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Philips Fabric Shaver for Removing Fabric Pills, $9.75 + Delivery (Free w/ Prime) @ Amazon AU


The Philips fabric shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric pills from all types of garments. All your garments, whether it is your sweater or your blanket, will look like new again! The large blade surface ensures that larger area of the garment is covered at the same time, hence fewer strokes are needed to make your garment look new again. Blades rotate up to 8800 rounds/min for effective and quick removal of the fabric pills from your garments. The container, where the shaved off pills are stored, is easy to remove and empty. Due to the mesh with 3 different sizes of holes, all sizes of fabric pills will be drawn into it and effectively removed from the fabric. The height adjustment cap enables you to remove fabric pills even from the most delicate garments. The cleaning brush helps to easily clean your appliance after use. Please follow the quick start guide included in the packaging to clean the appliance. 2 Philips AA batteries are included in the package.

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    I thought this was amazing, all my merino wool jumpers looked brand new after using it…. then I realised I had put loads of teeny tiny holes in them that became very large holes and had to chuck them all. Use with caution.

    • was it this specific model? or just a fabric shaver in general?

      • you beat me by 6 seconds :(

        • Wow, some people don't have a sense of humour!

      • +9

        I had the same problem. This specific model.
        The blades are aligned vertically which means it pulls the little wool piles not cut them.
        Agree - use with caution on wool sweaters. However has worked a treat on all those other things which pile up and aren't cardigans/sweaters

        • The best one is the one with boomerang shaped blades that are like lawn mower blades.

      • Yup, this model.

    • Did you have this same model? Been tempted to get one recently, but your comment scares me a bit!

      • +1

        I got this same model from Target last year. It's gives great results but I also end up getting some holes after using them on socks, so just be mindful what garments you use it on.

    • makes sense. keep shaving a fabric and it will eventually wear out. use sparingly.

    • I assume the nature of a wool pullover would make it quite sensitive, did you have any problem on other pieces of clothing?

      • Everything else has worked well. I'd avoid using it on anything delicate.

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      5% cheaper with code 92CMIL9O14C53W

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      This is why Amazon dropped the price, in response to a price beat.

  • Damn it, bought it for $13 the other week, which is already really cheap compared to other places. Does the job.

    • +3

      Buy another one for $9.75, return new one with old receipt for $13 refund :)

  • +1

    Cheers OP :)

  • +4

    Just use a razor instead

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • Cool.. just bought it from JB Hifi

  • wonder how it compares to the one from Daiso

    • I used the Daiso one for years until I dropped it and it broke :(

      The Philips one looks larger than the Daiso one.

      • +2

        Yeah but you can buy 3 daiso ones for the price of 1 philips and 3d print a bracket to hold them together and then you have the BIGGEST SHAVER EVERRRR

    • The Daiso one is garbage compared to this one from my experience.

  • +4

    I accidentally read this as Pubic Shaver

    • +3

      if it pulls the hair on a merino sweater.. can't imagine what else it will pull

  • +4

    This is one of these products that you didn't know exists but you really need xD

  • Incase anyone else is wondering..
    Dimensions are: 12.3cm (W) x 5.8cm (H) x 8cm (L)

  • +1

    $2.80 at daiso.. can't comment on wool jumper effect.

    • I have one from them for the last 6 years and it does fine job.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought one, been needing this for ages but kept forgetting it.

  • Huge fan of mine. Agreed, be careful on delicate/natural fibres. But on synthetics, it makes a real difference.

  • +1

    for for $9.75 - there sure are a lot of 'hmms and ahhs'
    just give it a go fellas! i know i bought 2!

  • "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months" when added to cart :(

  • would this be effective at removing lint on black clothes?

  • Sold out by the looks

  • I assume this is bigger and powerful version than the one that you can buy at Daiso?

  • I bought this from Target, it didn't last long before dying suddenly.

  • I have this one. bought it like more than a year ago from a Myer sale. still going strong. no more fluffy hoodies for me.

  • thanks bought from JB Hifi for $9.26 and no need to wait weeks for delivery

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