pre-prep frozen meals that we heat from frozen no problems.

  • Can the food be clearly seen through the black glass while heating

    • I have the same question.
      When I was shopping for Microwaves last year, I was amazed at how many were so dark inside one could not see the food and if bubbling etc. Why oh why have so many manufacturers chose such a crap bulbs is beyond me! Ended up with a Breville which has a nice bright bulb and easy to see inside (which is important for my needs).

    • yes.. you can, we just bought the in the MS42960BS variant. I imagine it should be fairly similar?
      while doing the setup last night I ran 300ml of water in it and
      it warmed nicely and you could clearly see the jug.
      The light is quite bright inside.

  • Some may think microwaves are all the same, but in my opinion (and owning/using at least 5 microwaves in my lifetime), inverter technology in microwaves is considered the best.

  • I think pressing the Clear/Cancel/Stop button and either the Inverter Cook or the Keep Warm button for 2 seconds should turn off the beep.

  • Anyone have any tips on doing click & collect for this item via Ebay?

    I select local store which has stock, select buy it now.

    It then shows only my delivery address with postage cost, and there appears to be no option to change it to store for C&C

  • So this model doesn't have sensor cook? If not, what am I missing out?

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