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DJI Osmo Action 4K Cam $299 C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems to be the lowest price at the moment.

2.25" back screen (640×360, 325 ppi)
1.4" front screen
1/2.3" CMOS
Effective pixels: 12M
FOV: 145° f/2.8
ISO Range
Photo: 100-3200
Video: 100-3200
Electronic Shutter Speed
Max Image Size
4000×3000 pixels
4K (16:9) – 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps
4K (4:3) – 30, 25, 24fps
2.7K (4:3) – 30, 25, 24fps
2.7K (16:9) – 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps
1080p – 240, 200, 120, 100, 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps
720p – 240, 200fps
Slow Motion
720p - 120, 240fps
Speed: 4/8
1080p - 120, 240fps
Speed: 4/8
HDR Video
4K - 30, 25, 24fps
2.7K - 30, 25, 24fps
1080p - 30, 25, 24fps
Operating Time
A fully charged battery can support video recording at 1080P/30fps for up to 135 minutes (with RockSteady turned off), and 4K/60fps for up to 63 minutes (with RockSteady turned on).

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  • +1

    Great deal!!!!!

  • Wow waiting for amazon to beat this

  • +3

    $285 with 5% off jb gift card if you have suncorp rewards app.

    • Nice find!

    • $269 using additional 5% online this weekend

  • Finally it comes down to $299

  • Not bad. Was $296 delivered before. Missed out on that. So $299 Will do me. Now time to look for must have accessories.

    Memory cards, extra batteries and possibly a gimbal.

    • +1

      Why would you need a gimbal? The reason people get this is for the image stabilisation.

      • +1

        I guess maybe not a gimbal. Selfie stick then? Or one of those floating plastic handle things.

        • the image stabilisation isn't that good, you're probably going to still need a gimbal.

          • @Rickrone: agree. Build-in digital or optical stabilization would never able to beat a gimbal

  • wow, that's cheap!!!!

  • +1

    I got one for a bit less than this on that first responders discount day. So far so good. Also got this accessories kit. Very good value and the pieces fit this camera nicely. Although I reckon the metal bits will rust if your prime use is near or in saltwater.

    • How good is that accessories kit?

  • Is this better than the Osmo Pocket? What about low light?

    • It depends on your definition of better as they are for different use cases. Pocket has 3-axis stabilisation so is better than the Action's image stabilisation. On the other hand Action can go underwater and supports HDR. Have a look here to see which features suit you better.

  • +1

    thanks OP for sharing! bought one

  • Bought one before and sold it thinking I would get the new GoPro. Now might buy this back at this price!

    • I did the same. I bought this few months ago and sold it, thinking i might get the GoPro 8, but then never happened. Now i might get this again, unless GoPro 8 is now $299.

  • New model incoming or not much travel happening?

    • Going with not much travel happening. So sales of these type of gadget is slow at the moment.

      • +1

        Then give me a decent sale on the Osmo Pocket.

        • I’ll sell you mine ;)

        • A lot easier to vlog (pocket) than it is to perform Xtreme sports (this).

  • Great action camera under $300!!
    I bought mine for $450 a year ago :(
    Really like the feature of front facing screen

  • How long will the battery last for a timelapse video? would like to take 2 or 3 hour videos if i could

    • Could you plug it into charge while recording?

  • Just ordered one with a jb gift card I had, great deal. Wondering what essential accessories I would need for an all around use?

    • Memory card you definitely need.

      Extra batteries would be good too.

      The rest like tripod, helmet mounts, water proof case etc are also nice to have.

      • Is the camera not waterproof?

        • +1

          It is waterproof to 11m. The case allows it to go even deeper, up to 60m.

  • does it come with the selfie stock?or something to hold on?or just camera?

    • Just the camera. You would need to buy accessories which luckily there's plenty off eBay or Amazon.

  • Great deal, bought it from the last Amazon $296 deal. Just tried a few times and I love it. Now just waiting a holiday to try out more :D

    I bought the osmo floating grip, didn't want to buy a third party ones which would have been a quarter of the price just for the extra security . Bought a Samsung 128 GB u3 card for $35/36 but now it's on special for $25. Also bought a extendable pole hope I could use them.

    Now just trying to find a decent head strap that won't break the bank

  • I was thinking about either this or the insta360 one x. I suppose for the price of the action right now, it’s heaps better?

    • In terms of value, this a lot better but if you need 360, you need 360.

  • Odd question, I know its meant to be used as an action camera, but can I use this as a Dash Cam? I need a Dash Cam for my car but I wouldn't mind having it used as an action camera when travel resumes.

    • You can but it won't have a lot of the conveniences of an actual dash cam.

      But if You don't drive a lot and don't mind putting it in and turning it on every time you drive, it'll work.

    • There is nothing stopping you from mounting it and using it as a dash cam but I don't believe it will loop record to overwrite what was on the card.
      Essentially you have to manually start the recording and card wipe etc. (could be wrong if this was a feature added in a recent firmware update however)

    • +1

      Thanks 🙏

  • How does this compare to GoPro?

