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40-45% off Pyrex Cookware and Kitchenware (Lunch Boxes $10.17, Round Container 1.7L $17.97) @ David Jones


Just got busted accidentally duping the big W Pyrex deal, sorry "O O". But found an equivalent/better range deal here. French and USA varieties.

Wider range and includes more of the "safer" PYREX brand. Thanks for opening my eyes, team.

Pyrex PSA warning! Check the labels for the correct ones to buy. The company was bought out and changed the formula to Soda-Lime Glass which explodes.

Click here and cross-check: https://i.imgur.com/epGBE9M.png
Thanks Hybroid.

Sorry if some are under 40% off, I only did maths for 2 mins rather than checked everything.

Some things look more exxy than big W for no apparent reason other than colour, they must have a couple of exclusive ranges or aomething.

Great wedding gift.

In fact, great anniversary gift, can someone get me storage sets?

Perfect for people who always cook too much, then need to cool it down quickly (small portions, faster heat exchanger) and store it and then heat it up without creating too much washing up.

They seal really well. I haven't investigated why, but it's just good quality.

Got gifted one set of these (but different colours, can't find that one anywhere…) and I think they will replace ALL my containers.

Freezable, microwavable, and you can pour hot things in (like the whole ozb luvaduck from slowcooking) without the risk of it cracking.

Ok no need to say any more, but I'm going to get one tomorrow unless someone finds me a cheaper price. PLS let me know!! Besides Amazon that is.

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