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Baseus 0.5m PD 60W Type-C to Type-C Cable US $1.62 (~AU $2.48) @ BASEUS Officialflagship Store via AliExpress


It's been a while since these have been on sale. Select Red Black 60W and apply $1.53 seller coupon to reduce price.

Price in title inclusive of GST & Shipping

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  • +21 votes

    Item ordered back early March still hasn't arrived.
    Item ordered late April, now tracking says (updated yesterday) that item is awaiting suitable air transport options.
    Moral of the story, buy if you only getting it as a Christmas gift.

    • anything from aliexpress does take a while.trade off time for the price.

      • deliveries from China are all really delayed right now.

        • Really, really delayed. Basically unless it is DHL or a company with their own dedicated cargo planes, I don't think you will get it as everything else is pretty much sitting waiting for passenger flights.

          • @dmbminaret: Watch for sellers claiming to they offer DHL. Many are using third parties to send stuff from China to Hong Kong. It costs them less but it adds 2-3 weeks for items to reach Hong Kong. DHL fly stuff directly out of Guangzhou or other cities, which is a lot faster. Hong Kong to Australia is capacity constrained.

            Most stores on AliExpress sending items with AE Standard (CAINAIO) or Premium (4PX) shipping regardless of what service you originally paid for. This means AliExpress not the seller is the one you deal with when the expected shipping time is exceeded. They will keep adding random numbers of days to your dispute. I am yet to get a single dispute resolved.

            Now I'm only ordering stuff from AE if I can wait 3-4 months for it to arrive.

            • +2 votes

              @skwashd: A lot of stuff on aliexpress has a guarantee, receive in 60 days or full refund.
              I've claimed twice in the last month, both times got a full refund, no questions asked. The items then arrived a couple of weeks later so free items for me!

            • @skwashd: I ordered a Xiaomi phone from geekbuying two weeks ago and got it via Australia post yesterday, originated from Hong Kong. China probably dead slow still.

            • @skwashd: I've got my money back on a delayed shipment ("high" value US$45). There's a little icon under each order in "my orders" which on hover shows the guarantee of how many days to delivery before it's free - that had passed. Closed as invalid initially, until I responded to AliExpress more forcefully - honour your policies or get hit with chargeback.

              I would normally have been reasonable and waited a little longer - but shoppers protection was running out and the seller didn't extend that when asked.

              • @factor: Over the years I've learned to always pay for ePacket or DHL if I want stuff to arrive within 6 weeks of paying for it. It generally works well, with DHL taking a week and ePacket taking about 2. Until this month I submitted a total of 3 disputes in 6+yrs and almost 300 orders. Two were for lost parcels and the other was for a seller not handling a smashed up package.

                AliExpress, like logistics in China is a total sh!tshow. I've had 2 sellers extend protection until some time in August days after shipping ePacket orders on the slow boat from China (via Singapore).

                Thanks for the tip on the full refund time. I'd forgotten about that. I updated all my disputes. Let's see what happens.

                I know ranting on ozb won't resolve my disputes, but anything is worth a shot at this stage.

        • And yet stuff from Japan & US seem to be coming exceptionally quick.
          I paid $8 for a coffee cup in the US and it tuned up 3 days later.

      • correct most things arrive in 2 months

    • Same issue here - Ordered in April and it’s yet to leave China. Can’t open a dispute until September. Didn’t expect it to be quick, but to wait 5 months is pushing it.

    • One of my orders from Aliexpress was handed over to the airline in Hong Kong on 17 April and it only departed Singapore on 23 May. I'm still waiting on it

    • I ordered probably two dozen separate items from Aliexpress in April, I received about half of them within a few weeks, a couple are in Australia waiting to be delivered, and the rest haven't even left the airport in China.

      When I queried the sellers, apparently they have been rejected by customs in China, and are in the process of being returned to the seller.
      God knows why Chinese Customs are even looking at outbound packages, let alone rejecting them, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

      On the plus side Aliexpress dispute resolution has been pretty good so far.

      • I also ordered some goods from Amazon but shipped from China, I was told that it was Customs in Australia that failed to respond and subsequently declined the consignment approval and therefore the shipping company rejected the parcel from boarding a flight. The parcel was picked up, taken to distribution then returned to sender which was shown by tracking…who knows either way its all a big mess of delays and lack of available flights!

