10% off Catch.com.au - Exclusions Apply @ UNiDAYS (Expired) and Student Beans


Student beans link

UNiDAYS offer has expired.

Discount is valid for UNiDAYS verified members and is available online only at catch.com.au. Excludes all Marketplace, Catch Connect, Apple, Google, Dyson, Asus, Beats, Blaupunkt, Bose, DJI, FujiFilm, GARMIN, JBL, LG, Logitech, Oppo, Playstation, Samsung, Sony, TEAC, Thrustmaster, Xbox and Nintendo products, and delivery fees. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including referral codes and promo codes. Prices are in AUD.

Mod: For UNidays code requests, please post in Code Request/Giveaway Megathread, and not in the comments below. Thanks.

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  • This is a great post!
    Doesn't apply to discounted items i believe :(

    • It does! nothing in the exclusions says otherwise either.

      • Ah yes I stand corrected my bad!

  • Can you filter out marketplace?

    • Yes, Just select deals from catch in the filter section

  • +1

    Problem is they run out of codes often convieniently during special/promo periods.

    • Every week get a code and copy it in your notes or something and use them when needed

  • +1

    Yes, they seem to run out of codes during special events and have been running out more and more often recently . They also changed from 1 code per 1 hour to 1 code for 1 day and now its only 1 code for 1 week.

  • All, When i am trying to apply the code. Its shows code is applied but price is not changing ? any idea why? Product is sold by Catch.

    • See exclusion list

      • hmm…could be the reason….was trying for Airpod! thanks mate!

  • Suncorp gift card is not instant. I've been waiting for 48 hrs, and it says up to 72 hours to be available. Anyone else having issues recently?

    • +1

      It does say

      Instant digital voucher ready for use. Check retailer terms & conditions for where the voucher can be used.

      I purchased about a month ago and received right away.

      • It also states the following:

        Digital eGift Cards will be sent to you by email and available in your eWallet with instructions on how to redeem. Although we make best efforts for instant delivery, occasionally this may take up to 72 hours.

        I guess I got the short end of the stick this time around

      • Just bought gift card from Suncorp last night and delivered instantly

  • So I have a multi use code from unidays and yet it doesnt work anymore.

    • -1

      UNiDAYS code are single use only

      • No they arent, They changed it to multi use code about a month ago. This is a multiple use code for your use only. Use it each time you shop with Catch.

        • +1

          You are right, I wasn’t aware if that change. Not sure why it’s not working for you then

          • @Pricebeat: Yeah I have sent them an email, it worked the first time i used it a few weeks ago and then i just tried it today as i wanted to order something and it didnt work. Also theres no way of resetting the code.

            • +1

              @lonewolf: If you have a student email, sign up to studentbeans as a back up.

              • @Pricebeat: the support reset my code and again it only worked once but it insists its a multi use code and i have to contact support again.

  • Now they (Unidays) have said they made a mistake it shouldnt be multi use but single use. And the single use code i have only resets 1 per year. This is becoming unusable.

    • +1

      Why not just use student beans if it doesn't work for you?

      • Yes I started using Student Beans, but i just wanted people to know that UniDays seem to be having issues with their codes, I noticed on another thread others mentioning they arent sure why the code wasnt working.

  • -1

    code please….

  • Can I have a code please?

  • Both Unidays and Student Beans code don't work with Catch Connect, anyone experience the same issue?

  • Looking for a spare 10% off code pls

  • Unidays code didn't work for Samsung headphones and Apple dongle but worked for some overpriced wireless charger. Beware.

  • Thanks Op.

  • +2

    unidays no long offer 10% discount?

    • I can't see it either.

      • cant see it either :(

  • can't see it ..

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