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BIG W Toy Mania Sale: Barbie from $10, Buzz $17.5, Nerf Elite $49, Tiny Pong $5, Book PlaySets $10, LEGO from $7, Bikes from $69

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    The $49 bike is a kids balance bike. Pedals will cost you $20.

    • Where can you get the pedals from?

      • Pretty sure big W used to sell them, if not eBay/amazon

  • Any idea when online will start? Midnight or…? Not sure how fast these sell out, LEGO especially :)

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      This is all I could find, in the terms:

      Sale starts online 16 June, in store 18 June and ends 15 July. ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE POLICY: Many of these great offers start online from 16 June 2020, but hurry as stocks are limited and only available while they last! BIG W makes every effort to ensure stock is available when advertised and we encourage you to check bigw.com.au for availability. If an item is unavailable (e.g. due to supply chain issues) we’ll offer to sell you a comparable item (if available) with the same reduction in price as the advertised item. Savings may vary slightly to those shown. Some styles, colours and sizes may not be available at some stores or online and may vary by store. Accessories not included. Some larger items are sold boxed and require assembling. We reserve the right to limit purchases to reasonable retail quantities. Commercial quantities not supplied. No rainchecks. Accessories and batteries not included unless specified.

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        So is that 16 June at one minute past midnight for online? Or the online store will be down until 4am or what.

    • I had as look at the buzz lightyear toy just now, and it says "This item and price is coming soon in our Toy Mania catalogue! Available online Tuesday 16th June from 12.01am (AEST) and in-store Thursday 18th June."
      So midnight it is

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    Ping Pong on the front good Kringle gift.

    • It's June

      • Xmas in July?

  • TinyPong ? 🤔

  • Is that $49 steam engine science toy genuine. It looks plastic and it takes batteries.

  • Silly question - can you do layby online or is that instore only ?

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      Page 2 ,layby online available.

    • Layby online, though they don't tell you what products are not available for layby. Which includes online only, anything with an expiry date (phones included) and some other stuff.

  • Urgh.. What do you buy a 14 month old..

    Already has:
    Duplo (4 sets)
    Range rover 12v car with remote
    leapfrog toys
    Hot wheels
    Wooden train set (Brio)
    Ride on train (Thomas the tank engine)
    More plush toys you can poke a stick at!
    John Deere toys
    All lion King and toy story series on 4k

    So lost for ideas…

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      Books. Puzzles. Kids are seriously better off with those than most of the above

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        Has every book under the sun I think lol.. has a whole bookshelf of books :) His mum/my partner is a teacher so was onto that very early on 🙂

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      Buy him/her your time to spend with you, stacking blocks, singing songs you've heard a hundred time under a makeshift tent with bed sheets and chairs.

      • Has a teepea that we play in everyday (mentioned above) Duplo too.

        Has a ball pit too which is great fun to sit in.

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          No judgements haha… but… sounds like he has everything a kid could ever want.. or should have… do you have to buy something? I’m sure you must have a reason other than just ‘bargain’… but just thought I’d mention the option.

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      Merc amg

      • Can't give him a switch because he thinks it's like the Xbox elite controller where the toggles come off, he loves pulling that apart.

        He has a leapfrog phone, remote and ipad

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        Deeds to an Apple store
        Tesla shares
        Government bonds

        • Shares in baby formula? He firmly believes in those products!

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      Get a big cardboard box, cut out a big square and put them inside it. Then tell them they are a TV show. Watch them entertain themselves for hours.

      If you have more than one kid and more boxes, draw wheels on the side of the boxes and add a steering wheel (paper plate works well). Then tell them they are a drive-in theatre next time they watch a movie. Or combine with the first idea (tv box).

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      Your love and attention could be a good start

      • Gets that all day everyday.

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      Nothing. He wil not know the difference. Already has too much. A donation to charity in his name?

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        A donation to charity in his name?

        To The Human Fund…

    • You can buy a toy work bench/ tools. They have a bosch range in that catalogue.

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      Lego is great gets their creativity going! But i suppose the small pieces may be a problem. How bout those big mega blocks toys instead?

    • Index funds.

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        You got 50 negs for not backing it up.

        • -2

          Can't be bothered getting into another pointless internet argument

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            @first in line: Ctrl + c then ctrl + V click post and boom save 50 negs!

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            @first in line: So wait… you could have just backed it up… but chose to be defensive… if that’s your way of avoiding a pointless internet argument you might want to rethink that haha.

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          At least I can still get a laugh from somewhere.

          OzBargain delivers…

    • How? There is no LEGO Technic Car in this deal. Titles play an important part in dupes.