    • Search comparisons on YouTube, there’s plenty of reviews. Picture quality wise the Action seems more neutral, but just as good. This has a screen on the front as-well which I think is it’s best selling point.

      • What about the software? I find the GoPro editor very clunky to the point of I can't be bothered using it.

        • Good question. Not sure, but I gotta go pick mine up now. I’ll see if I can provide some small insight into the software.

  • Bought one thanks, does it take all gopro accessories?

  • +2

    A link to read if you are interested in protecting your data and security while using DJI apps such as Mimo that is used with this cam:

    But you could just plug straight in and download without using their app.

    • +1

      Thanks for link. I no longer install apps like this on my primary phone where all my contacts and personal stuff is. I use a separate phone/device for the purpose of using apps I don't trust, but may need.

      The benefit of having a second device for "utility" purposes is you can leave in flight mode, and never get bothered by calls or texts; the battery will last longer, and there's nothing sensitive for apps to harvest. And you can leave on coffee table etc, and it doesn't constantly want attention because its role is limited.

      Smartphone manufacturers and mobile OS tech giants including Apple have failed in protecting user privacy. People don't demand a "privacy policy" they want actual privacy. Apple are claiming they are cracking down on privacy. Not only is this way too late, but it's a lie. They don't go far enough. Apps still have unlimited access to the internet without asking, and there is no concept of a firewall on Apple devices. The whole industry is corrupted by marketing and dollars. User choice and privacy is on the bottom of the privacy scrap heap.

  • With the exception of the front screen, can anyone advise if this is better than the Hero 7 that's currently $298 at Harvey Norman?


    • +4

      That's a Hero7 Silver. The colours (silver, black, white) are different models not colour preferences. This is comparable to a Hero7 black (which is better than the Hero7 Silver) and a great buy at this price

  • Nice find OP!

    • +2

      What reviews have you been watching?

      The DJI can do 1080P in 240fps

      • +1

        I would say the GoPro is more vivid by default which some may not like whereas the Osmo is more natural which can easily be adjusted in post.

      • not with rocksteady. no image stabilisation at 1080 240p, it doesn't even do it at 120.

  • Love the idea of the front screen , Goodbye Gopro 4 , Hello DJI …

  • +1

    If only we could go out and do things worth recording

    • Heading out on the Bay this weekend , will give it a try

      • +5

        I read that as eBay haha

        • +1

          The Bay
          Th eBay

          The capital B is what did it!

        • XD eBay is the best for cheap goods.

  • shit, i purchased this 1 month ago at $389

  • +1

    Good price. But my SONY FDR-X3000R is still rock solid and not losing to any competitors (or not much at all) after spending 3+ years by my side. Can't find any reason to pull the trigger, even if this deal is really tempting. When these little buddies are still playing with digital image stabilization such as "EIS" and "HyperSmooth", the X3000 has been using OIS - the real optical image stabilizer which requires a subtle and complex physical structure to achieve since 3+ years ago. Not just algorithms inside the chip. This is the real deal and far more advanced than the digital trick. SONY is just ahead of time. I guess that's part of the reason why they didn't release any new sucessors to this model X3000 ever since then.

    Check this side-by-side comparison for GoPro HERO8 Black VS GoPro HERO7 Black VS DJI Osmo Action VS SONY FDR-X3000:

    • +1

      Each to their own.

      I found the X3000 performance to be average and the side-to-side wobble on playback is terrible which is clearly visible in your example link. Also the menu system is typical Sony (sucks) and features are now long outdated.

      • It is obvious that in daylight, the SONY's OIS is not as good as today's chip and algorithm any more, I don't doubt about it. But check the video from 6:16, and you can clearly see the benefits of having optical image stabilizer rather than solely relying on algorithm.

        The semiconductor industry has been greatly developed in the past 4 years (when it hasn't? lol). And no chip can handle such great amount of processing load for image stabilization back to the time X3000 was released (Sept. 9, 2016). If this camera was released today, it would be easy for SONY to incorporate the new chip and algorithm and then make it outstanding by featuring OIS.

      • Agree, certain action sports benefit more from software stabilisation than OIS.

    • +1

      X3000 is an absolute beast still. It was up against the go pro 5 when it came out and wiped the floor. The 7 and 8 have definitely caught up but easily trades blows with them.

      • Yes the X3000 was ok when released years ago and the OIS held great promise but saying it’s still rock solid and not losing to any competitors is wrong. Also where are the model updates x4000 x5000 etc??

        • It was best in class when it was released, so how was it "Ok"? It's still rock solid and definitely loses to the go pro 8 but it can still go toe to toe. Night performance and sound is still better and some prefer the colours of the Sony. I think they've actually thrown in the towel for action cameras and decided the rx0 line is their niche small body cameras.

    • After watching the comparison video, I am sold with the GoPro 8. I am gonna wait for a deal to come on.

  • +1

    Now $284.05 with the 5% off coupon 92RFLE0M94J67B until tomorrow.

    • Or $269 with Suncorp rewards

      • Or 5% off JB gift cards with Entertainment book. Credit card fee is 1.25% so essentially your discount is 3.75%.

        • CC fee??

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