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Deakin University Selected Short Courses (8) Reduced from $13,900 to $2500. Online Delivery, July Start for Completion Feb 2021


Hi All

This came up on my facebook and verified on the Deakin Uni site. About 8 short courses (mainly IT but also building and design, and health) that get you a graduate certificate in a chosen field. These can then be used as the first 4 units for a masters degree. Normally the fee per unit is $3-4k however $2.5k for the full course (4 units) is a bargain.

Uni courses are not for everyone and without getting into a debate as to value of formal education some people may find this useful to complete while they find another job or to self develop. Online delivery for a COVID friendly uni course so your not sitting in a classroom petri dish.

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  • I wonder how hard / time consuming these are. I’m already doing a double degree at university but some of these do sound interesting to me!

  • The allied health/teaching one is actually 1250, not 2500

    • These get you started on a Masters.

      I am currently considering Grad Cert in Cyber Sec at RMIT with a view to going onto a Masters. 4 units for $2500 is pretty good.

      • Nice, I applied for this in both RMIT & Uni of Adelaide. I got an offer from RMIT and no news yet from Adelaide. I know very little about Australian universities, but I do know Adelaide is Go8. Just reading thru reviews RMIT doesnt seem to have many positive reviews. Any suggestions on which uni out of these two is "better" for a Cyber Sec course? I'm hoping to further continue on to a Masters.

        • for an international student, rmit does not give a s***. compared to like Swinburne who actively tries to help out their students.

          source : graduating for rmit next sem

        • Not sure about cyber security, but I've seen the I've seen masters of data science at RMIT and most of its undergrad material at best.

          Monash which is go8 has a better quality staff and seems to have better courses but I've only seen a few subjects from Monash. I've been tutoring students privately who have attended both.

          Monash intro to programming was in python and was very data science and math based. RMIT intro was the same as you would get in a non specialised generic bachelor. I would imagine the cyber security would probably share a lot of foundation subjects with RMIT data science.

          • @811b11e8: Thanks. I just had a look at the individual units for Cybersecurity at RMIT and Adelaide. You're right, the RMIT units look very basic.

  • This is a part of COVID19 government stimulus. Shouldn't there be similar deals from most Universities?

    • Correct, courseseeker.edu.au is the place to go - not sure why this one warrants its own deal as I thought these government subsidised courses were pretty well advertised.

    • There are/were however they're very limited. QLD Tafe promoted free/discounted cert 4 in councelling. My daughter applied and then we discovered that the government funding was only for 100 places in that certificate…and they received 4,000 applications.

  • Didn't Deakin just fire like 400+ staff members??

    Edit: looks like they've fired most of the part time and casual employees and are looking to reduce full time staff by 300+


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    Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security

    Or you can do the TAFE one for free in Vic, which is actually a more detailed & hands on course.
    Still not going to get you a job, just looks good on the CV to get you an interview.

  • There's a bunch more listed (though not Deakin) on the Open Universities website


  • The courses include:

    Graduate Certificate of Artificial Intelligence
    Graduate Certificate of Artificial Intelligence for Business
    Graduate Certificate of Information Systems
    Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security

    Graduate Certificate of Data Analytics
    Graduate Certificate of Specialist Inclusive Education
    Graduate Certificate of Construction Management
    Graduate Certificate of Disability and Inclusion

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    Also for IT courses keep an eye on IT Masters

    They often have postgrad subjects for free to lure you into their IT Master's courses.

  • Can this be deducted as self education in the current FY returns?

    • Not unless you're already in the field.

      The key is it must be in the course of doing and not getting when it comes to income and deductions.

      • Yup in the field related for sure.

        My question is if the eligibility for tax deduction for current FY vs next FY..? Is it dependent on when the course completed or the date of fee remittance?

        • When the fee is paid

        • It's a Commonwealth supported place. You can not deduct the course fees. You could deduct textbooks or other cost such as photocopies if it relates to your current employment.

          • +2 votes

            @SuperDeals78: Arghh.. I guess you are right. From an ATO community response:

            "Under Australian tax law rules, you cannot claim a tax deduction for a ‘student contribution amount’- as defined in particular statutory rules concerning education.

