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10% off Nintendo E-Shop Gift Cards, Nintendo Labo Kits $29, Hot Wheels 10 Pack $9.50 @ BigW


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    VR complete kit included?

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      Catalogue only mentions variety, robot and vehicle kit so I would assume not. Just matching EB and Amazon.

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    sweet let's hope Amazon price matches it

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    Miss 15%, but 10% is not bad, time to stock some.

  • That means the switch will come in stock at 16/6

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    Nintendo eshop is egift card or physical?

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      Nintendo only has physical cards

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        Thanks @dReam10
        Further saving 5% if we use woolworths egift card to pay

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          I dont think you can pay gift card with gift cards in BIGW. Not allowed in woolworths. Not sure if it is possible in BIGW.

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            @dReam10: using 5% GC to buy 15% off card. missing the old days. should stock $1000 at least. now i do not think it is allowed any more.

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              @ce5himm: Well, 10% now is still a great deal.

        • This doesn't work no matter which checkout you use. The system will respond with invalid item and decline the transaction. (I tried it today)

      • In store only then?

        • Yep as per the catalogue

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    Great! Might use the Nintendo E-Shop Gift Card to get the new pokemon expansions coming up soon

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    Ooof, slim pickings for any gaming-related bargain (aside from the aforementioned).

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      Agreed. Eshop cards for me only this time. :/

  • Nice !!

  • Woolworths gift cards don't wont on Nintendo E-Shop cards right?

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      Right. I tried last time and it didn't work.

  • Abit disappointed with the lego sale.

    • Yeah, not really shocking though currently. They can barely get stock fast enough. Went through my local the other night and the shelves were 3/4 bare.

      The Technic stuff is OK, but little else.

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    You can use eshop cards to buy Nintendo online vouchers for double the saving :D

  • Thanks OP, time to stock up on more hot wheels!

  • Anyone knows whats the expiry of the gift cards?

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      If u talkin abt nintendo GC, then it says there’s no expiry at the back of the cards.

      • Yes nintendo gc, thanks

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    Does anyone know if EB will price match the e-shop GC?

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      EB Games won't price match Nintendo eShop Gift Card (I tried during JB Boxing Day Sale).

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        I think someone on here had success.

        But it's EB. They always respond on a whim - there is no consistency. What they say depends on the hour, minute and second that you ask. As well as which Tuesday of the month is closest, whether it is a winter solstice and cumulatively how many donuts the staff have eaten recently.

  • Does anyone know how quickly the Switch is likely to sell out?

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      If it’s the regular Switch, almost immediately as stock levels around the world are slim at the moment.

  • will the gift card sell out?

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    BIG W's NEXT ad campaign…

    "Feel like you missing out of the thrill of maybe catching Covid in our LONG queues in store… DON'T worry you can now experience the queues ONLINE without the risk of catching COVID. ONLY At BIGW ONLINE…"

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      I think they've had a big IT failure, as the online queue was 1.25 hours last night at 2am. I haven't seen any bargains in their sale worthy of that kind of panic buying.

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      This is why they are not doing well (in terms of $$)… you cant have a toy sale online and then lock out most of your customer base. Amazon will just price match and take most of your sales away.

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    Trying to get one of those vehicle kits for 29$ but their page doesnt work :D What a joke.

  • I got in and can confirm they have stock of the full console Nintendo switch alot of stores near me showing it's available be quick if you want it ;)

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    Besides Big W, where else can you buy Nintendo E-Shop gift cards? Also does the gift card need to cover the full purchase price of a digital game, or can you use a combination of gift card and credit card to make up any shortfall?

    Thanks! New Switch owner here :)

    • You can always add extra $$ if your card doesn't make the total purchase total :)

      I would also advise using a bank who don't charge international transaction fee's

      All purchases on the e-store are through a Japan Paypal account which seems to cause some banks to charge extra fees,

      • Thanks for the tip regarding the credit card fees. Good to know!

      • List of credit cards or banks that doesnt charge international transaction fees?

        • I have UBank they are free and no international transactions fee's

          Also ING are they same pretty sure!

    • You can purchase Nintendo eShop Gift Cards from:

      • JB Hi-Fi
      • Woolworths
      • Big W
      • EB Games
      • Target?
    • When you buy a nintendo E-shop card you can add it to your e-store account and it sits there as a balance to be used as currency. So if you spent $54 and got the $60 e-shop card you can add it and you'll have $60 to spend on how ever many games you want.
      One big game or many little games and if you don't have aenough credit, but another card or use a CC.

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    So you can use the eShop vouchers to get 2 Nintendo-published games for $121.50 when combined with this deal.

  • Eshop gc OOS at South Yarra.

    Can anyone confirm stock in CBD or Doncaster?

    • No stock at QV

    • Doncaster OOS

  • FYI, was able to price match with EB then use EB gift cards which were purchased at 10% off to end up having 19% off. This worked at EB games Keysborough in VIC!

    • how did you get 19% if it is price match?

    • Where did you buy EB GC with 10% off ?

      I was about to buy Labo kit at BigW with a 5% GC

      • My partner work place offers 10% off EB gift cards

    • Tried to price match at Melbourne central EB and JB, both said they can’t price match gift cards🤷🏽

      • I tried at EB Games in Sydney CBD and Parramatta during the last Nintendo eShop Sale during Boxing Day and they all refused to price match Gift Cards.

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    Variety Labo available on Big W ebay for those looking for delivery.


  • Labo Kits $27.55 at JB here via 5% off coupon for anyone following.

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