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Clever Coffee Dripper + 250gm Coffee $33 + Shipping or Free Pickup at VIC/WA @ Five Senses


Came across this deal whist shopping for some Crompton Road, might be useful for people out there. Clever Coffee Dripper for $33 in addition of a bag of 250g of Yirgzero (RRP $15 https://www.fivesenses.com.au/product/coffee/single-origins/...)

Not including shipping costs, but there's free pickup in WA/Vic.

Also using this post as an excuse to collate peoples thoughts on the Clever Coffee Dripper vs. Hario V60 vs. Melitta vs. everything else.

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    So s clever coffee dripper is just.. a cup


      Think french press, where water mix with ground coffee for a period of time, but pass through a paper filter to remove the coffee sediments and some oils.


    How is this better than a $5 V60?

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      AFAIK, Clever Coffee Dripper is actually a filter immersion brewer, not a pourover. It's not necessarily better of worse than a V60 / Kalita Wave, just different.

      As I understand it, the Clever is somewhat of a hybrid of pourover and french press.

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      No idea, I'm sure some coffee aficionado will explain the subtle complexities between the different methods.

      From what I can ascertain, it holds the water in the vessel due to the stopper similar to a french press style then you filter it away once you place it on a cup. Similar how these contraptions work with tea (https://www.t2tea.com/en/au/teawares-3/t2-teamaker-t2_teamak...)

      Although I don't think you'll be able to do Hoffman/4:6 method with this Clever thing so its all infusion or nothing.

      One other thing, if you can get a V60 for $5, hook a brother up.


      Where exactly do you get a V60 for $5?

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      for the people who wanna experiment with their coffee - it gives you control over more variables. as mentioned, it allows you to combine immersion brewing with your typical pourover preparation methods. you can control how long you steep your coffee in a set amount of water for a set amount of time before the water is released and your coffee is extracted. This could arguably produce a more consistent cup with more 'body' - all other pourover methods begin extraction the moment the water hits the coffee bed, this is what makes the clever different. That said hario came up with something fairly recently doing the exact same thing but in a more popular and familiar coned shape so you can use all your v60 filter papers interchangeably.

      https://alternativebrewing.com.au/product/hario-immersion-sw... - overpriced but might save you having to buy different papers in the long run.

      The clever with the trapdoor or stopper left opened would function pretty much like a v60…only with proprietary filter paper which is an unwise business move taking away from the versatility of this brewer imo. That said, I own one that's still unopened and brand new in box. I have a mate in the coffee industry so we do equipment mass orders at wholesale prices and lets just say the clever cost in the low $20 to own.


    Free shipping over $60 with code: hibernate