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75-78% Ethanol V/V, 70% Ethanol w/V, Australian Made Hand Sanitiser Gel-500ml X $11.45 Each (Was $21.95) + $10 Delivery @ Medaid


• Australian made and owned
• Meet Australian Standards
• Premium quality sanitising gel
• Helps prevent infectious diseases
• Fast drying, non-sticky antibacterial waterless hand sanitiser
• Hospital Quality
• Kills 99.9% of common germs that can cause disease
• Contains Glycerine and Vitamins B5 that leave the skin feeling clean, refreshed and minimise dryness
• Evaporates quickly
• Can be used anytime and anywhere
• 75-78% ethanol v/v, 70% ethanol w/v
• Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available on product

Shipping within 24 hours of placing the order

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  • Expensive.

  • Expensive. Spam. Approx $40 for a litre. You are dreaming in lala land lol

    • Expensive but hospital grade, it's not the same as consumer.

      • +1

        Ethanol is ethanol.
        Every floor cleaner, for example, you can buy says "hospital grade" as well.

      • Lol what

      • Do you also buy "military grade" stuff?

        • No. It's just tested to be effective where as cosmetic isn't.

  • Terrible price!

  • Yawn….price gouging is over mate.

    • +1

      Probably just got the bottles from China and needs to make up their spend to try and cash in

  • +1


    OP compete with $3.60 for 500 ml lol
    Still they can't clear it .

  • Good luck

    the store is probably oversupplied as well

  • Looks like your shipment came a month too late, and your prices are obsolete

  • Rubbish deal

  • +2
    • -1

      I'd pay $6 Not to use that shit.