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NutriBullet Rx Blender, Black $171 Delivered @ Amazon AU


1700W motor base that breaks through the toughest ingredients
Featuring a 7-minute heating cycle that blends your contents into a soup
Hands-free cycle that powers off the motor after maxiumum extraction
Included Souperblast Pitcher for warm blends

Also NutriBullet 1200W Series Blender 10 Piece Set, Silver for $107

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    I already have the 1200w select and it's amazing. I really want this one and its a good price but cant justify it cause I have one already. Damnnn

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      Goddam i always accidentally click im associated or its default. Either way im definitrly not associated with amazon unless they offer me a job pleaseeee

      • would you recommend this one over 1200w? I may buy one even though we already have the cheap one (we paid $50 something, the basic one) we bought two years ago working fine.


          It really just depends on your budget. 1200w will do the job perfectly I have 0 complaints. But personally I still want this one just because I love how good the 1200w has been to me. This is actually a real good deal so I'd say definitely consider this one over the 1200w.

        • This one make soups also

  • I think pay more to get Vitamix is the way to go if you want quality.

  • I just paid $219 for the ninja duo argh!

  • Interested, but the Amazon description lost me at “superfood”

  • This or the Sunbeam on sale at Myer? I'm a smoothie and soup noob. https://www.myer.com.au/p/sunbeam-high-performance-power-ble...

    • I went NutriBullet because higher power and speed. The additional cups and of course the price. I managed to cancelled my Ninja duo order - pretty happy with my decision so far.

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