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Western Digital AU 1TB WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD $215.94 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Back in stock for $16 $20 $23 $24 $25 ~$26 cheaper than the previous deal. Excellent price for this NVMe storage.

Updated price as the AUD is gaining ground on the USD

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  • Heading back to pre Covid19 pricing.

  • Is the heatsink really needed?

  • Ordered, thanks OP (hmm, now what to do with the 500GB version I ordered a few weeks ago….)

    • Return it

      • We can? There isn't some black mark on us or smth? (Soooo going to if so)

      • Mind you, i've just checked and $24 would be deducted from the original price (excluding original shipping cost) to return the item as a change of mind. So the 500GB deal for approx $119 + 7.50ish shipping = total $126ish. The return would only be $119- $24 (return shipping) = $95 back from Amazon. so you've missed out close to $30.

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    goddamn paid $260 for this I think

  • cheers

  • Such a great price. So tempted. Paid more an adata 1TB

  • Nabbed one. Cheers!

  • I have seen a few people mention this SSD on other SSD deals, how does it compare to 970 Pro ?

    • same question, how does it compare to 970 pro ….?

    • Bench comparison: https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2432?vs=2380

      It's in a completely different price segment to the 970 Pro. The 970 Pro in Aus is about $490.
      The SN750 is more comparable to the 970 EVO.
      The 970 Pro has incredible performance and endurance but for most people it's serious overkill.
      Most people will barely notice a difference between a decent SATA SSD and a decent NVMe SSD anyway, law of diminishing returns.

      • Thank you I only used userbenchmark's data but I will try to use anandtech in the future.

  • Nice, this will make a good pair with my 970 Pro, Cheers!

  • Is warranty a problem from this US?

    • Correction, saw this from the AMZ post:

      Question:Warranty in Australia?
      Answer:5 years
      By Amazing photo on 19 May 2020

      Warranty & Support
      Amazon.com.au Return Policy: You may return for a full refund for the price you paid within 30 days of delivery any new computer purchased from Amazon that is "dead on arrival", arrives in damaged condition or is still in unopened boxes.

  • Saying in stock on June 12

    • The WD SN750 is a level above your Kingston A2000 (check the reviews you linked to confirm). The kingston is normally a great product for $200 but with the price drop on the WD it's a no brainer. Go with the WD SN750!

      • Yeah got an A2000 pre-COVID. At 150GB left a copy within the drive only gets around 300MB/s which is a bit shit, but I'd never notice it in the real world. Disappointing for DRAM cache and TLC NAND.

  • Noob question, but if I get a new SSD, how do I get my current windows onto it?

  • $221.37 now

  • Compared to the Crucial P1 (which I have currently), what is the real world benefit this has for gamers? I see a ~1 second better game load time. hardly worth the premium IMO?! please prove me wrong!

    • Yeah, not much noticeable difference between the best nvme SSDs. It'd be crazy to spend money replacing yours with this (and this isn't the absolute fastest either).

      But my old Samsung SSD has lasted about 10 years with no signs of trouble yet, so it looks like quality SSDs are very "cheap per year of use".

      Over a decade(s), some people will want to just spend the extra 30 bucks and get the marginally faster unit.

      Don't forget that CPUs have hit a wall too; actual per-core performance isn't increasing much each year (see e.g.: 2011 CPUs playing the most demanding current games at 1080p). This means everything except maybe your GPU is going to be quite viable for at least 10 years. Maybe there will eventually be games you can't play at 4k or 120FPS with max settings, but nothing will be unplayable. So it makes sense to save a bit more, get quality parts, and go longer without upgrades.

    • once you already have an SSD, regardless of SATA3 or NVME, you won't see much additional benefit in splurging on the latest and greatest. you nailed it with the ~1 second difference thing in most realworld applications and gaming. if you truly are cashed up, Intel Optane can improve Windows booting and game load time by a few more seconds due to their proprietary tech having much better random read times at a huuuge premium.

