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[NSW] Ben & Jerry's (Chatswood) - 4 Pint Tubs of Ice Cream for $21.85 @ Groupon


Saw this in the NSW Chatswood store, not sure if it's statewide. The staff didn't know either (how long or if in other stores). A bit of a hack, but works well.
1. Cashback your way to Groupon (currently 5%, can go up during special events)
2. Buy a $20 Ben & Jerry's Groupon - $40 of in-store credit to use on any menu items including any ice cream flavours or a selection of shakes, sundaes & smoothies.
3. Pop in store
4. They have a buy two pints get one free offer going (unknown expiry on this)
5. 4 pints will now cost you a $20 Groupon +$1.85 cash/card ($13.95 x3 (as one is free) = $41.85)
6. Donate one to a fellow OzBargainer who can't make it to Chatswood

1. You can buy anything else for the remaining credit of $12.10
2. [Edit] Shopback has 15% and another 10% when using code FAST10, until 2000hrs tonight 28/05 (price drops to $18 and $2.70 cashback = total of $15.3 for the Groupon) - Cheers @whitelie

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  • Even cheaper if you have the targeted offer

  • Their ice cream so expensive and not even worth it even at half price

    • Agreed. This will usually cost $56 so is a massive saving!

    • +7

      ben and jerrys is good but not good enough for their prices

  • +2

    $10% off Groupon with FAST10 (until 8PM)
    So $18 + $1.85 = $19.85. Better deal if the promo code isn't supported by cashback

    But it's currently 15% cash back with Shopback on Food and Drink takeaway?

  • +2

    Not in NSW, but have a +1 for the detailed process that you’ve thought through.

    • Cheers mate! :)

  • does it work for Bondi store?

    i.e.: is the buy 2 get one free NSW wide?

    • Will have to call the store to check. I asked Chatswood and they didn't know if it was extended to others.

  • Did you buy as want to know if Groupon stacks with buy 2 get 1 free?

    • Yes, can confirm that I bought it myself.

  • +1

    Can you buy an extra pint for $13.85 using your $12.10 left over credit, leaving you with 5 pints for $23.70?

    • +1

      It won't be 5 pints for $23.70, you're already buying a pint with the left over credit. OP was just saying you could use it for anything if you don't want 4 pints.

      If you buy another, it would be $15.80 on top of the voucher. So $33.80 total spend ($31.10 including cash back)…but you'd end up with 6 pints as you're buying 4 and getting 2 free. $5.18/pint doing it this way or $4.28/pint per the OP…

      • Thanks for this. The $12.10 credit is after you purchase 2 pints plus free pint (not after you purchase 3 pints & free pint which is what I thought it was)

  • Thanks OP - purchased! Any in-store flavour recommendations?

    • Choc chip cookie dough. Every. Single. Time.

    • The OH LOVES chunky monkey. I went for the coffee chocolate and brownie fudge.

  • +1

    If anyone wants to do step 6, you can help me out! :p

  • +2

    Or just eat an apple. :)

  • +2

    Got mine the other night delivered for $0.46 a pint from the menulog deal

  • +1

    Nothing is worth going to Chatswood.

  • Wish this was posted earlier, was at Chatswood and got three pint two days back! I'd not mind another 3. Thanks OP

    • Did they not tell you about this deal? There was a stand up prop sign at the door as you entered telling you about it.

      • +1

        I did get the 3 pints. But didn't know about the Groupon offer.

        • +1

          Fair enough. Time to make some space in your freezer my friend. These stack really well.

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    I spoke to B&J on Facebook, the buy 2, get 1 free isn't nationwide but a lot of Scoop Shops are doing it, so you might have to ring around and suss them out.

  • I went in today and they said I could not use the Groupon in Chatswood :-(

    • Rubbish! It says you can on the groupon!

    • -1

      thanks for letting us know - going to avoid groupon and B&Js!

    • That's half the story. Looks like they've caught on. Went in today to get more. You can't use the groupon with the 3 for 2 deal anymore at chatswood. You can still get the 3 for 2 deal if you pay cash/card. I used the groupon to get 3 tubs and paid $2 extra to round off. Would like to know if other stores have also pulled this offer using the Groupon.

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