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TaoTronics BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones $71.99 BH079 TWS True Wireless Earbuds $45.59 EP002 ANC Wired $44.24 @Amazon


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TaoTronics TT-BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones was $89.99 Now $71.99 with Code: 92B4IBSU

OzBargain members requested it and SunValley has delivered!

  • USB Type-C Port So you only have to carry one cord✔️
  • Fast Charging, 45 minutes for 40 hours playback✔️
  • AptX Codec for better quality sound✔️
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable connection✔️
  • CVC 8.0 for Clear phone calls✔️
  • Free Extended Warranty upon registering✔️
  • Headphone Case ❌ but there is a velvety bag included ✔️.
  • Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
  • Even More Reviews from other OzBargain Members ✔️
  • Cheapest Price so Far✔️

TaoTronics TT-BH079 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds Was $56.99 Now $45.59 with Code: 7R57I2VV

Crystal-Clear Calls: These earbuds makes your voice coherent for crystal-clear calls
40Hr Extra-Long Playtime: Stream Hi-Fi stereo sound consistently for up to 8 hrs on a single full charge
Recharge in case: Pocket-sized charging case extends playtime for a total of up to 40hours
Strong Connection: Wireless earbuds’ built-in premium chipset contains the latest Bluetooth 5. 0 technology
Advanced LDS antenna: For a fast & stable signal transmission with a broader Bluetooth range up to 20m/66ft
User-Friendly Design: Unique role switching tech enables each earbud to connect independently to your device
Ergonomic design: For maximized comfort, fit & stability for all-day wearing.
World-leading Warranty: 12-month standard + 18-months free extended upon registering for a total of 2.5 years
Check out 1,700+ Reviews on Amazon US & 160+ reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-EP002 ANC Wired Earphones Was $58.99 Now $44.24 with Code: VIQZ8A47

Active Noise Cancelling: Reduces environmental noise by up to 25dB and lasts up to 15 hours per charge
Monitoring Mode: Clearly hear airline announcements with the press of in-ear monitor button
Built-In MEMS Noise Cancelling Microphone: Enables for crispy phone calls and undisturbed voice transmission
Feature-Packed Headphones: ANC slider, monitoring mode button & controls for volume, audio track & calls
Durable Aluminum Build: Metal alloy black matte finish provides wired earbuds extra durability & a stealthy look
Check out 950+ reviews on Amazon US & 380+ Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at www.TaoTronics.com

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley's Official Australian Amazon store.

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  • Will the TaoTronics BH085 be suited for PC usage?


      Yes, there also come with a 3.5mm cord so you can plug them in directly.

      • I prefer wireless though, does it connect via USB receiver? Can I connect 2 devices at once and switch?

        • Pc's have had built in Bluetooth for years now, I have other taotronics model which is connected with my phone and Computer, and it's pretty smart like if I am using my pc and I get a call it will switch to my phone by itself.

        • Yep. Works on PC via bluetooth. I use a generic Bluetooth V4.0 adapter based on the CSR8510 chip. Any generic bluetooth adapter on your PC will be fine to connect to. Also, supports 2 devices, mine generally auto-switches between PC and phone depending on which one plays music first. Phone calls take priority.

          • @51722: thank you, got 1 :D

            I'm currently using the Hyper x Cloud which is almost 7years old and the wires is starting to annoy me

        • The Bluetooth turns off when the jack is plugged in.

          The 085s can be simultaneously connected to multiple bt devices, but only play one audio source at a time.

      • @xev Can you do TT-BH046?

  • I really rate these. Highly recommended. Much better than the 060s I had used previously.

    • are these better than the 060s based on audio quality or other attributes?

      • 060: slightly larger & thicker pads, easier button presses, slightly better at noise cancelling, more mid bass, and definitely higher amplification.

        085: Better build, noticeably lighter, multi bt connections, USB C, metal hinges, flatter frequency response, larger soundstage, just to name a few …

  • Can you put SoundLiberty 79 on sale too ?

  • Still no love for the Bluetooth transmitter ba07, ba08, or ba09? :(

  • happy with mine from the previous deal. sound and build quality is decent for the price, but microphone is apparently pretty poor for phone calls, in my experience (bh 085)

  • how good is noise cancelling of BH85?

    • Apparently not great compared to big brands if that's your baseline, but they're the most expensive headphones I've ever bought and it seems fine to me.
      It's all relative

    • not good at all with noise cancelling, but the rest of the stuff is ok for its price.

    • Can't relate with the other replies. I find it really good. Of course not Bose and Sony level, especially if you're moving around actively (exercise with lots of movement, for example), but really more than adequate.

  • Still gonna hold out for over ears with aptX LL.

  • Just got it wireless one. Forgot the cashback…hopefully, a reminder for someone else :)

  • Hey OP, some of the users on Amazon have reported sync issues with "BH079 Wireless Earbuds".