  • For people like me who care about the warranty, check that Amazon US post policy here:
    -Get it as soon as June 23-25 when you choose Priority International Delivery at checkout.
    -Delivery rates and return policy.
    -Manufacturer warranty may not apply
    -Local Customer Service and hassle free returns within 30 days
    -All import customs duties and taxes included at the time of purchase

    -Manufacturer warranty may not apply

    Just fyi. Still a good bargain thou

    • So, the way I read it….if it breaks within 30 days, Amazon Australia will replace it free of charge. After 30 days, you're on your own unless WD Australia honours the warranty. Right?

      • Not seems not the case based my past experience with Amazon. Bought a few memory cards from Amazon US, and found both of them defective after around a year, contacted Amazon and got RMA with out hustle. They also refunded the return postage which I thought would be on me.

  • Grabbed it at $221! Was trying to hold out on a good price for the 970 evo plus but at this price the wd black was too tempting :) cheers op!

  • 500gb stick is also pretty low at $131 plus shipping.

    • Plus point for the $$
      Minus point for the performance. It might not be an issue for some people anyway.

      Check this out:
      Capacity 250 GB 500 GB 1 TB 2 TB
      Sequential Read 3100 MB/s 3470 MB/s 3470 MB/s 3400 MB/s
      Sequential Write1600 MB/s 2600 MB/s 3000 MB/s 2900 MB/s

      • Question for you, just yesterday I ordered a 500G and a 1TB Adata SX82000, totalled about $428. Should I cancel and go for the WDs? My use is primarily gaming on ultra and Photoshop.

        • For me, I will keep the 1TB version and cancel 500GB one. Adata SX82000 still pretty good overall.

          Option 3, cancel both and order 2 of this WD Black.

      • realy interesting to see that the 1TB one generally writes faster

  • seems like it's back to Price: $327.30

  • Is there something similar that will suit a laptop?

  • Cancelled my 500GB order which hadnt shipped yet and ordered this instead!

  • This or p1 crucial 1 tb for 135?
    Amazon just confirmed delivery date for p1.

  • This or p1 crucial 1 tb for 135?
    Amazon just confirmed delivery date for p1.

    Sorry double post

    • You literally won't notice the difference with Crucial and this imo unless video editing etc

    • Lucky you, no word on my p1

    • Honestly unsure how much difference it would make under normal circumstances, currently using a p1 as my OS drive and it has been fine, I think the idea is that it remains relatively okay until it starts getting quite full, so think of the P1 as having a bit smaller capacity when comparing the P1 and this.

      From anandtech review:
      "The Crucial P1 relies very heavily on its SLC cache to provide high performance, and that cache shrinks as the drive fills up. When the drive is full, a very write-heavy workload can overflow the cache and severely impact write speeds and even read performance to some extent. However when the drive isn't close to full, it is nearly impossible to fill the SLC cache with a realistic workload, and the Crucial P1 performs at least as well as any other entry-level NVMe drive, and sometimes rivals high-end NVMe drives."

      Comparison bench link: https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2248?vs=2380

      • Still no word on shipping.. 1tb for 132$ was a great deal though for an M.2
        Any other suggestions?

        • Just got mine delivered few minutes ago.

          • @kisshell9: Wonder wtf going on , need it for primary drive on a build.

            Doesn't matter if U selected priority or expedited delivery? Still out of stock

            • @G-rig: I had ordered normally with amazon prime. Was supposed to be delivered on june 11 but somehow got an email saying it was out for delivery. I am in brisbane if that helps but looks like it's coming from nsw.

              • @kisshell9: No worries perhaps you got your order in a bit earlier and they are refilling them or waiting for more stock. Probably happy to wait for that price, the same thing in a samsung Evo is about $350 Or something.

                No rush, Stil haven't finalized cases and fans, guess could always set up The PC using an older ssd then just copy to other memory when available?


                • @G-rig: Arriving 12-17 June now apparently..
                  Still waiting on a PSU too , not much communication from saveonit either, lousy at the moment..

  • So if the in stock date is the same, are there any negatives to cancelling my order and re-ordering to save $4?

  • Whats the diff between getting this deal and say a 1tb portable SSD?

    Newbie - looking for speed & longetivity quick comparison?

    • I'm assuming any portable SSD will have lower speeds simply due to the USB bottleneck, whereas this one plugs directly into an m.2 slot on the computer's motherboard.

      That said, I don't think the difference would be enormous.

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