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DJI Osmo Action 4K Cam $284.05, TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip $56.05, LABO Kits $27.55, LG OLED TVs + More @ JB Hi-Fi


DJI Osmo Action 4K Cam $284.05

A further 5% off the current $299 deal, using the new 5% off coupon..

Available online (C&C or + Delivery) or in store. Delivery showing as $4.99 for me.

Dual Screens
4K HDR Video
8x Slow Motion
RockSteady Video Stabilization

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip $56.05

This is still down from $79 from $59 as per previous deals, a further 5% off with the coupon. Available in store or online.

Nintendo LABO Kits

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit $27.55
Nintendo LABO Robot Kit $27.55
Nintendo LABO Customisation Kit $4.75

Further 5% discount from the $29 sale that JB/Big W/EB have at the moment.

[PS4] Attack on Titan 2 (A.O.T 2) $27.55

Decent price, down from $69.

LG BX Essential Series 65" 4K UHD Self-Lit OLED TV [2020] OLED65BXPTA $3320.25

Also down from $3995 to $3495, a further 5% off = $3320.25.

LG BX Essential Series 55" 4K UHD Self-Lit OLED TV [2020] OLED55BXPTA $2370.25

Recently dropped from $2995 to $2495, a further 5% off makes it $2370.25.

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  • Can we also stack gift cards with this coupon?

    • +4

      You can still pay by gift card yeah, I just tested it to make sure.

      Gift card•••• XXXX
      Gift card ending with XXXX
      Applied: $25.00
      Balance remaining: $0.00

      • +2

        Thanks hamza, so glad I waited. Pulling the trigger now!

  • -1

    This or something less action-oriented for teen vlogging/youtubing (office based, not outdoors) ?

    • +3

      Buy a gimbal for $100 and put your existing smart phone on. The bonus is that most gimbals nowadays can track you moving around.

      • What’s a good gimbal around that price?

        • +1

          DJI Osmo mobile 3.

        • What’s a good gimbal around that price?

          A popular brand name ones like this Feiyu or this Zhiyun
          During sales and with promo discounts, you can get them around $100.

    • +2

      If the Osmo has a phone app to control it. Of still prefer a dedicated camera.

      In this day and age, even just vlogging, you dont realise how often you reach for, or want to show your phone.

      Also, thanks to phones being crap for file storage, I still also prefer a dedicated camera SD card to pop in and out.

      Each their own :)

      Happy middle ground might be a spare last gen phone as a dedicated camera phone?

  • Thanks Hamza23, was on the fence from the last offer but you've helped seal the deal!

  • Thanks OP, Bought one!

  • Is it go pro 7 level?

  • I got one at $299 yesterday,still on the way, can I claim the extra back?

    • Yeah, I am in the same situation as you. Just bought it two days ago. How do I claim this 5% discount? My CC has already been charged but I haven't picked it up.

      Do I just need to return it and buy this one instead?

      • +9

        All this hassle over $15, don't even bother, such a hassle. Why would you return it, wait for a refund and then buy again and go through all this pain over $15.

        • +16

          You are hereby banned from OzBargain!

          • -7

            @MrMaxwell: wow, "banning" me over saying that returning and purchasing over $15 is a hassle? even $299 is still a bargain for Dji Osmo action camera

          • @MrMaxwell: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          • +1

            @MrMaxwell: Added suncorp 5% and got it for $269.85.

            • +1

              @Flyguy: can you please elaborate?

              • +1

                @0zyt0zy: Do you have any products with suncorp? If so, download their app, go to rewards and you can buy jbhifi gift cards at a 5% discount.

                • @montorola: That's correct. Thats is exactly what I did.

        • +1

          Because he values $15 more than wasting a weekend trying to get it back 😂

          • @solidussnake: Wasting a weekend?

            I just took mine back to my local JB and swapped it out - literally took them 60 seconds! My local JB is only 8 mins away - would I drive an hour? Probably not but $15 in principle and savings is not to be snuffed at.

      • I'm in the same boat. Bought one yesterday but haven't picked it up yet. Below is from their help section. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

        What if I change my mind about my Click & Collect in store and wish to buy something different?

        Just let our in store staff know you've changed your mind.

        Please advise the store staff at the online collection counter. 

