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Philips Hue Play Bar Light - 2 Pack (Base Kit) $159 (Was $199) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Mid-Year Sale @ Amazon AU, 20% discount plus free delivery

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    $122 price point or don't bother.
    Amazon, you know you can do better.

    • Wait for Black Friday

    • have they ever been $122? when was that? Prime day?

      • Was $129 during Prime day last year.

        • That deal sold out in minutes though. I’m so tempted to get this, but the hue sync is a huge ripoff.

  • Thanks grabbed a few

  • Has anyone setup these for TV backlighting and sync with on-screen movies? Can't imagine how well that would work without lag to enhance viewing experience. Tempting to try.

    • Check out hue amblight youtubes

    • I got 3 units behind my TV - sides and top. Using huestacean on Nvidia Shield TV.
      It works quite well, th onyl problem is the huestacean crashes pretty much every second Nvidia start.
      (once started working fine, but when I restart my Nvidia it may crashes and need to be restarted or reinstalled)
      But it could be just me. Otherwise works great with any output from Nvidia then.

    • i have it setup and it works fine, surprising not that much lag.

    • Have a look at this: https://youtu.be/_qQ9npRY0wM

      I set up mine behind the PC and downloaded the free Hue sync program, gaming took on a whole new dimension.

      • That looks fantastic but it'll only work on a Philips TV with Ambilight function. It's easy to make it work on PC but not any TV.

  • If I just want to use this to light up behind the tv, do I need the hub or something? Or can it be controlled with an app

    • I think you need the hub to control it with the app. Good read

    • +1

      If it's just the TV, you need a Hub and Sync box (takes the hdmi colour profile and converts for your lights).

      If you're using it for PC, you just need a Hub and the PC app. It will work if you cast your screen to your TV (but the video must be playing on the PC for colour profiles).

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    You'll need either the Hue Sync or a laptop connected to the TV.

    • +1

      Thanks just googled, you’re looking at $200 for the sync, plus the bridge and lights, that’s half a g to light up the tv… lol no thanks

      • $200 for the Sync is the US pricing. More like over $300 here.

    • What if I'm using it behind a large computer monitor?

      • They have a free PC app that syncs to it, but it can use a decent chunk of CPU resources. Still very cool, I use it.

    • Hue sync app on Android TV works well

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    Back when amazon posted this for 0$ and honoured your order. Amazon bring the 0$ deal back please


  • Was thinking about this for my Razer setup but need the Hub….

    • -1

      You can get the hub for around $20 easily, even cheaper than that and brand new.

    • Shoot me a dm if you are still after the hub.. I was looking at selling mine

  • PM at Bunnings for $143 but have to do a special order

      • +7

        This guy needs to hand in his ozbargain badge.

      • Price Match at Bunnings…

        • Oh haha. Thank you. Handing in my OzBargain badge now.

    • +1

      Just scored it for $135 from Bunnings 👌🏼

      • Can you explain how.

        • +1

          They still had it listed for $219, showed the price in the Amazon app, she confirmd $159 from my mobile, charged me $135, so I'm guessing some form of match the price and 10% discount, but 135/159 is 0.8490566038, so just over 15% discount, more than happy with this

          • @oz-stef: love a bit of employee error lol - yup gotta happy with that

    • Tried this today at Bunnings Marsden Park NSW. Said they couldn't do it as it's not an in stock item. :(

      • +1

        Bummer. on my reading of the policy it's pretty damn arguable it has to be in stock at the competitor, not bunnings. Also their special order T&Cs says they can cancel orders if "Bunnings becomes aware after order confirmation that the Good is out of stock" - so, for price match purposes, it's 'in-stock' unless not at the supplier, I reckon!! But that's all probably going to go above the special order desk person's head lol.

        maybe try again if you're pretty keen for the $16 saving (this is ozbargain!), might get lucky with another employee.

        • You might have a point there.

          Lucky for me, it is now the same price at Bunnings. Time to make another trip .

    • +1

      PM now unavail as bunnings has dropped it to 159 too (took longer than usual!)

  • Same price at Kogan

  • Now marked as temporarily out of stock on Amazon

  • Can also get a further $10 off using the APPONLY10 coupon if you buy through the app if you're a first time user :)

  • Down to $127.20 with this Amazon deal today for those following comments here.

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