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Silicon Power A55 Sata SSD 128GB $29, 256GB $49, 512GB $87 + Delivery/Free C&C @ Umart


Been looking around for a cheap SSD. Seems like pretty good prices if you can collect from a local Umart store

128GB for $29
256GB for $49
512GB for $87

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  • I think these drives are on the slow end of SSD read/write speeds

    • It costs $33 what do you expect ;)

      • Yes it's good to see prices come down. I guess I'm just comparing to all the sub $30 drives I had purchased previously before all the global stuff around

        • Hmmm, so are they comparable to WD Green and Kingston A400?

          • @FireRunner: I've used all of those. Silicon power seemed slower. I've never directly benchmarked though, this is just from normal usage (as I remember it - I'm probably wrong). Crucial BX500 seemed the fastest of all at this price point

            Edit: silicon power actually has more storage since it's 256gb not 240gb, so that's a win

          • @FireRunner: Not sure how Silicone Power compare to WD green but Umart are also selling the WD Green 128gb for the sme price as the Silicon Power 128gb @ #33.00
            So you have a choice.

  • Not sure if this is the exact same model, but over the space of 12 months i've had over 50% of 20+ silicon power 120gb ssd`s fail.

    i`ve had far better luck with kingston (no failures yet!)

  • I got 2 256GB and 2 512GB, I gonna use for old laptops, thanks hope it works as I thought =)

  • Yeah, I also had a silicon power drive fail on me a few weeks ago after about 1.5TB of read/write. If you get it, don't use it for anything important..