      • Are you for real? There are 200 pages in that catalogue. You could create 200 posts out of it…

        • Yes. The deal was reported multiple times and the staff never removed the deal. It doesn't meet the criteria for being a dupe.

          Happens all the time with catalogue deals. Just look at the weekly Colesworth deals.

  • Does anyone know if you can buy Nintendo cards with the wish card from cash rewards?

    • You can't.

      • +1

        booo lol

        • Yep.

    • I think you could if you were fast enough. $60 eshop could be viewed at checkout for $54 at midnight last night, couldn't see it this morning (available in store only).

      Maybe next time, for those who are fast enough to beat the staff pulling it down.

  • The Child 16cm Talking Plush Toy for $35 is different to the $40 one being sold at Zing right?

  • The toy story talking plush's are $10 on sale at Target atm

  • No free shipping?

    • Looks like they have removed the free shipping over $100 which was there the other day

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    No good Car seats sadly.

  • No good Car seats sadly.

  • This also seems to include the iPads… 32GB 7th Gen for $499 - https://www.bigw.com.au/product/apple-ipad-7th-gen-10-2-wi-f...

  • I’m considering purchasing some presents online for christmas using the online lay-by… I’ve never used a lay by before…

    Does BIGW’s 90-day return policy start when I collect the item or when I start the layby?(as obvious as this question is, I can’t find the answer online!)

    Also, is layby risky with BIGW, I haven’t been paying too much attention, how likely is Big-W to go into receivership, I vaguely remember a bunch of stores being shut ?

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      Big W is in a worse position compared to say Kmart, but no idea if they'd close stores

    • Zero chance - woolworths would have to be close to being out of business. Which it is not.

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    There's a Big W lounge online? And, it's 1 hour long at 12:30am? This is crazy

    • Nothing and I mean nothing sucks as much as online ques. Just don’t do that. Like ever. Problem is Australia’s bricks and mortar stores just don’t get it and won’t pay for the infrastructure for these type of sales. That’s why Kogans shares are skyrocketing….

    • I went on at 11 pm and got added to the queue. I didn't even realize what was going on as I just wanted to browse the catalogue. It was great though cause they had some feature where you could add stuff in the catalogue into a list and you converted to the shopping cart at midnight and i just checked out and went to bed by 12:10 am.

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    A lot gone -Feels like an ebay plus sale😢.

  • Thanks, TA!

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    I can't believe they can't handle website traffic it's 2020. Instead of paying for more bandwidth on their server or whatever you would technically call it they pay an IT team to introduce a waiting line

    • the web site was a joke for them expecting a huge increase in traffic, so many SIMPLE things they could have done…
      Just basic 101 rules for building a site expecting huge volumes: one example
      Image Optimization - they had full size multiple images AND videos for some toys… Who the hell is looking at the pictures or videos in a sale like this. Just host one compressed picture, that's all is needed.

      rant over

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    What a shocking website.

    • Lol Agree I paid the price and feel like a Zombie with em taking away my sleep , Amazon saved the day on some things .

  • Anyone manage to get the Bugatti?

    • Amazon was there for a good while but not on my list , you would have won the lottery to get it at BigW .

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    "Due to a high number of shoppers you have been placed in the waiting lounge.

    We value you as a customer and we will transfer you to the website as soon as possible."

    Seriously, they start a sale online before instore but don't have foresight that it will attract higher traffic to their website?
    Or is it that they just don't care?

    I'm annoyed cos I only wanted to price check something.

    • I only had to wait for 5 mins then I'm in, blame it on COVID queuing

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    They just dont want to admit their site crushed.. So full of it!!

    Well I am only after Switch games anyway and seems no much of that is on sale so I will pass.

    I just wish big company stop cheating customer and put up legit sale. Ebay price jack, BIG W waiting lounge, whats next? Amazon quarantine zone? its shocking how big company screw up these days.

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    "Due to unforeseen shipment delays, this product may not be available for our launch on 16 June (online) and 18 June (in store)."


    • I went into my local big w about 2 weeks ago and the Lego was empty then!

      There was no way they were going to recover in time for the sale.

  • Does anyone know if the barbie doll house is on this? I saw it mentioned on instagram but then went on and I couldnt find it. There werent a lot of options!

    • Not sure but it's $180 at Amazon AU at the moment.

  • Dam looks like all big w sold out LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Pirate Ship - 31109 in South East qld

  • I was after the Lego Technic motorcycle and it looks they never had any in stock. It was unavailable Tue when the Online Sale started and now no store has it in stock.

  • Big w have removed 4 pages from there additional catalogue online I think they were the lego star wars. Obviously they did not have enough stock

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