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LEGO Technic Car Transporter 42098 - $149 (Save $100) @ Big W

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  • @OP pls fix title

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    From June 16th Online, June 18th in store.

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    Wow, some other good prices too like the new Technic Ducati for $69, and some City stuff for less than Kmart.

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      I'm in for the Ducati. Can't wait. I expect Kmart will have a similar sale on at the same time

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        Kmart had the Ducati on the shelf today, looks nice. $79 but I can wait a bit.

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          Nice! My local Kmart still looks like it's been looted, sure doesn't have any new Lego, haha.

          But yes, even without OzB to guide me I have a hard time buying Lego too near or at rrp.

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        Pretty sure kmart doesn't have sales in Lego.

        It goes BigW sale>Kmart>BigW>Target sale>Myers sale=David Jones sale>Target>Mers=David Jones
        In my experience at least

        • Kmart don't do sales but sometimes you get really good clearance items. Seen stuff marked down 60% but it's rare and not advertised.

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    This is a beast of a model which I bought last time it was on here (I think at Target) - for reference other Lego cars such as the VW Beetle and the 007 Aston Martin both fit on the truck and trailer. Had to disconnect the trailer to fit it in my display cabinet :(

    • Thanks for that info about models that fit. I thought it was a pity that I couldn't find more to put on there, apart from the car it comes with and the ZR1. The Aston is almost 10cm longer than the ZR1 though, be interesting to see how it looks

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    Do you think the lego land rover will go on sale? It's not in the catalogue but in stock in my local Big W


    • On sale at Amazon, it was about 295 last I checked

    • I got one from iwoot a few weeks ago for around $250. Was in stock, out of stock, then I bought on presale. Delivered about a week or so later. I dont see it listed now but you could check every few days.

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    Oh my god, 112 pages. 😳

    Went through the first 25 pages with my son and he's built up his "wish list" already.

    Damn you Lego for putting out so many kits !!!

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    omg I don't now whether to show my son

  • Anyone know what time the sale starts on the 16th of June? Just wanting to make sure I order things before stock runs out.

  • Dammit just pulled the trigger on this set from David Jones, might have to return

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      60 days returns policy; wait until you secure this one from Big W, then return at DJs.

  • :( I want the GTR

  • Convenient that it comes with only one car and the car isn't the usual lego car size or shape, pushing you to buy the Dom's Charger as well.

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      The charger is much too big. The ugly Technic Corvette is more in scale.

      • This came out long before Dom’s charger.. so not related. It only comes with one car but at this price it has exceptionally good value by Lego piece count… and there are several cars that fit it.

        —- Meanwhile, @Merlict the Technic Corvette ‘B’ rat rod model is cool actually.

  • Thanks OP mega appreciated the post, but can we now remove it then I can have a chance to get some lego before all of our OzBargain friends snap up the deal before us. Lol

  • The Child 16cm Talking Plush Toy for $35 is different to the $40 one being sold at Zing right?

  • Thoughts on whether the 1989 batmobile will make an appearance?

    • I don’t normally see that kind of set at Big W - as it was an original Lego exclusive. Occasionally it happens though but wouldn’t bet on it.

  • What would be good to entertain my hyper 10 month old son?

  • I saw the image at first and thought it was the Impala from Supernatural.

  • holy shit i knew lego was expensive but that's crazy

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      Crazy? This set is huge and is a model with thousands of pieces that requires hours of building and can then be for display or play. A small model kit from Bandai can be that price and could be 10% of the size. Yes Lego is not cheap but I feel you get good value from it.

  • The new City and Creator sets look interesting but there's a glaring lack of Star Wars sets in this sale.

    It's also weird that the Porsche 911 RSR is referred to as the "Prelim GT Racecar" in the catalogue.

  • Was just reading the terms and conditions inside the catalogue and it appears 'stock not available for immediate purchase' or am I reading that wrong?

  • How do i get this truck before it sells out.

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    Waiting in a line for online shopping !!! Wow

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    Bought one at 3am WST and got the pickup ready email at 6am WST.

    No waiting at all.

  • Soooo. online it says there are no stores anywhere near me with the Car Transporter so I can't order it online for delivery or click & collect. However it says it's IN STOCK at all stores near me and shows the price as $149.

    But… since the sale doesn't start instore until the 18th, I guess if I head instore tomorrow I'll have to pay $249?


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      normally I go the evening before the sale start instore, and you will see them loading the shelves and updating the price. You can actually get it at the sale price.

    • I managed to order online for click and collect from the local store. Delivery was no longer available as out of stock. “Add to cart” button was greyed out. But by putting in my postcode it gave me option to collect from a local store. Already received pickup email that it’s ready for collection

    • it means that the store doesnt have stock. try another store(s).

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    What is with Kmart and BigW having these "waiting" areas? Since when can't a big national chain handle a bit of increased traffic? I wanted to check stock for something non toy related and now I have to wait.

    • social distancing at a new level…

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      How about they upgrade their infrastructure to the online demand!?
      I'm not waiting for an indeterminate period just so I can browse their website. They can get stuffed, I'll just take my business elsewhere.

      Edited: 4 hour wait apparently: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/kids/shoppers-ra...

      Edited: A neg vote to my comment? By a Big W employee maybe :)? Sad sad people.

    • Last time I was in Kmart I got in ok , and dumped my stuff when I saw the queue at the checkout .
      Never been back .
      Target and Bigw are no problem except for the one now getting huge action . Both are normally ghost towns .

  • I got two of them but was up till 2 am waiting in a line took 30 minutes to clear check out the website kept crashing and freezing.

    Going to have a very happy 12-year-old he gets one now his paying for and has no idea he'll get the second one for his birthday in a few months then you can make both sets.

    Bummer I could have just gone to Amazon they had it cheaper until they sold out quickly but didn't want to lose my spot in the Big W line just in case. But did pick up quite a few other small bargains for Christmas for the kids

  • How is it that a store has 'find in store' stock but not 'pick up' stock ?

    • It means there is no stock.

      • Was definitely stock. Was able to get the truck and the Porsche thankfully.

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