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SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive USB Type-C (SDDDC2-128G-G46) - $26 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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  • Dont touch this garbage. Awful product. No time to find my personal advice I previously gave but read the reviews.

    • 4.3/5 for over 10k reviews, surely can't be that bad

      and looks like better value than the Samsung Bar Plus

      • The clasp mechanism doesn't stay in place. Just inserting this mofo into your pc is a pain, you need to jam a pen under the clasp. Flimsy plastic design.

        Didnt work on my v30+ either, also slows down or hangs my work pc on boot if plugged in. But that might be a defect in the one I have.

        • yeah maybe a defective one and if that happens to me, I'll just return since Amazon return is so easy

          • @ln28909: The clasp is a generic engineering problem that applies to this product. If you read the reviews you will see it is a consistent problem.

            Another case of nice idea, lousy execution by sandisk. The ultrafits they buggered up too (overheating).

        • I can attest to that. Almost impossible to use as with little pressure the clasp would give away and the connectors will retract and push back. Avoid.

      • Not really. I bought two of the 128GB Samsung Bar Plus(100+MB/s r, ~30MB/s w), which were not that good comparing to my 5+ years old 128GB HP x702w(100+MB/s r, ~90MB/s w) but still better than this one(not sure about r, but ~15MB/s, could down to 10-MB/s). Frankly speaking, w speed of this one is so terrible as it is worse than all my 10+ years old USB 2.0 one, which can still do 20+MB/s w.

        The only good thing of this might be $3 cheaper than Samsung Bar Plus IMO.

    • +15 votes

      I mainly use it to move files between my android phones and a laptop. Speeds may not be the top priority but the ease of getting job done without fiddling with the adapters.

    • Thanks, was going to make this my new daily driver, but dodged a bullet.

    • I’ve had no issues with it…

    • I use mine daily and can't fault it. The plastic bit is a bit cheap, but the usb C and A options are so handy I'm happy to forgive it.

    • I won't buy any of these with that ridiculous push-out slider that always retracts as you try to use the stupid things! What an idiotic design, agreed.

  • In key ring form would be perfect

  • Bought 2. Thanks OP. Will return the one I got from Big W earlier. Same 128GB but this is USB-C. Nice!

  • Got one of these (but 256GB) for about $50 a year or so ago.
    Has been good for light use in moving files between android phones/tablets and a PC.

    It's quite flimsy, but still working for me.

  • Good price for people who need daily USB-A/USB-C file transfers

  • Bloody hell.. paid $37 just last week.

  • +8 votes

    I have this usb, not sure where the hate is coming from.
    Excellent for people who need both USB-A and USB-C.
    Sometimes you need to hold the clasp when you insert it into a tight port but I've never found it to be an actual problem.
    Speeds are 100% fine it's not as fast as my extreme pro but for documents and the occasional movie I've never had a problem. Like 20MB/s from memory. Just don't backup your laptop to it…

  • Lousy product. It doesn't stay stiff when inserting into a tight port.

  • It took me a while to buy one of these because the reviews are extreme, with some people hating them. I've had no problem with mine. I find with a cable I feel like it's easier to just use wifi. This is a great sweet spot. I just need to remember on my OnePlus 6 to turn on OTG when I plug it in.

  • These things can be fiddly to insert.

  • Don't buy. The sliding element breaks and becomes difficult to insert it into computer. Impossible with computers that have their USB slot facing downwards like the ones at my uni.

    • Tilt the tower then insert the USB.

      • I know! Instead of putting cheese on bread and putting it in the oven I'll just get my bread, put my cheese on top of the bread and THEN I'll turn my toaster on it's SIDE!


        PS: Don't do this it's dangerous. I don't want anyone to die or stuff be destroyed due to a joke!

  • $26 and you have people here expecting m2 SSD write/read speeds and it being made from solid steel.


    Thanks OP got one.

  • I have one of these (64gb variant though), and yes, it is very slow considering it's a usb 3.1 device. Like someone else said here, it's not good for speed but it is very convenient if you wanna use with an android phone (that being said, android only supports FAT32 or exFAT with MiXplorer). I have had no issues with flimsiness of the switch, but when you have two usb ports close together side by side on a PC, this drive must be inserted into the slot that keeps the switch on the outside, otherwise it will block the other device.

  • I have several of these. I’m haven’t had bad experiences with them, however the whole ‘clasp issue’ is something I’ve faced with nearly every retractable USB drives for over a decade, I usually just firmly hold down the clasp when I insert the key into a port and don’t really have an issue at all.

    This key is especially handy for me with both USB and usbc connectivity, makes it very easy to share files between older and newer computers, as well as Mac/pc environments.

    They do the job and are all working well.

  • I have a 128gb use it daily and can't fault it.

  • Can it be used as an external drive to boost an iMac 27? Is it slower than an external SSD to boost?

    Have been thinking upgrading the iMac harddisk storage for the startup speed, but concerned of the risk to open the whole machine.

  • This thing gets hot pretty fast

  • I now only ever buy SANDISK ULTRA DUAL OTG USB 150MB/s Read 256 GB USB3.0 USB FLASH DRIVE NEW AU A great design though the second USB is not on many devices now. $58.39 + $3.60 post on eBay.

  • It's same price at Bing Lee for those who are interested.

  • And for those worried about the sliding clasp thing, there is a model from SanDisk that doesn't have a clasp. Seems like 128gb is about $38 at the moment, so not on special, but if you're super concerned you could get that.

  • Worth a shot

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