    • Bought an item last week. Received it this week. Less than 10 days. Paid $7 for shipping but still cheaper than AU stock for the exact same item. But yeah cheap and free shipping items are about a month or two.

  • Should we get the 60w or the 100w say for a Samsung galaxy 10 or Google pixel?

    • +3 votes


      Galaxy 10 can't even charge at 40w.

      100w cable is mainly for macbook pros and high-powered laptop.

  • How long is the wire?

  • +5 votes

    Um $4.57 aud shipping for me?!?

  • The 100W 0.5m Red/Black cable is also US$1.62

  • Any good cables for 100W 10gbps (with USB-IF e-marker) 2 meters with a good price tag?

    Curious is Thunderbolt 3 40gbps cables backwards compatible with 10gbps usb-if e-marker?

  • what a crap site, trying to order this and keeps telling me to fill in missing information which I have. will stick with banggood.

    • Have to click the "confirm" boxes in each section - it's a pain, but worth it for a deal like this

  • It takes longer than 3 months to get a parcel. No thanks.

  • Shipping says $3

  • expect to get it by november this year if it's from aliexpress.

    they might even use this covid delay opportunity not to ship the item hoping you forget about it.

    Last year it took 3 months for something to come, and it was without any delays

  • Can someone please suggest a nice charger 60w+ to go with these, looking for something that can charge laptop and also iPads and phones thanks.

  • Just ordered for $1.62USD thanks OP
    Need to choose USD at top corner, select red/black 60w 0.5m and change shipping option

  • thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • would this work with the lg34 widescreen?
    i've been trying to find a cable that connects to this screen and charges my chromebook at the same time


  • Once it arrives in September, I hope iPhone 12 will use USB C

  • Shipping not included ?

  • The RRP on 100w, 0.5m cable was $2.49 with free delivery, 11 days ago, plus you also got discount if you bought certain amount. I guess this deal is good if you only plan to buy 1 cable.

  • Still waiting for USB-C to USB-C 3.1 10Gbps (hopefully 100W)

  • What's the difference between BASEUS Official Store and BASEUS Officialflagship Store as per this deal? Are they the same?


  • I ordered several things in mid March and they arrived between 2 weeks and 2 months. As per usual. I ordered something last week and it has already been 'handed over to airline' and 'left country of origin'. My experience is once it has left country it actually has, where as I have had many longer delivery parcels just stop at hand over to airline.

    • Usually when its left the country it has. But due to cheaper shipping they would generally line haul it, e.g. consolidate a massive shipment then send it to Australian Centre for sorting.

      I've noticed that the delays of upto 1month has been caused by sorting at Australian Centre not by overseas dispatch / airlines.

  • Price has gone up.

  • Hi OP< can you send us some guitar cable deals? thanks

    • its a consumerism world we live in. If you aren't competitive enough then you aren't going to sell anything.

      We on Ozb often would sell our souls to the Bargain Devil and even to Gerry Harvey himself if it is a good bargain.

      So if Australian Stores want our business then they need to worship the bargain gods and provide us with bargains.

      Also it isn't Chinese businesses which caused all the trouble, it is only 1 section of their vast industries which has caused the issue. Therefore does it make sense to punish all of them?

      Just think about all the 'western non chinese' stores which used to use Child Labor to manufacture. Should we stop supporting them? Their impacts on the children population is much larger than COVID19. Yes the shops stopped using the child labours but only when they were outed. Is saying sorry enough to wash all their sins away?

      The world is unfair but there is 1 currency that Ozbargain accepts when it determines a bargain: what is the % off? This is very measurable. Haha

    • Rudd said "vote with your feet". Just don't buy it if you feel so strongly. People will make their own judgements

  • Thanks, bought one. Paid $2.52 But close enough.

  • Are people buying usb c cables due to their current ones breaking?

    Haven't needed to replace mine yet but coming from micro usbs, I was going through them like hot cakes where they were faulting at the phone connection point.

    • buying USB C cables due to new requirements. E.g. charging different devices which require higher wattages.

      The USB standards were simple until they introduced USB-C where they marketed it as being the end all of connections, so it has become quite broad from charging your phone to a gaming laptop. Obviously your measly cable for the phone can't charge a laptop.

  • I am a bit worried to buy cheap usb cables made from china. Could they have a electronic wireless hacking tool built into the USB cable? https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/15/20807854/apple-mac-lightn...

