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Western Digital AU 500GB WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD $112.59 + Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


Bought one of these the other day when the 1TB deal was posted, however they've since dropped another $15 or so. Currently in stock, however no free shipping with Prime.

Seems to be a great deal as it's only an extra $8 for this over the SN550 posted a few days ago.

Mod Update 25/6: Back in stock, $112.59 + Delivery now.

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    There's the previous post for all the questions people have already asked about this 500GB WD Black Nvme, No need to ask again.

    And here's the 1TB WD Black Nvme deal for $217 that's still going


    $7 for shipping +20days delivery…


    I posted in the previous thread already, but just repeating here. If anyone ordered it from the last deal and it hasn't been delivered to you yet, you can mention this to a customer service agent and they'll give you $5 account credit.


    How does warranty work? Do you get the same 5 years as local stock?


      Have you found out any info on warranty, I don't seem to locate any clear international warranty info for this.


        I've submitted a support ticket with WD to try found out the specifics.


          Cool, keep us posted. Many thanks.


            @leznix: Took a while to get a response, but positive outcome.

            My initial question was: "I live in Australia and I've ordered a 500GB WD Black SN750 M.2 drive and a 1TB WD Black SN750 M.2 drive through Amazon Australia, however the products themselves are shipped and sold from Amazon US. I'm just hoping to find out what the warranty terms would be for these products. Would they be the same as if I'd bought them in Australia, considering I'm technically buying them from Amazon Australia?"

            They basically responded saying that they couldn't definitively tell me until I receive the drives and provide them with the serial numbers. After doing so they've just responded with: "Please be informed that we have registered both the drives on your account and they are under warranty till 3-Jul-2025."

            So seems buying from Amazon US isn't an issue with WD. :)

            Edit: Looking at my registered products on my WD account, there is a note against them that says "Out of Region", however it definitely says the Warranty expires 02-Jul-2025.

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    how long will you receive it from US? i think US amazon california is burning down



      Amazon said the facility was used to ship large products such as mattresses and that it didn't expect the fire to affect customer deliveries.

      Large items such as these are not eligible for international shipping so this will have no impact on our orders


    any recommended usb c external enclosure to fit this?


    That's pretty cheap, but is it better then 2.5inch ssd.

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    1tb is going for less than double this and would reccomend.

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      1tb is going for less than double this

      Duh, that's always how it goes. Anyway yeah, I regret going 500GB given the size of these modern games and the fact that in future they will rely on SSDs for texture streaming.


    I needed SSD right now and just got a Kingston A2000 1tb from a local shop for $220 if anyone finds this a good alternative (also 4 lane NVMe)
    they are also this price on Amazon AU anyway if you'd rather stay home

    A2000 is a decent performer, it replaces 2 SSD's in my main laptop (2.5" SSD plus M.2 SATA). I see that battery life is bery much improved, and speed improvements are noticeable, too.


      Sure, the A2000 is decent however the WD has twice as fast 4K read/write speeds.


        from some reviews I gathered that SN750 isn't that power efficient? I'd rather have longer battery life and decent speed on the laptop, and I doubt I will notice the difference


          Ur gathered info is correct. SN750 is famous for its performance instead of power efficiency. if u want 2 get a PE ssd, SN550 is a good choice for u.


            @Liquid Pro: isn't a2000 a better performer than sn550? a2000 has dram, and sn550 is dramless



              @shabaka: however nah, on par probably as far as performance goes

              depends on benchmark, in this one a2000 is slightly ahead mostly

              and in previous sn550 is mostly ahead

              biggest difference is availability of dram on chip, and density of data, so I guess that's showing in different usage patterns as ups and downs

              in real life scenarios depends on what you do perhaps


              this one, for example says that for game loading it's quicker than SN750 even, for writing it's slower. so go figure. it's a decent performer overall


                @shabaka: Yeah, kingston a2000 is a pretty good ssd based on review. Coz when i search like best nvme ssd in 2020, the result always ignore a2000, i nearly forgot this one…


              @shabaka: A2000 is not a better performer. My 500GB at half full already only writes at 300MB/s. The SN550 has a fantastic controller and can use Host Memory Buffer as a soft-DRAM cache allowing it to outperform the A2000.


                @Rajeh: there's nothing fantastic about having no dram, otherwise all SSD would be dramless. what it means is that the driver is using your CPU and RAM to aid the drive operation. there are several side effects of that, but you're better off with SSD that does have dram (controller uses dram to manage drive queue without using CPU or your RAM)

                apart from that I don't know about the 500gb version, I uave 1tb and higher capacity is always better as it has more memory modules to spread the load and usually has more cache.

                it's a shame your 500gb SKU doesn't live up to your expectations, and if you don't like my suggestion, you're welcome to move on. I made my decision based on reviews benchmarks and my use case, it can be different from yours.


                  @shabaka: Yeah it's the controller that makes the SN550 good. It has double the IOPS, and as long as you have a modern motherboard and run Windows 10 it can use HMB. To add insult to my injury my motherboard BIOS has a bug and makes the speed drop to 9MB/s and jump back up. When I put it in my laptop it was a constant 300MB/s. How fast is your 1TB and at what percent full?

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    Seems to be back in stock now for an extra $2.18 more: $114.14 + delivery


    back in stock!

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    For anyone interested in ordering, I ordered mine on 6 June and it arrived 22 June.

    It relation to warranty, I queried WD about Australian warranty for this product after ordering. They said I'd need to wait for an answer until I could provide a serial number. Once I gave the serial number they registered my product and I was told I'd have warranty until July 2025. I've noticed that it's marked as "Out of Region" on my registered products page, seeking clarification now on what exactly this means.


      @matictac thanks for sharing your updates. Did you get any clarity on what out of region means?


        Yeah I heard back about it.

        "Please be informed that the drive is showing out of region as it has been shipped from United States. Be assure of that as it will not affect the warranty claim for the device."

        Sounds pretty promising. :)

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