        They can return or exchange any items in your online order that you've changed your mind about.

      • I bought one and already opened the box. Is it possible to buy one and then return it with the old invoice?

        • -3

          That's a lot of fraud over $14…

      • Since you're going to pick it up anyway, go into stores and buy with the 5% discount. Then shoot through an email to their customers service saying that you want to cancel the online order. Probably will take an extra 5 minutes for $15 so that's not bad.

    • I might ask in store if I can claim the price difference as I too haven't picked mine up. Picking mine up tomorrow.

      • Buy again with coupon now and when picking up the first order tell them it was an error and get refund.

    • Yes you can get the difference back as refund. I believe they have a 14 day policy. I did this in January when I bought DVDs and 7 days later they had 20% off. Just went in and explained the price has come down and they were happy to refund the difference. Just bring the product and receipt.

  • Was about to hit purchase, then discovered I need a Mic adaptor, and secondly apparently the adaptor sounds really bad according to this guy.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwNL7_cQVrU. Don't think adaptor fits in with the supplied cadge either. Not sure what to do now.

  • Has anyone owned both the DJI OSMO and GoPro Hero 8?

    • I recently sold my GoPro Hero 8 to replace it with this

      • Isnt GoPro 8 has much much better stablization than this? Can you share your thoights why you choose this over it?

        • +1

          Both have pros and cons over each other but they are slight. I use this one the most because picture is more natural looking and not as fake with saturated colours. Also I like the front camera and set up.

        • Yeah I think in terms of raw video performance, GoPro still comes out slightly on top especially in regards to how wide the lens captures. However none of it matters when you inevitably drop your GoPro from waist height onto the pavement to find a significantly sized chip in the glass covering the lens (happened to me).

          The inability to swap out the lens as you could in previous iterations of the GoPro renders it almost useless as an action camera (unless you want to spend more to get a bulkier case), all this just to sell their GoPro Plus subscription service…

          Personally I bought it because I was excited when they first announced the 'mods' which would have made it a great vlogging camera. Fast forward past the delayed production and what we got were expensive low-quality products that failed to reach the mark.

          Whether you want it as an action camera or a vlogging camera, the GoPro 8 is a step behind its competitors and even its predecessors

  • Since when did TVs have GSYNC? That's crazy… I'm so pumped when the prices come lower :) :)

    • LG introduced G-Sync on their 2019 B/C/E9 OLEDs, super cool.

  • +1

    damn great price
    cuz has this in hawaii last rime, was great in the water
    hmmm but ain't going no where for.months, maybe use it.in the bath lol

    • +1

      with a few rubber duckies…sweeet

  • Damn, I paid $349 a few weeks ago.

    • Purchased again with 5% Suncorp Reward gift card and 5% Promo Code and then returned the $349 one for full refund under change of mind policy.

  • You got a plus vote solely for knowing about Attack on Titan!

    Great deal, OP. Wish I could afford the OLED TVs.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought one, used express shipping for $5.99 since we got the 5% discount. Surprised it got sold out in all my local stores. OzB Power!

  • That's an awesome price. Picked one up, thanks. It's going to be great as an everyday, go to the beach, not give a crap, camera :)

  • Has anyone heard if there's an upgrade to this camera coming any time soon? If there is I'll wait until that comes out

    • if it does, you are looking for the price for the 2nd gen for at least $499

      to wait until 2nd gen to reach $299, that can be a hint that 3rd gen is around the corner, altough the current 1st gen drop in price mainly due to corona and no one travel taking action things

      • The plan is wait till gen 2 comes out then gen 1 gets even cheaper.

  • Thank you so much! I've wanted an action camera since 2011 lol.

  • So I bought one and picked it up yesterday. Geez did I have issues trying to get it activated. Kept coming back saying authentication failed when attempting to connect the my wireless network via the app. Many similar stories when Googling the issue. This is the only action cam I've owned, not that I've owned that many, that requires activation and an account. Not impressed DJI.

  • i bought this from the deal and just wanted to confirm if it is waterproof straight out of the box or needs another cover on top for it?

    • +1

      As per this comment.


      It is waterproof to 11m. The case allows it to go even deeper, up to 60m.

      • Thanks mate I did read that but the overall original casing didn't give me that confidence especially the side where the charging cable and sd card go.