    Could the USB cables be the best tools for chinese goverments to hack into people electronics. (Much better than Huawei's networking electronics that is currently being banned in most countries now). (i.e. 5G Huawei technologies)

    I will give this a pass

    • I do love how people are scared of this, but is still willing to use a google or apple phone.
      Your phone is the biggest tools for any government to hack into people's electronics.

      Huawei is only banned because of the Americans and their trade wars, they didn't ban them because of the "hacking" they were doing (it was just an excuse), it was a political move to make a big blow to one of China's biggest government owned institutions. Other countries followed suit because of the Five Eyes Alliance, which would politically not allow them to ignore it. Although some of the alliance has started reconsidering Huawei 5G Tech e.g. the UK backflip. Australia is also contemplating of also backflipping and using Huawei.

      Cables with embedded "keyloggers" have existed since the dawn of computers, nothing new, and if China wanted to do it, then you better change all your Made in China cables and devices over NOW, as they would have started putting them in 20 years ago.

      The NSA and pretty much a every other first world intelligence agency has methods of getting onto your computers and phones without your knowledge. Only way to avoid being hacked is to go dark (e.g. turn off all electronics, turn off your energy, go back to the dark ages).

    • Would you prefer expensive USB cables made in China? That's a serious question, because most cables are made in China, cheap and expensive. Or made by Chinese owned companies in other low wage countries. The only way to be truly safe from the scenario you describe is to build your own cables, solder wires to plugs…

      In practice I don't think you need to worry, and your linked article gives the reason: They mention a price tag of $100 for a hacking cable. Multiply that by the number of cheap cables coming from China and you'll see that it is impractical to modify them all on the off chance that a few of them might end up in places where they could be useful.

      Unless you have reason to believe that you are worth special attention from some spy agency, you're passing on a bargain, not on a threat.

    • Forget about wiki leaks and Snowden? If you're so worried, you should stop using your phone or wifi. The US government do not distinguish when they snoop.

  • I dont understand how these are worthwhile, wouldn't you still need the original (or compatible) charger to charge the laptop?

    Unless this is used for charging a mobile phone FROM the laptop?

    • These are worthwhile, You don't need "original" or "compatible" chargers anymore to charge laptops. As long as your USB-C charger outputs enough wattage and uses the Power Delivery (PD) Standard within USB-C, which is rated currently to allow up-to 100W via the PD Standard.

      Which is one thing that makes USB-C so enticing for manufacturers. Pretty much everything including fast charge is developed as a standard, which means companies won't need to funnel any money into charging technologies (bespoke to QC1,2,3,4 etc) to achieve fast charge. Also there is no need to always buy genuine for laptop chargers anymore, if they accept PD then almost all USB-C chargers which has PD will be accepted.

      • Oh, so power charge is regulated by the cable?!? Mind blown!!

        So that means I can use ANY charger (my laptop uses a 65W charger) so I can use any generic charger and as long as I have the right cable, the it will charge correctly?

        So that means needing to invest in a 65W USB charger?

        • Yup, just invest in a good 65W or 100W USB-C Charger, and you will be set for charging anything you want.
          The cable would have a chip in it which determines max wattage e.g. 100W. And your device's usb-c chip will determine max charging and do the negotiation with the charger to provide that Voltage + Amps.

          Just keep in mind, with the cables, that a 100W cable is backwards compatible with lower wattages, but a lower wattage cable is not upwards compatible e.g. you cant charge a laptop with a phone usb-c cable, but you can charge phone with a laptop usb-c Cable.

          You can usually use a 60W USB-C cable to charge a 100W laptop, but depending on the power draw of the laptop, it will either cause discharge during concurrent usage (using laptop + charging at the same time). As it will only charge at 60W, not 100W due to the limitation of the cable.

  • What's the coupon code?

  • It's US$1.59 for 0.5m cable if you use app.

  • I ordered a Bluetooth Tx/Rx on March 06. It has only been shipped this week so still waiting in China.
    Ordered this cable anyhow because I like good/cheap.

  • Why does a 2m 60W cable cost US$0.48 to post while the 100W 2m costs US$2.99 to post? Is there that much extra copper?

  • Ordered!

  • its coming up as usd $3

  • No good for me, I'm a renter on a 12 month lease. :(

  • Has anyone have an update on this order? It has been stuck for 32 days now.

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