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CK One 200ml, Be 200ml, One Shock 200ml, Free 100ml, Eternity 100ml $23.09ea, IN2U 150ml $20.78 + Post ($0 Prime /$39+) @ Amazon


Some good prices on CK fragrances. Not as cheap as the Jan deal but a good $10 below CW who have them at '1/2 price RRP' for $32.99 at the moment, eg.

CK One Eau de Toilette 200ml $23.09
CK Be Eau de Toilette 200ml $23.09
CK One Shock Eau de Toilette 200ml $23.09 (Women's only for this price)
CK Free Eau de Toilette 100ml $23.09 (Men's)
Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Toilette, 100ml $23.09 (Men's)
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua Eau de Toilette 100ml $23.09 (Men's)
Calvin Klein CK One Gold Eau de Toilette 100ml $23.09 (Women's)
Calvin Klein CKIN2U 150ml $20.78 (Men's) - $39.99 at CW
Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum 50ml $23.09 (Women's) ($32.99 at CW) / 100ml $34.99
Edit: CK All Men 200ml $34.23

+More in link

Edit 315pm: Only CK One 200ml Women's, CK One Gold 100ml Women's, CKIN2u 150ml Men's & Euphoria 50ml Women's still available.

If you purchased 2 you could get a further $10 off for new app users, if you are targeted. Original deal - $10 off $39 Spend on Eligible Items for First Time App User @ Amazon AU via The Amazon App

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  • Got CK One Eau de Toilette, 200ml Thanks OP

    IS this from CK thesmelf or who's the supplier (i.e. is it authentic/original?)

    • I received men's and women's Obsession and Euphoria women's today(for me and my sister as a gift, we already have all of them so we can compare the fragrance). All are FAKE! Obsession smells like cheap soap and the Euphoria smells like alcohol, then no scent or whatsoever. Anyone else who purchased these to confirm this? Very disappointed, waste of time. Returning them all.

  • Some reviews saying it's fake kinda put me off this deal. Also CK be is a unisex scent. So I don't understand why it's titled 'womens only'

    • Fixed, looked like that was a listing error, the other CK be doesn't state men or women's.

      Keep in mind the reviews are from all sellers, ie if you purchase an item from a seller with no feedback which is fake, it will still show up on the product listing for every other seller. Really the review should be against the seller not the product. These products are all sold by Amazon AU.

      In stock.
      Ships from and sold by Amazon AU.

      • Thanks,didnt know that about their review system, but guess it makes sense. i guess if it was fake i could just return easily it as its sold by amazon au.
        Bought BE. Great 'colon' XD. for a good laugh look up the smell of his colon tweets

      • But Amazon also mix the products from all sellers in the warehouse?

    • agreed, the reviews are putting me off

    • They are fake, received them today.

  • So hard to understand this deal :)

  • What's a bold musky Eau de Toilette in the CK range for men ?

  • Most perfumes on sale on Amazon. Eternity for men too. like this one.

  • The one I got from Amazon was good and my friends also complimented me over the scent!

  • Wow, I didn't realise how deeply I needed to question my entire life and understanding of who I am as a man to choose one of these!

    …This powerful scent embodies the freedom of the open skies. A scent that inspires a life without boundaries, embracing the comfort found in spontaneity. A richness found in true ambition and clarity, paving a new way forward. A fresh take on masculinity, CK Free for Men is built on a base of warmth. Woods collected from around the world, such as Costa Rican ironwood and Texan cedarwood, represent a well-traveled and confident man. At heart, this eau de toilette reflects traditional masculinity with notes of buchu, suede, coffee absolute, and tobacco leaves. A lingering top layer of absinthe, jackfruit, Thailand star anise, and juniper berry contributes a soft complexity. CK Free for Men Eau de Toilette symbolizes effortless confidence and ambition. The signature of a man who embraces life spontaneously.

    • Yeah, this is out of my league. They should introduce a scent for normal guys just trying to get by….

      • Lol. That cracked me up.

      • Makeitso, this one's for you:
        This optimistic scent embidoes the freedom of getting an hour away from the family to play a bit of Xbox. A scent that embraces the comfort of a well worn pair of trakkie dacks you picked up for $10 from the stand in the middle of the shopping centre that was only there for two weeks. Woods collected late at night from neighbours yards who are doing a bit of landscaping. At heart, reflects traditional masculinity with a note of 6 month unwashed denim, BBQ sauce, burger rings, flatulence and lingering doubt as to if you should hold the door open for women anymore. CK Meh for Men symbolizes dedicated effort into doing as little as possible, of unwarranted confidence and misguided entitlement. The signature of a man who embraces life as he wants it to be, not where society is trying to take it.

      • @Make it so
        They have..it's called Lynx.

  • Which one has better smell, CK BE or ONE?

  • bought one, anyone got one from Amazon if they are genuine or fake as reviews says these are fake ones!!! we can easily return to Amazon but how to check if its fake?

    • If ships from and sold by Amazon you are safe no fakes. They heap reviews from any country any seller unfortunately

  • Eternity (EDT), is the worst perfume I have every purchased. Just my opinion.

    • What about eternity AQUA EDT?

      • Havne't tried it. So dont know.
        My guess is, they will have the same accord with a few different notes which to me seem very very ordinary, almost bland.
        The only one I'd recommend from the CK house is Euphoria.

      • Go for Shock

    • I used to use Eternity about 20 years ago. Tried a range of different ones over the years but have returned to Eternity… on the advice of my wife!

      I like it.

      • i second tht … Eternity is a must hav, always in the cabinet, its a bookmark for me, all others come nd go.

  • Waiting for more reviews 😁

  • CK One Shock for women was $15.95 a few months back. Bought for my niece but she was too young to use perfume so I ended up giving it to a housemate. Should have kept it to pray my room. :)

  • Thanks Got 3 :)

    Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua Eau de Toilette for Men, 100ml $23.09
    Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Toilette for Men, 100ml $23.09
    CK One Eau de Toilette, 200ml $23.09

    Not bad =D

  • Actually need one as my polo one just finished but the reviews are putting me off…

  • When it has 'CALVIN KLEIN' as a hyperlink, it gives the impression that the product is coming directly from CALVIN KLEIN. Is this the case or can there be a multitude of sellers?

    • These are sold and shipped by Amazon AU themselves. It's not a third party seller.

      In stock.
      Ships from and sold by Amazon AU.

  • Nearly all CK fragrances are rubbish. You walk out of your home, 15 minute into your day and you barely pick up any scent off your skin. So why did I say nearly all?
    Cause I purchased them blindly back throughout the years as they are quite cheap and the only men's Ck fragrance worth buying is CK Obsession. Long lasting, and gets you compliments. Now the problem is, when and where was it made, is it original…
    If you are looking for women's fragrances I can only recommend Euphoria. Not sure if Obsession for women is good as the men's version of it.
    However don't expect too much from a $20 fragrance, it would do fine as an air freshener.

    • You must have some crazy ass skin chemistry or dodgy watch / time perception. I get at least 2hrs on me :)

  • No CK One 200ml?????

  • The CK Free for $20.99 is 50mL, not 100mL: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B002TELMIY/

    CK Free 100mL is currently $39: https://www.amazon.com.au/Calvin-Klein-Free-Toilette-Spray/d... (Edit: sold out!)

    • Free 100ml was was $23.09 but sold out, the more expensive price is for a different seller.

      Will update shortly.

  • CK ONE back in stock @OP

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