            A ‘Student Contribution Amount’ is the balance of funding for a university course paid by the student complements the subsidy provided by the government to the University. The Australian government makes these payments in respect of courses that are commonwealth supported places (CSP’s). The courses are usually undergraduate courses. Some students are entitled to use a HECS-HELP loan to meet their Student Contribution Payment requirement by the due date.

            If you pay the Student Contribution Amount upfront and do not use HECS_HELP loan support this makes no difference, as your expenditure still concerns a Student Contribution Amount and is not deductible."

          • @SuperDeals78: Thought these were full fee paying. Quite right about CSP

  • Are these eligible for Austudy?

    Asking for a friend

  • The GC in Data Analytics suggests start July and finish by October 2020.

  • I'm finishing my IT bachelor this semester (July), was planning to go Masters but had no idea about what grad cert is until now. I didnt really wanna do Masters, just wanna get into workforce but I have 0 experience. Is this grad cert a better course for me? This will take less time than a Master degree but does it improve my employability? Anyone with higher experience can let me know? Thanks.

  • A graduate certificate is AQF Level 8 - so same tier as Bachelor's degree with honours.

  • Are these only eligible for workers affected by COVID-19?

  • I already have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (3 years). Am I better off going straight into a Master's degree, or completing a Graduate Certificate?

    I work full time as a data analyst currently, so I am looking at the GA of Data Analytics and/or Master's of Data Science.

    • Check with the University you're interested in- most programs have an early exit pathway that you can consider. Master's degree for a typical field takes 3-4 years, if you decide to finish by the 1st year- you end up getting a Post Graduate Certificate instead.

    • i'm in the exact same situation except I have 0 experience in IT-related job and working as a construction worker. I know, my life is screwed.

      • No better time to start than the present. Even more-so now that many courses are online.

  • Most universities, along with the government, have announced relief packages and rebates for higher education. Most are for the next semester until Dec 2020. If you are willing and interested, better read carefully the terms and conditions before applying for admission. You may end up paying for the full fee by next year once the fees have reverted to their normal cost/price(an average 4K per semester with PostGraduate degrees)

    Remember, the courses are typically 1-3 years (FT/PT) and you need to complete the whole course. Unless you apply for HECS-HELP, out of pocket can vary so don't be blinded by the rebates for this semester.

  • I tried courseseeker.edu.au to check out what courses have been discounted at other universities. I think my pick would have to be :



    Thank goodness our taxes are subsidising that one. Look forward to seeing the pay-off in rebuilding "the economy".

    • You realise that Catholic educators are generally required to have a GC or higher at some point in Catholic education or theology?

      Not all about priests…

  • This isn't really a deal in that there are so many qualifiers and frankly, are we to have a post for every Uni in the country who are all offering rebated courses under the Covid offer?

    This needs to be a forum post at best.

  • Are the TAFE Courses free for the entire 2 years(PartTime) or just the first Sem/Year?

  • https://www.deakin.edu.au/course/graduate-diploma-constructi...

    Anyone know the requirements? It says a Degree, however this is valued less than a Construction degree.

    • What do you mean? This is a Graduate Diploma - 8 units. The discounted courses are Graduate Certificates - 4 units. Pretty much same content, one is just longer and provides a higher category of award (Certificate = 4 units < Diploma = 8 units < Master = 12 units).

      Best to do the Grad Cert while it's cheap and if you wanted, do the Graduate Diploma (the next 4 units which will likely be back to 'normal' price). You'd have to do a pretty poor job not to get into the Grad. Dip after completing the Certificate.

      • Is the Grad Cert higher than a Cert 5? I was going to do a Cert 5 in Building Estimation. It seems quite big, where as 4 Units seem small.

  • There isn't a Cert 5. Only Cert IV (4). And yes, this is a higher level - well according to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

    It really depends what outcome you're after. Don't do something of a higher level if it doesn't give you the specific qualification/accrediation to work in the area you want to work in.

    If there is no exact requirement to do a specific qualification, then sure, the Grad Certificate is good value!

    • I want to work as a construction estimator, I'm unsure which would suit better.

      Potentially go on to finish the Uni Degree later on, basically just need the basic requirement for a graduate job.

      I've definitely seen jobs mention the Cert 4 or higher in ads, and I'm confident I met someone who did 12 months Built Environment Diploma who got into the field.