    Seems like right and left buds can go out of sync. Can you confirm if the issue has been resolved?


      I use them frequently and haven't had this issue but if you do it should be overcome by putting them back in the case and them reconnecting them to Bluetooth by taking them back out again.

  • I have the Marshall from last deal is this more comfortable?


  • ORdered a few days ago, wasn't on discount when I paid for it :)

    Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow, I'll share my thoughts in a few days if anybody interested

      • The price is very reasonable for active noise cancelling feature.
      • It covers just a little space as you can bend it from the each side.
        -Simple controls on 4 buttons which are easy to handle when you put it on. You can pause or skip songs, answer and make calls using the buttons.
      • Earpads are extremely comfy.
      • Charges quickly thanks to usb c technology.
      • ANC can be switched on and off easily.
      • Microphone is working flawless, the other end can hear you loud and clear.
      • The length of the headphone is adjustable.

      All in all this headphone was a great bargain for me.

  • Bought the TaoTronics TT-BH079 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds from last sale.

    Great SQ for the price, but the mic left a lot to be desired….people say my voice is really muffled during conf call.

    I read 1more has best mic and crystal clear for audio calls, can anyone confirm?

  • Any TT-BH046?

  • I bought the 079 from the last deal. It keeps falling off my ears. Any suggestions?

  • mic quality on the BH085 is pretty bad as per some youtube reviews (mic audio is barely audible) , any thoughts?

    • Mine works OK. I have used it a few times for FaceTime and did not have any issues.

  • Bought the SoundLiberty 79 from the last deal and although build quality and sound itself was good (never tried mic and call quality) the touch controls were really finicky. I just couldn’t get the controls to register on the first attempt each time so it kept going from two taps to three taps etc and became frustrating. Coming from AirPods, I guess it was a hard task to match those For ease of use but returned them and put that money towards Jabra 75t.

    YMMV with the sensitivity of the touch controls but everything else is great for the price.

    • Had a similar issue using just my fingers

      When I started to press it with my thumbs (and harder) it would register the controls much better

  • These earbuds makes your voice coherent for crystal-clear calls

    What does this mean?

    • They have noise cancelling features to block out surrounding noise when you're using the microphone.

  • Thanks OP. I have a pair of Sennheiser momentum true wireless buds and the only thing that I would knock is the battery life.

    With this pair I will not have to pay attention to it anymore.

  • Any deal for 5port or 6port USB chargers?

  • +2 votes

    Can anyone compare these to the TT-BH22? I'm still using my BH22 and am on the fence about upgrading.

  • When would the TT-BH55 be available on Amazon?

  • Thanks OP! Couldn't wait for Sony MX4, so I bought this instead and save myself $400 bucks!

  • Done. thanks.

  • I commented last year on the older version of these headphones (BH22) which had the leather falling apart:


    (Image of the leather crumbling)

    Since then, I bought some $10 Bose QC35 earpads off ebay, and they fit perfectly on the TaoTronic headphones, which means I am still using these headphones after almost 2 years now.

    So while TaoTronics don't offer replacement earpads, you can use the Bose ones :)

  • Purchased the TT-BH085(AU) a few weeks ago - Really solid set with good Mic and sound, for the price.
    Purchased as the kids were driving me mental when I was trying to do Video calls in the home office.
    Noise-cancelling works adequately.
    Easy to connect to both PC & Phone.
    Paid $89 (I think)

  • When will the led lamp deal come out?

  • I bought one from Amazon and returned it within a day. Noise cancelling is decent but sound quality for me personally was appalling. As soon as I tried to tweak with my equaliser its performance suffered. If I increased bass, the mids and highs would become muddy as if it needs more power.

  • BH085 for the win.

    Amazing value. Even better at this price. I have some Sony XM3s as well, but the Taotronics are my new TV headphones (paired to a Fetch box).

  • How do the BH079 compare to the pipe style buds BH053? which one is a better choice?

    • I have both, and I prefer the 79. Fits better in my ears, and less finicky when I transition between my laptop/phone (I turn the bluetooth off on the previous device as the 79 can only pair to one at a time). The case also has a much nicer build quality. And lastly, mic and sound quality has been improved.

  • I have the QCY T2C and they are pretty good. Thoughts on these TT-BH079 - much of an upgrade?

  • Nice deal, and do you have a deal on the BH-046 headphones? I like what I hear about the ANC….

  • My new BH085s were crackling in the left ear badly last night. Will check again today but hope they don't need to be replaced.

  • Thanks OP! Bought one TT-BH079

  • Thanks, ordered the earbuds for my son :)

  • Hey all, just for your information. Got the liberty 79 and they were DOA. That is a shame. Sent it back to Amazon.

  • Got the earbuds [the Sound Liberty 79] and the battery life is not good. Around 2 hours from full charge which, compared to 8 hour gunners from cheaper buds from Tronsmart, is pretty bad.

    Will return

  • **Deleted - wrong topic.