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Shopvac Micro 10L Wet and Dry 10L $49 @ Repco


I forgot to post this last week, when I bought mine, apologies.

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    Similar one at Bunnings for same price if you can’t get one of these.


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    Oof, for me the nearest store with it in stock is Bendigo - 150KM away


    I have an old model bought from Kmart and it really good in suction. but the filter is not durable.

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    I got one of these for a house renovation last year. Just picking up mess here and there + plaster dust etc.

    It was useless. I could have provided more suction with my lungs. Ended up returning it and getting an Ozito from Bunnings which was way better.


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      Plaster dust will block up any cheap vacuum.

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      My wet/ dry singer vaccum seized after 1 min of putting it under an angle grinder while cutting brick. Pulled it apart and it had a brick/ metal slag product jammed throughout the electric motor. Brutal stuff fine dust. So a blocked filter is probably a good sign it isn't getting through. Heard good things about the Ozito though.


    Can anyone recommend a vac that is built for plaster dust?

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    STRATCO has the 20L 1400W version for $69 which I priced match at Godfrey's. It has great suction for the size and price.


      Price has gone back up to 89 :(

      Edit: nvm Godfrey's has it for 69 now

      Thanks for the heads up